I'm in Hollywood - Chapter 3

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Chapter 003: Luckily its not Michael Crichton

Boss Jeff of Italian dining room discovered that for several days Erik had changed , no longer is distracted to be in a daze, the whole person becomes beaming and buoyant.Entertaining the guests is also no longer like before jerky, occasionally also will play harmless jokes with the guest, Jeff even once discovered that Erik gets three times of tips and winks from thirty year old ladies.

“Erik, met anything difficult, I discovered that you are recently very……different?” On a break once, Jeff could not resist and asked finally. Regarding the child of the old friend, he very much cared.

“Is very obvious?“Erik has gawked, asked.

Jeff said with a smile: “Certainly, writes on your face simply.“

“Perhaps, because I found the goal. You know that humans, once had the ideal, the whole person will become very excited.“

“, What goal, can you say that to me?“

“Certainly,“ Erik replied: “I have decided that I must be a director. I was creating my first scriptrecently, in two days I will finish.“

“Become ……Director?“Jeff is somewhat surprised, the subconsciousness wants to open the mouth to persuade Erik to not aim too high, but then remembered that this child has only just emerged from mourning his father’s death, to find a goal, and swallowed the words.

In Erik body contains a soul of middle–aged person, obeserving Jeff ‘s face slightest movement, Erik knows that he wanted to say anything, but actually smiled has not cared. After all, this is Hollywood, every year thousands of people come here from all over the world to pursue a dream of movies, but the success belongs to the few and Jeff having this idea is normal.

“That ……When your script has written, can show me. Must know that in the past I also oncewanted to be an actor, once my appearance is not like as it is now,“ Jeff has patted his large belly, then said: “In the past I was very handsome. You must know that I have also participated for a small role in “The Godfather“, in an instant, already these many years.“

Erik was somewhat stunned, cannot think that Jeff also has such past, but quickly relaxed,here is Hollywood, in this world the biggest movie factory, nothing here is impossible.

“Does not have the issue, when the time comes you can help me make some comments.“Erikreplied, so that can make Jeff help to have a look in the script to have any loophole.

Although Erik already as far as possible revised 1988 that script, but actually cannotguarantee that does not have the careless mistake. But Jeff as an outsider, can discover in thescript very easily some inopportune things.

Two people chatted some, as several guests entered the dining room, Erik goes forward to greet the guests hastily.

After a day of work, Erik went home quickly, has had the supper in a hurry, starts thematter writing “Jurassic Park“ novel and script.

“Jurassic Park“ basically had finished, and now final proofreading. Erik planned to send the photocopies to several publishing houses tomorrow. But the script has actually written just outline, as well as some matters that needed to revise. To complete the script as it is in his mind need two days.

Next morning, Erik around 7:00 am leaves the home, to get “Jurassic Park” photocopies andmail them, he has prepared addresses of some North American famous publishing housesahead of time, even if these large–scale publishing houses have rejected Erik‘s draft, he will not be disappointed. Must know that North America has reaches tens of thousands every large or small publishing houses, somebody is always willing to publish this novel. Although“Jurassic Park“ once rushed to the New York Times bestseller ranking first place,but what Erik cares is actually not “Jurassic Park“ royalty, but after the novel is published, thefilm and television copyright grips in the hand.

“Hello, what can I do for you ?“Just entered to printing shop, a somewhat thin black female clerk welcomed warmly.

Erik pulls out manuscript from bag: “I would like a few copies of this manuscript.“

The black girl looked at thick manuscript, and her eyes light up slightly, the smiling face onface was brighter: “Sir, can I look at it?“

“No problem,“ Erik has handed over the manuscript.

The black girl has not paid attention to the manuscript content, but counted the number of pages : “Probably more than 300 pages, make that 300 pages. Every copy 30 US dollars, how many copies sir?“

30 US dollars! Erik mouth twitched slightly, sighed that it was expensive, he now only has a few hundred dollars in cash, and this is an advance of one month salary .

After being bargaining back and forth, two people agree on the price of one hundred US dollars for four copies. After paying the money, black girl politely gave Eric a cup of coffee, then took the manuscript to begin copying.

Erik bored holds the coffee cup to looks at black girl operating the machine, probably in a halfhour it can be done, will not delay restaurant work. Although after 10 it gets busy at restaurant,even if has been late, by Jeff‘s disposition will not deduct his wages , but thefriendship is friendship, the work is the work, Erik knows that wants to maintain therelations with Jeff, he must do his duty .

After about ten minutes, printing shop entrance became slightly dark, Eric looked up and saw a brown-haired white man walked into the store carrying a bag.

Man is about 40 years old, the height is less than one meter seven, actually appears verysturdy, brown stubble on chin,slightly curved nose, wearing gold–rimmed eyeglasses, slightly bald forehead,the whole person is exuding bookish feeling.

“Welcome visits, Sir, waits a bit?“

Brown haired man nodded, nodded hello to Erik very much politely, sits down by Erik.The black girl stops the work in hand temporarily,fast makes one coffee to brown haired man:“Sir, just more than ten minutes , please first drink the cup coffee.“

The man received the coffee to say thanks, his eyes follow the black girl‘s form to see thatthick one stack of manuscript, the eyes move slightly, in the shop only then three people,the man could not help but look at Erik.

“Takeing the liberty I am asking, is that your draft?“

Erik nods saying:“Yes, a novel, I just finished, plans to make several photocopies .“

“You look like a high–school student, you are really fierce, I am unable to achieve these.“

“Thank you, actually this is my first novel,I do not have muchconfidence.“

“No, must believe oneself. That, can I read your novel?“ saying that the man pulled out aname card to give Erik saying:“Just, I have a small publishing house.“

Erik received the name card to look, Michael Claus, “The night Elves” publishing housemanager. Erik eyebrow jumped ,luckily is not Michael Crichton. Erik cannot but scold the westerners lack of creativity in name, remembers that in the class and grade of ErikHigh school, two called Jake,two called Jessica, if considers whole school, the person with same name were more. Even the newborn son has no new name, called Robert Downie jr directly.

Thinking that looking may change nothing , Erik gave already photocopied draft to MichaelClaus. The opposite party received the draft, looked at the book title, : ““Jurassic Park“, veryinteresting name.“

Erik shows a faint smile, has not said anything. Michael Claus also no longer saidanything,reads seriously. With in-depth reading, Michael casual look gradually become more serious, although he had just praised Eric , but in heart does not think by Eric’s age to be able to write what wonderful novel. In his previous business experience, those best-selling author of almost all men are full of experience and wealth of knowledge accumulation.

Quickly and carefully read the manuscript in hand, Michael reorganizes earnestlythe somewhat scattered and in disorder manuscript, looks up to Erik, in thatlook contains surprise and excitement, and a little determintion.

“Young people, can I know your name?“

“Erik Williams,“ Erik is not hypocritical, replied directly. By his previous generation life experience,how unable to see that Michael expression is containing anything at this time.Although does not have the plan to give “Jurassic Park” to small publishing house, butdoes not hinder him to get acquainted with Michael Claus. If “Jurassic Park“ had been rejectedby these well–known publishing houses, this is also a choice.