I'm in Hollywood - Chapter 35

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Eric was about to speak when Barry Diller continued: “Eric, before you refuse, perhaps you aren’t aware that Home Alone’s protagonist, Stuart Runkle, has signed with the CAA*. With the agency’s rapid expansion in recent years, their appetite has also been growing. Michael Ovitz recently directly broke into the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer company’s headquarters because he was dissatisfied with their arrangements. He had a huge fight with their CEO, and in the end, MGM had to make compromises. If you release Home Alone’s sequel independently in the future, the CAA will probably stuff its nose in it too.”

Although what Barry Diller said made sense, Eric still bluntly refused. It was true that Home Alone needed Stuart Runkle, but Stuart Runkle also needed Home Alone to stabilize his fame.

His past’s Macaulay Culkin had only this series to show for it, every single other movies he had played in were mediocre. Eric didn’t believe that the changes so far would make any difference, if the CAA wanted to meddle in this, then fine, let’s see whose patience was longer, he had other movies to make in the meantime.

“Mr. Diller, I can sell Home Alone’s overseas copyrights to the 20th Century Fox for 25 million $, however, I will shoot three movies in the upcoming year including Home Alone’s sequel, and if I’m going to sign a distribution agreement with the Fox, I want 35% of the North American box office, and 10% of the overseas one.”

The reason why Eric no longer dwindled on the overseas copyright is because he suddenly found himself in urgent need of money, and 25 million $ would help alleviate his current problems.

Barry Diller patiently listened to Eric, then frowned: “Eric, the Fox will gladly pay you the 25 million $ for the overseas’ copyrights, but for the others, according to what you said before, you are just making low-budget productions, so your demand is a bit…. Only big productions get that kind of share, you know. Well once you make Home Alone’s sequel, Fox might also consider the other two ……”

Seeing Barry Diller shook his head, Eric confidently smiled and said: “I believe my movies are worth the price, if you’re still having misgivings, how about signing a gambling agreement with me Mr. Diller ?”

“That’s ……”

Barry Diller almost choked, because of the previous gamble, Columbia’s Blount Cohen status was on the verge of collapse, he may have to pack up and leave at anytime. Barry wasn’t stupid enough to follow in his footsteps.

“Maybe I should bring those conditions somewhere else, I believe that several other movie companies would be very interested. Michael Eisner has been calling me a lot lately.”

Barry Diller laughed: “Eric, you can’t fool me on this one, I know Michael personally.”

Eric shook his head and said: “I’m not lying to you Mr. Diller, after that incident, Mr. Eisner has indeed contacted me.”

As his former assistant, Barry Diller knew Michael Eisner better than anyone. The guy was a very conceited person, so for him to still keep in contact with Eric after all that, Diller was really surprised. He did not know that the reason for this was because Eric had left a deep impression on Disney’s CEO during their meeting.

Barry Diller didn’t think the young man was lying, he could verify this with a phone call. He started carefully reassessing Eric, his former assistant’s vision wasn’t to be trifled with. Barry Diller wasn’t anything like the indecisive Blount Cohen. After thinking for a moment, he quickly calculated the pros and the cons, then stated: “Eric, you have my word.”

“Well, nice to meet to meet you, partner.” Eric raised his hand.

Barry Diller smiled raised his hand, and the two of them high fived. They had basically reached an agreement, the only thing left was to sign the contract.


“Hey, Eric, I missed you.” When Eric returned to the reception hall, a pale green figure floated directly over, and landed in his arms.

Hearing the girl’s voice full of excitement, a lot of people’s eyes in the hall were attracted over.

Eric quickly stopped her from doing anything else: “Drew, how did you come out, is your treatment over ?”

“I should have been discharged tomorrow, but I heard that you would attend the reception this evening, so I came out earlier.”

“Drew, you just came out from rehab, it’s best not to drink.”

“How could waiters here give me alcohol ? I’m only thirteen, dude.” Drew looked at him strangely.

Eric suddenly remembered that there was indeed such a thing, this was the United States, and according to the law, you needed to be eighteen to drink. And the party was taking place in such a renowned hotel like the Hilton, they would definitely pay more attention to those details.

In Eric’s past country, adults would even encourage seven or eight year-old children to drink some wine, and if they could drink a few glasses, it was certainly a kind of good omen. But prejudices died hard, although there were legal restrictions, in Eric’s opinion, the people in the West drank far more than those in the East.

“Hey, Eric, we haven’t seen you in one week, and news about you have started to die down, are you retiring early ?” Penny Marshall chuckled as she came over towards Drew and Eric.

Eric took a glass of wine from a waiter’s tray, smiled and said: “How is that possible, I’m 18 years old, not 80. How could I retire when I’ve just finished my new novel’s manuscript.”

“A new novel ? I want to see, I want to see !” Penny Marshall had not answered that Drew started to pull his arm and say.

Penny Marshall quipped: “Hey Drew, if you behave like that, Eric won’t like you, he seems to be fond of the well-behaved type.”

“No way,” Drew retorted, “Aniston is no lady. Eh ? By the way, how come the supersized girl didn’t come ? Hehe, Eric, did you guys break up ?”

Eric knocked on her head: “Something happened tonight and Annie couldn’t come. How could we possibly break up ? I’ll show you my affection for her another day.”

“Eric, your words are so hurtful.” Drew rubbed her little head as she pouted.


“This way.” Penny Marshall brought Eric and Drew near a long table, and introduced: “This is Ms. Elizabeth Perkins, BIG’s actress who you must know, and Mr. Tom Hanks.”

“Hello, I’m Eric Williams.” Eric told the two people, “Mr. Hanks, I loved your impersonation of a child in BIG, how did you do it ?”

Tom Hanks said with a humble smile: “Please call me Tom, Eric, as for how I did it, you might wanna ask Penny…”

When this issue was brought up, Penny was obviously a little proud as she explained: “Well, when we were shooting, I let the teenager who played young Josh, David Moscow, perform in accordance with the script, and then I had Tom mimic him, while David also picked up things from Tom. Honestly, if David was ten years younger, he could’ve played Kevin in Home Alone without a problem. Speaking of which, Eric, do you have plans for the sequel ?”

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