I'm in Hollywood - Chapter 37

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Virginia was excited, according to the name, this was a story featuring a woman as the protagonist. With Eric’s current fame, if she could nail the role, whether the movie was ultimately good or bad, she would receive a great deal of attention.

“Eric, you’re saying…. I….. I….”

Looking at girl’s expectant eyes, Eric felt somewhat guilty: “I’m sorry, Virginia, but your temperament is just not what I have in mind, it doesn’t match my vision of the heroine who should give the feeling of being both pure and sexy.”

Virginia Madsen didn’t seem to hear Eric’s words, she said: “Eric, perhaps we could find room to discuss about the script, I believe I might surprise you.”

For a second, Eric almost agreed to her offer on impulse, but his self-control as a mature man restrained him.

He knew that if really ‘discussed’ this in a room with her, he’d have to give in to her, and although this was something common in that circle, it just didn’t sit right with him. Now he was stuck between a wall and a hard place, turning her down would become a hassle.

Eric took a deep breath, gently pushed the woman away, and said: “Virginia, I’m really sorry, although Home Alone and 17 Again have succeeded, many people are still questioning my ability to hold the wheel, I cannot afford to fail. If there is a role for you in the future, I will certainly let you know.”

The last promise aside, seeing that Eric had remained unmoved at her biggest bargaining chip, she couldn’t help but admire the boy’s self-control, and no longer insisted. After one dance, Virginia Madsen left her contact card to Eric, and the two of them went separate ways.

“Why, reluctant to part with her ?” It was unknown when Drew had come out, she held onto Eric’s arm as she teased.

“Of course, I’m a healthy man after all.” Eric laughed.

“Then you can go after her, I believe Virginia Madsen won’t refuse you.”

Eric shrugged: “I’m too poor, with my net worth of 521$ and seventy-five cents, even if there were some suites available, I wouldn’t be able to afford it.”

Drew licked her lips and took the opportunity to say: “You know Eric, there’s no need to pay anything when you can get a free home delivery.”

Eric couldn’t help but knock on her head again: “My God, you damn goblin really won’t give it a rest, huh ? Go back !”

Drew rubbed her head indignantly: “Eric, I strongly protest, you always knock on my head ! The next time, I’ll bite you, I’m serious !”

While the two were frolicking, James Brooks came holding a glass of red wine.

“Hey, Eric, how did your talk with Mr. Diller go ?”

“Not bad, we’ve reached a preliminary agreement. Next year, I will make movies and the Fox will distribute them.”

James toasted: “Well, congratulations to you Eric, I believe I told you that our cooperation would be a happy one.”

Eric fetched a glass of wine, and toasted back as he said: “I hope so.”

After sipping, James said: “Come with me, I’ll introduce you to some insiders, they’re also very eager to meet you.”

“I would be honored.” Eric was pleased to follow James as he walked into the crowd.

Next to them, Drew suddenly thought of something, she smirked and quickly followed.


“This is Mr. Richard Zanuck, who once produced Jaws alongside Spielberg.”

Eric greeted: “Hello, Mr. Zanuck.”

Richard Zanuck was a tall and skinny fifty-year-old man with a fierce face, but he unexpectedly revealed a gentle smile as he said: “Hello, Eric, nice to meet you. Oh, there’s also small Drew, sigh you’re already a big girl now, you shouldn’t just mess around, you’d better learn more from Eric.”

Drew adopted a good girl posture as she said: “I will, Mr. Zanuck. Could I toast you with a glass of wine ?”

“Of course.” The other replied.

Drew raised her glass, but there was juice inside, the girl seemed to realize her mistake as she said embarrassed: “Ah, I forgot I can’t drink… Eric, can you replace me ?”

Eric smiled and nodded, he raised his own and glass, he and Richard Zanuck clanged, and their respective cups were emptied.

They chatted before James led Eric to others.

These were all people Eric would like to build friendly relationships with, so he conversed with them with great enthusiasm, and therefore didn’t notice that Drew always came along and found a variety of ways to let him drink a little more.

After half an hour, the young man finally found himself drunk, he rushed to the bathroom to throw everything up, but it was already too late, his footsteps became heavy, he felt dizzy and he almost collapsed.

Seeing this, James gave up on introducing further people to him as he said: “Eric, you’re drunk, you’ve already used today’s opportunity to meet plenty of people, so I’ll send you back for now.”

“Mr. Brooks, I’ll see Eric home.” Drew quickly said.

Seeing how she had stuck to Eric all night, subconsciously thought of Drew as Eric’s girlfriend, he didn’t realize there was anything wrong and nodded: “Alright Drew, remember to go back and let him drink some water.”

Drew called a waiter to help her get Eric to the car.

“Ms. Barrymore, do you need me to drive you home ?” The waiter politely inquired.

Drew nodded, gave the car keys to the waiter and opened the door to the backseat where Eric had now fallen asleep.

She got in, moved the youth’s head to her thigh, and told his home address to the waiter who nodded and started to drive.

After paying a tip, Drew dismissed the man, and uttered a joyful sound as she rushed back to the bedroom.

Getting rid of her high heels, she directly climbed on the king sized bed and laid next to Eric. Looking up sideways and at his sleeping expression, she reached out her hand and caressed his face as she muttered with infatuation: “Now you’re mine, I won’t let you get away.”

She swept the surroundings with her gaze, this room held her most precious and warm memory. When Drew thought about how the man next to her had taken care of her when her addiction had acted up, she felt that she should do something for him too.

She struggled to take off his clothes, and when only his underwear remained, Drew was already out of breath; drunk people were seriously heavy !

After tucking him in, she went to the bathroom and dipped a towel in warm water before clumsily wringing it, she then went back to the bedroom and carefully wiped his face.

After she was done, she quietly knelt on the bed and thought of how nice this was. She wanted to stay by his side forever. She had stopped taking drugs because of him, and so long as he opened his mouth, she would do anything he asked.

But the precocious Drew realized that Eric didn’t look at her like a man would look at a woman, he seemed to treat her more like a daughter.

That made her feel warm but she resented him sometimes, she didn’t want him to see her as his ‘daughter’, she didn’t want him to always knock her on her head…. Well actually if he liked doing that, she’d still let him. But she wanted to be his woman, she loved him.

Thinking up to here, Drew got flustered, she quickly put away the towel she had in her hands, and stripped herself naked. Looking with satisfaction at her exquisite petite body, she got under the covers and into Eric’s embrace.

Ambiguous noises were heard for a while before the girl popped her head out of the bed sheets, panting and her face slightly flushed. She glared unwillingly at Eric, as if wanting to take a bite off of him.

Didn’t they say that alcohol unveiled a man’s beastly nature ? So what was with that ?

The lass was prepared to forcibly help herself to a feast, that way she would put Eric in front of the fait accompli and he wouldn’t be able to treat her like a kid anymore. However, even though she had the ‘cutlery’ ready, it didn’t seem like her food would be warm anytime soon.

Next time she would definitely prepare some medicine. A little tired and depressed, Drew decided to use her plan B to fish the man up, she wrapped his arm around her waist and leaned against his chest.

A while later, she fell asleep…