I'm in Hollywood - Chapter 38

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Early in the morning, Aniston, who didn’t know anything, was humming, happily busying herself in the kitchen.

Last night she had met a producer and friend of her father’s who was thoroughly determined to have her play in one of NBC’s TV series. Although it was not the main role, it was already quite good for a newcomer, and the drama could bring her a certain amount of reputation, which was something that she was urgently in need of.

“Jenny, good morning.” Her stepbrother, Alex Aniston, greeted drowsily as he scratched his head and came towards the kitchen.

Aniston turned around and said: “Hey, Alex, breakfast is ready so go and wake dad up, I’m leaving first.”

Then, before Alex could react, Aniston rushed out the door.

After turning down Eric’s invitation yesterday, Annie had some apprehension. Although what the tabloids said made her feel very depressed, Eric’s love was genuine, he had let her feel it more than once.

Last night while they were on the phone, she could hear that he was depressed, so she woke up early in the morning to prepare breakfast in order to go and soothe her boyfriend’s dissatisfaction.

Ten minutes later, Aniston arrived in front of Eric’s doorstep in a taxi, she took out the key he had specially gave her and went in.

She didn’t realize that, ten meters away, in a gray sedan, two white men were sleepily leaning against their seats. When one of them slightly sobered up, his face showed an expression of ecstasy as he quickly grabbed the camera at his side and started to press the shutter while mercilessly kicking his companion awake.

“Hey, David wake up, there’s going to be a good show.”

His face covered with a hat, the fast asleep snoring fat man suddenly woke up, he reflexively took off his hat and straighten his body in shock, as he stared outside with bloodshot eyes: “Wayne, I don’t see Eric Williams and Drew Barrymore anywhere ?”

“It’s more exciting than that, just now that clerk, Eric’s girlfriend went in ! Ha ha, this is going to be wonderful !”

The fat man named David looked again, he didn’t see Aniston’s figure, but reached out to take the camera off of Wayne, who quickly stopped him and said: “What are you doing ? Be careful we don’t get caught after staking here all night. Don’t worry, I’ve already taken the shots.”

“That’s good, the more the better.” David rubbed his chubby hands, and grinned: “I originally thought we’d be able to make a small fortune when I saw Drew and Eric Williams going home together, I didn’t expect we’d get something even better. Wayne, how much do you think they’ll offer for this ?”

“At least three thousand dollars, and if this old guy Santos lowers the price, we’ll change newspapers. Anyway, we don’t have to worry about not being able to sell this.”


When Eric woke up, he felt himself holding something soft, and his hand unconsciously squeezed harder. He opened his eyes and felt a warm body in his embrace.

He was still hungover, thinking that it was Annie, he unceremoniously grabbed the girl’s mounds and started to play with them as he said: “Good morning, baby.”

The girl moaned slightly before leaning her small head and softly kissing his lips: “Good morning, Eric.”

“Huh….. AH!” A both familiar and unexpected baby face suddenly appeared in front of an astounded Eric who hastily pulled away.

His head felt heavy and his range of emotion was a mess, he rubbed his temples and asked bewildered: “Drew… You….. Why are you….”

Drew saw that Eric seemed to have been scared and said: “Eric, you brought me back last night, and then….. We….. Don’t worry, I don’t mind, I….. I am very happy.”

Your uncle, I mind !

Eric let out a distressed sigh, he reached for his clothes and inadvertently caught a glimpse of a fleeting sly expression from Drew’s eyes.

With a fast movement, Eric took a look at the sheets; everything was clean, there was no weird smell either. Relieved, he stared sharply at Drew: “Lass, nothing happened last night, right ?”

“We did !” Drew protested, “Eric how can you be like this, are you seriously not gonna take responsibility ?”

“Then can you explain why the bed is so clean ?” Put a shirt on as he casually asked.

Drew felt her head spinning, she put on an aggrieved face and said with teary eyes: “You…. You force people to put things in their mouth and…. And lick tha-that, such a disgusting thing and y-you won’t even admit to it, you’re such a bastard !”

Eric almost choked.

Your sister, you even learned to do that with your mouth ?! How old are you, are you planning to shoot adult videos or something ?!

“Alright Drew, don’t be silly, get dressed.”

