I'm in Hollywood - Chapter 5

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Chapter 005: Condition

In the cafe located in northern Hollywood, Erik and Michael were discussing about “Jurassic Park“cooperation detail.

Erik has entangled in the dividend royalty, took 7% of royalty. Negotiations encountered problem in the film and television copyright.

By the Michael employed ten years of vicious visions, can certainly see great potential of thisnovel in film and television reorganization. In addition Erik above the royalty dividend did not raise any objection, this makes Michael feel that Erik is very young, is very good to flicker,and therefore proposed the night elves and Eric share television rights and television rights solely by the night elves Publishing social agent

Listens to the plan that Michael proposed patiently, Erik refused :“This is impossible, Mr.Claus.“

Michael Claus gawks, somewhat unable to respond regarding decisive refusal, adjusting themood, Michael Claus then said: “Erik, listening to me saying that you know, I just had sold tothe 20th century Fox the novel of our publishing house,that was over a millionreorganization expenses. If were discussed by that author,perhaps even 500,000 dollarsunable to attain,this was the superiority of publishing house agent ……“

The following two people also discussed more than ten minutes, Michael Claus wanted Erikto accept his condition, and reduced on own initiative in film and television copyright aboveshare.

Finally, Michael Claus discovered with disappointment that this kid is not a youth of making a debut, same as mixed into the social circle more than ten years like him, although regarding publishing circle is not too familiar, but can actually realize keenly the general conditions inside the industry.

What made Michael surprised is, this young man not like this age young people impulsive,even if had discovered the trap does not mention it straightforwardly, he will just make them understand that he know what’s in the trap.

Finally, Michael smiled bitterly and gave up meddling the plan of “Jurassic Park“ film and television copyright.

The following negotiations naturally smooth, two people have signed the cooperation agreement quickly.

“Cooperation is happy, Erik,I believe that you will not regret “Jurassic Park” to give me to operate.“After signing the contract, Michael turned into that bookish makings uncle, as if justnegotiated astute with cunning face was the illusion.

“Cooperation is happy, Michael, I also hope such.“

Two people shook hand, sits down, talked, Erik casually said: “Michael, do you havethe personal connection in these film companies?“

Michael Claus has selected eyebrow:“Certainly, otherwise did I recommend my publishing house that novel to the 20th century Fox? I also have the connections in other film companies,you know, I when Simon Shuster Publishing house,once was responsible for the film company‘s cooperation in books copyright. Therefore, Erik, “Jurassic Park“ film and televisioncopyright give to the NIGHT ELVES , I can recommend the novel to the producers of six big film companies directly.“

Erik shook the head saying:“This issue we do not discuss again, Michael, “Jurassic Park“ film and television copyright I will not resign tiny bit.However, I am completing a script now, if possible, I hope that you can help me recommend.“

Hope that ignited extinguishes once again, Micheal hears Erik said the script is not interested, but out of politeness patiently said:“Can say the approximate plot of script?“

“Is this,“ Erik reorganized the train of thought: “18 years ago, 17–year–old Mike O’Donnell will soon participate in a very important basketball game since birth, so long as he does well,will obtain the admittance qualifications of ivy league, and also the rich scholarship. However,before the competition,his girlfriend told him to be pregnant suddenly,therefore, on the way ofthe competition, Mike discarded the basketball in hand and turned around to leave the athletic field resolutely, chose to shoulder own responsibility. 18 years later,passing glory and scenerygo with the wind,Mike has become a middle–aged person of regret, at the same time his marriage with his wife Scarlet will come to an end……“

Erik has not spoken too many details, but narrated the story briefly, after he hears Mr. and Mrs. Runkle‘s quarrel, quick has thought“17 Again“, must realize own plan,this movie is appropriate. A 17 years old of young human body contains the soul of middle-aged , this is tailor made for Erik simply.

The Michael Claus eyes increasingly became bright, he very much favored Erik , has not actually thought that attains “Jurassic Park“ this novel,Erik has given immediately his anotherpleasant surprise.

Return in the future or to change body kind of movie, just emerged these years, are not in flood like the later generation, therefore as long as movie quality is good, can obtain good box office.

Not to say 1985 year box office champion “Back to the future“, this year alone,two of thiskind of movies has obtained the good box office , one was April “18 again“, screened for twoweeks,has recouped the cost. Another final box office hundred million “BIG“,this movie alsomade Penny Marshall in the North American history the first female director of box office overhundred million dollars.

“This is a good script, Erik. But you did not think that in these years of this traversing space and time type movies were too many? Let alone you are only an unknown new comer.“In order to attain the negotiations initiative, Michael naturally must act bashful, he also just made himhave a frustration about“Jurassic Park“ film and television copyright negotiations.

Erik shows a faint smile, certainly could see that Michael is coquettish, stretches outfive fingers straightforwardly: “50% commissions!“

“What?“Michael is somewhat unbelievable.

Erik said:“Michael, you have not misunderstood, if the script sells successfully, Ican give 50% of script payment as commission to you!However, I have a condition?“

Sure enough, there is no free lunch, Michael heard Eric the last word, a slight sigh of relief that things seem to return to the original track, the opposite is the smart little guy.

“Tell me?“

“I want to be the film’s leading man, young Mike O’Donnell.“

“This is impossible.“Michael subconsciously said: “Even the film director not necessarily have decision power in casting, not to mention you are a rookie screenwriter. “

” In the far East, there is a phrase called man proposes, God disposes. “Eric said:” If you do not try, how do you know impossible, Moreover, with the “BIG,” release, this possibility becomes even greater. ”

Michael Claus somewhat cannot help but ask: “What relations does this have with “BIG“?“

Eric casually stir with a spoon in front of the just pour hot coffee and said: “I think the movie is likely earn hundred million of dollars at the box office, and if so, for one of the same type, but good enough script, someone might consider my condition ”

Michael Claus has not looked at “BIG“ movie, but has believed Erik‘s words, said: “Good, Erik, Ican try, but commission ……“

“Michael, you were too greedy, you want to take more than my this original author!“

Michael also touches nose with the index finger, unusual embarrassment: “You have not saidis so serious, if you have worked as the actor, even if the new person, salary alsoabout 500,000, but the script I thought that can attain 200,000 to be good.“

Although said that Michael Claus again has not actually raised the commission matter,whenoutside the coffee shop said goodbye,Michael Claus said suddenly: “Actually, Erik, I have anillusion,that you truly suit the role of your script actor. Because, just discussed contract time, Ithought that it is the contemporaries is negotiating , but is not a 18–year–old high–school student.“

Erik smiles: “Do not care about these details, Michael, two days I have given you script, hopesthat you can bring the news to me.“