I'm in Hollywood - Chapter 4

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Chapter 004: Tempted

“Well, Eric, can you giv this book to my publishing house to operate ?” Michael Claus made no secret of his intentions, he said bluntly.

Eric looked at already printed and bound by black girl, then to Michael Claus said: “I’m sorry, Michael, though I appreciate your recognition, but you know, I want to go to some of the larger publishing houses to try own luck. Parents hope that their children can be admitted to the Ivy League school, right ?”

Michael did not have slightest expression of contempt and displeasure, smiled and said:” Eric, do you have full understanding to large publishers , maybe we can find a place to talk, I know not far from here a cafe, my treat, how? ”

Eric took the black girl stapled manuscript, and packed into the bag, directly refused and said: “I’m sorry, Michael, I’m late for work, if in the future by those publishers rejected the manuscript, I will contact you.”

Eric finished, carries his backpack and go out of the printing shop, start the car and drove to an Italian restaurant. Michael just a little hesitation, and immediately rushed out of the shop, drove to follw. He had an intuition, if he missed this opportunity, he might regret it forever. This intuition is directed three points at book called “Jurassic Park” novels, and seven points at the young man Eric.

Although only read the top half of the novel, but Michael was surprised to find that Eric will not only know that many of his age teens may have never heard of genetic engineering, chaos theory, nanotechnology and other high-tech factors into novels and did not lose interest in the novel, fascinating plot twists.

He also has seen so many high-tech novel examples, but most of them use very jerky, that type of fiction is obviously not for all types of readers .

Erik parked the car on parking lot and turned to find a black car stop also not far away, Michael Claus got out, apparently followed him . This makes vanity in Erik heart to satisfy for a moment, unkowingly had sone favourible impression to MIchael.

. “Hey, Eric,” Michael raised his hand, then was about to speak, Eric pointed to his watch and said:. “That, Michael, you see, its nine and I work in this Italian restaurant as a waiter, then maybe you do not mind ordering a breakfast. barand restaurant are idle before 10 o’clock, an hour’s time. ”

Michael nodded knowingly, following Eric walked into a restaurant.

Eric changed his clothes , Michael has been sitting on the window seat, in front of him is a breakfast that has been eaten.

“I explained to Mr. Jeff ,but you have to hurry.” Eric sat across from Michael, then smiled and said:. “Although I was young, but it is not so easy to be persuaded”

Michael laughed: ” I believe after you heard my explanation you will certainly give it to me for operation. I just said, you probably don’t know those big publishers, but, I have spent time at Simon & Schuster eleven years, from the most basic to start editing the review, because the competition of department manager left there, the night elves founded my publishing house. ” “

“what that have anything to do with me? ” because past life as a loser, Eric fear others to tell their history of struggle, and could not bear to insert a sentence.

“Do not worry, young man, I just want you to know, my next words are faithful and true. You know, I was originally doing reviews to edit at first, every day I reviewed tens of thousands or even 100000 words of the drafts, although there …… ah, a lot of bad manuscript, but there are also alot works that are published. Atleat 2000 kinds books are published a year. As a new writer how many can you have at large publishing house?”

Michael finished, stopped and took a sip of water, leaving Eric some time to think. Eric has approved these words, but did not say anything, just with eyes to indicate Michael to continue.

Michael raised his hand slightly, as if like speech, said:. “My publishing house, although small, but I was in the book publishing marketing in this area has a wealth of experience and my publishers in recent years mainly do is science fiction, adventure, horror like the publication of the novel, although published only a year more than a dozen novels, but the industry has a certain reputation. If you givee “Jurassic Park” to me, in the next period of time I promise to promote the novel with all the resources I had in the shortest possible time, gain book’s reputation. And with my experience, under my full operation, this is likely to burst into best seller lists. ”

Michael laid all his cards out, and then quietly wait for Eric’s decision.

Eric hearing Michael’s rant ,a concern, a small publishing house , even if put out all the resources but also how much energy?

In his bones he was already a middle-aged uncle, and in the past moved in the complex circles, seen strange pig running around all over the world. Of course he is not hot blooded because of Michael Claus words change own mind. However, Micheal’s certain words touched the heart of Eric: in the shortest possible time, gain “Jurassic Park” fame.

No matter what age, fame is a kind of very useful invisible resource. Eric now to implement his plan, his biggest weakness is that age, a young man will naturally give a hard feeling of confidence to others.

But if there is enough fame, this shortcoming will be well concealed. An eighteen-year-old high school student become the director to make a movie then everyone will blame him of being unreasonable. And if an eighteen-year-old talented writer to make a movie, the result is not the same, certainly there will be criticism, but more people would certainly say: Oh, that genius kid is doing an amazing thing.

Eric said: “.. Have to say, Michael, you made me sexcited, however, these are your side of the story, I did not understand you publishing house”

“It’s very easy to prove,” Michael calmly said: “In a recent New York Times bestseller list, just have a book of my publishers on the list, although only the last place, but the book the film copyright has been purchased by the Twentieth century Fox , is likely to be made into a movie in the next few years, ”

Eric believes Michael’s words, he did not need to tell lies that can be easily proved and said:” Well, do we find time to talk about specific cooperation how? ”

Michael surprised for a moment, said:”did you …… you agree ?”

” Yes, “Eric nodded and smiled :” to be honest, I can not wait to see my novel was made into a book . ”

” Well, how about tonight, I think you may now need to work. “Michael pointed to the restaurant where guests gradually increased.

After the two men agreed on the meeting place, Michael left the restaurant satisfied.

“Eric, what you just discusssed with the man , you seem happy ?” Jeff asked, Eric just said something to discuss with friends, so he was a bit curious.

Eric handed the menu guests ordered to kitchen colleagues, then to Jeff said: “A good news, Jeff, just that person is owner of a publishing house, I will soon publish my novel . ”

Jeff little cofused, but also some suspicion:”Novel, you did not say that yesterdayyou are writing the script, how to rewrite the novel, did you such quickly give up the director dream, and plan to be a writer?“

Eric said: “of course not, my goal will change and when did the director and writing novels had conflict?, My novel is in the locker room backpack, Jeff can you take a look.? and give your opinion”

Jeff turned to the locker room with a puzzled face, he thought Eric’s novel is only a few thousand words short, but when you see a thick stack of fiction manuscript Jeff two eyeball almost pop out, this was more than 100,000 words , his life has never written so many words.

He spent the noon meal busiest periods in leisure. Staff restaurant only to find that the boss seems to have disappeared for several hours .

When the staff were discussing to seek for the boss, Jeff came from locker room, patted Erik‘sshoulder saying:“Very good novel, I determined you will resign quickly.” With these words Jeff left.

Boss figure disappears, a group of people asked Eric what happened.

So the whole afternoon, from time to time a waiter or kitchen staff got into the locker room , then take turns reading the work of Eric. Even a beautiful waitress also coyly asked can she ake manuscript to home.

Although beautiful girl winking let Eric somewhat distracted, but for such a request can only decline. Although had a few copies of the novel, and lending her is not a problen, but before did not publish the novel, he did not want any accidents.