Seeing that Eric didn’t believe her, Drew drilled out of the bed naked and flew towards him: “If you don’t believe me, then do you dare let me kiss you ? There’s still the lingering taste of it in my mouth.”

Drew made a kissing gesture, and Eric revealed a horrified expression, if it was true, that would be…. Disgusting.

“Don’t… Alright, I believe you Drew, I believe you…. So get away !”

“Ah, Eric don’t hide, you’re too despicable.”

The people started struggling on the bed, when the door was suddenly pushed open.

Aniston was standing there, holding a convenience store bag.


As if God had suddenly pressed the pause button.

After a full ten seconds, the sound of a car horn sounded outside, and the three people reacted.

Wronged, sad, angry, sad, disappointed …… a series of emotions mixed together, Aniston’s heart felt an inexplicable gush of relief that things seem to be like this …. or did she ?

“Eric, I….. I….. I brought you breakfast.” Annie’s voice was light, as if a gust of wind could blow it away.

She bend as she put the bag on the floor before she turned away, at a faster and faster pace, her heels mercilessly marched with a ‘da da da’ sound that echoed in the empty house.

Tears fell the moment Annie was out of Eric’s house.

She couldn’t let that bastard see her cry, or he would certainly feel more proud.

The sound of high heels clattering thoroughly awakened Eric from his daze.

“Annie, wait please listen to me ……” Eric quickly pushed Drew away as he scrambled to put his trousers on and rushed out.

Because he was too fast, he almost lost his footing down the stairs, but fortunately promptly seized the handrail, and awkwardly came out of the yard only to see a big yellow taxi drive away. He could make out Aniston’s figure in the back seat.

He hurriedly returned to his house to take his car keys, he wanted to cry, but no tears came out, he felt so wronged.

Why…. Why had things turned out like this ?

In Friends Rachel had also lived something similar, and the past Annie was then cheated on by Pitt with Jolie. Now, it had happened once again.

What kind of unending curse was this ? What had she possibly done to deserve this ?!

Driving his car out, he couldn’t see the figure of the taxi, and directly drove to John Aniston’s house in Beverly Hills.

After several minutes, Eric straightened his clothes and rang the doorbell.

“Hey Tarzan, how are you and Jane doing ?” Annie’s step-brother opened the door and recognized Eric.

Eric anxiously asked: “Alex, where’s your sister ?”

Alex was puzzled: “She went out early, didn’t she come to you ?”

Eric could tell that he wasn’t lying, he bid good bye and left in a hurry. Since Annie hadn’t come here, she most likely went to her apartment.

He arrived in front of her nest, knocked on the door, but got no response. He looked around to see if anyone was watching, pulled out a spare key from one of the pots next to the door, and went inside.

Walking in, Eric keenly felt that Annie had come back here as her scent was still lingering vividly in the air.

He looked and looked, and in the end, the only thing he found was a note left on the living room coffee table: Eric, we’re over.

He sighed and rushed back to John Aniston’s home again, the door was again opened by Alex.

“Alex, you….”

Before Eric had even finished, Alex curtly said: “Don’t bother Eric, Jenny is leaving for New York, I’m not telling you more.”


It was one of those moments he wished he was dumb.

“Is it Eric ? Please come in.” Eric was just wondering how to answer that the sound of John Aniston came from inside.

Alex heard the words of his father, and moved sideways to let Eric in with dissatisfaction.

“Come with me.” John Aniston blankly looked at Eric, turned and walked further inside.

Eric nodded his head at John’s current wife who was in the living room, and followed the man to his study.

“Sit, Eric, what do you drink ?”

“Nothing, John, I wish you could just tell me which airport Annie has gone to, I have some things to explain.”

John Aniston glanced at Eric’s messy clothes, and asked: “Eric, did you attend the reception last night ?”

“I did, yes.”

“And after the reception, you went home with another woman…..”

“John, this is a misunderstanding, I….”

John Aniston waved his hand: “You don’t have to explain to me, I just think it still might be better for you guys to separate. You don’t know, but these days, Annie’s been under a lot of pressure, she always seemed to be anxious and restless.”

“Why ?”

John Aniston said: “You haven’t known her for long, so you don’t know how strong a character Annie has. You made such a dazzling debut, while she is still unknown, along with the newspapers’ hurtful words, it would be weird if she didn’t feel like that.”