I'm in Hollywood - Chapter 191: Her Heart Flipping up

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He vaguely remembered that Jennifer Connelly, who got little attention after she had grown up, caught the eyes of Hollywood with her bold performance in a thriller movie. She had luckily transformed from a child star with clean and pure image since then. It was not a long time until she starred in The Rocketeer. However, with the box office of that movie flopping, other films of big production that she acted as the leading actresses had all failed in term of box office. As a result, for a long time no one had invited her to star in any mainstream commercial movies in Hollywood where people were obsessed with superstitions. From then on, she never got any role in a movie in the next five years. It was several years later when she appeared on the screen again and her screen image was completely different from what it was before.

"Eric?" Seeing Eric zoning out, Brooke Shields slightly patted on him unpleasantly. This man was so terrible that he should get distracted in front of a gorgeous beauty like her.

"Oh, sorry." Eric apologized, no longer being distracted by those thoughts. Then he asked her in uncertainty: "The rocketeer you have mentioned is fiction movie that happened in Los Angeles in the 1930s?"

Her jaw dropped when she heard what Eric said. Therefore, Eric was completely certain of it.

In the face of Eric\'s confident eyes, Brooke Shields asked him: "Eric, how do you know that? It…should it be a secret?"

"If I\'ve guessed it right, this movie is adapted from the original novel of the same name by Stevens. I happen to have read that book." Eric shrugged. He indeed watched that film before, but he never read the novel, a fact that he wouldn\'t reveal to her. As for the content of the film, the scene that he found most interesting was when the sign of Hollywood Heights was reduced to Hollywood after being smashed. Many Hollywood movies preferred to echo the plots with historical events, among which the most popular one was Forrest Gump.

"Eric, how do you like this movie being shot based on the novel?" Brooke Shields was somewhat clever, raising an important question after hearing what Eric said.

"I don\'t know about it. It was a marvelous novel and depended on how Disney is going to adapt it." Eric shook his head without hesitation.

He had no intention of reminding her not to accept the role in this movie since it might not be helpful if she had already signed a contract with Disney.

What was more, since Disney shot the movie one year in advance, the plot would be different from what it was previously. Sometimes, even if one day difference would lead to a change in a screenwriter\'s mind, let alone one year. The Rocketeer might achieve an unexpected success in the current time and space. If he ventured to remind her not to star in this movie, which instead turned out to be a blockbuster in the future, he would ruin her career. It was him who had to make up for her losses and offered her a role in his movie. So it was better to be an onlooker.

Shaking the red wine in the glass, Eric absent-mindedly thought about The Rocketeer, which then reminded him of Jennifer Connelly. He did not know where Jennifer Connelly had been. Since he already forgot the taste of her lips, he wondered when he could kiss her again.

"Eric, I\'d better not to bother you as you are always zoning out." Standing up unpleasantly, Brooke Shields looked at him with complaint and left away.

Staring at her body covered in a silver mermaid gown, Eric suddenly felt that her body was perfectly suitable for dressing up as a mermaid with tail.

Eric shook his head to leave every muddled thought behind, deciding to go to Aniston\'s house to spend a night with her.

At night, in Aniston\'s house.

She leaned against Eric\'s arm, suddenly talking about bearing a child: "I am only twenty years old. I don\'t want to be burdened by a child, unable to do anything."

"As a man of nigh teen years old, even I am not afraid of having a child, why are you so concerned having a baby now that you are twenty." Eric said with a smile.

"Anyway, I don\'t want to be pregnant at such an early age. I should wait until thirty years old, and…" Aniston said quite nervously, raising her head and staring into Eric\'s eyes: "If I were pregnant now, would you marry me immediately?"

Hearing what she said, Eric\'s heart beat rapidly. He hesitated for a moment and before he replied to that question, Aniston pinched his waist lightly: "You are so scared that your heart almost leaps out. I know it…"

His hands slided over her smooth back, whispering to her: "Jane, please forgive my greedy mind. I swear that I will be good to you forever."

"But I need more than that," Aniston murmured with her face rubbing his body "I hope you are good to me only",

"I know, but it\'s impossible. And you don\'t want to let me go." Aniston\'s tone soon became resentful: "How come there is such a jerk in this world."

Kissing her face with a smile, Eric said: "Little girl, you need to keep in mind that all men in this world are jerks. Just stop struggling as all men are the same."

Rolling her eyes at him, Aniston said: "It seems to make sense. Instilling your strange life philosophies into me, you resemble a wicked heretic who would be burned to death if you were in Europe several hundred years ago."

Eric couldn\'t help but argued: "Only a pagan can have a carefree life. They tend to believe in God in their imagination, which is more like the incarnation of their deep minds."

"No more talking. You start brainwashing me again…" Shaking her head, Aniston stretched out her hands to cover Eric\'s mouth to keep him from talking about it anymore. However, her twisted corner of the mouth indicated that she would listen attentively to him even if he continued talking about it.

Wearing a grin on his face, Eric grasped Aniston\'s hands and compared the size of her hands with his. The thin callus had slightly grown on his hands due to a busy year. He said: "Fine, I won\'t talk about it."

Though had not raised her head, Aniston scratched the palm of his hands: "Eric, are you going to Venice in September?"

Eric recalled the arrangement of his schedule, nodding: "Yes. The film festival will open on September 4 and I will stay there for a few days. I won\'t attend the awards ceremony as they have nothing to do with me. So there is no need to spend much time there. Although I don\'t want to attend the event, I can\'t keep avoiding everyone since I\'m in this industry. I am not like Woody Allen.

"September the 4th." Aniston suddenly raised her head and repeated that date, unnoticing what Eric had said next. Something seemed to occur to her, which made her unhappy suddenly. She intended to make a slight complaint that Eric and Virgin would dawdle in Vince. But upon hearing the date of the opening ceremony, she said unpleasantly: "Friends is to be broadcast on September 3, which means you can\'t see the premier with me."

"Watching or not watching is the same. That TV series is produced by me. Why do I need to watch it when I know every plot?" Eric felt confused.

Aniston was a bit irritated: "Certainly it is different. It is the first TV series that we produce together. I thought you could watch the premier with me."

Eric apologized: "How about…I watch the premier with you in the second season?"

Aniston was disappointed. She punched Eric, turned her back on him and murmured: "Who knows if the TV series you shoot have the second season or not. I\'ve watched it and it\'s just so-so."

The petulant lady had Eric in stitches and he had to beg her: "Alright. I will call the person responsible for the film ceremony held in Vince and let them postpone the opening ceremony for two days because I need to watch the premier of a TV series with my girlfriend."

Aniston was stunned and then burst into laughter: "You asshole. You deem yourself as a God." However, Aniston had thought it through; knowing that there was no perfect solution to this issue. What Eric would do was more important. "Ok, I will let you go. Don\'t forget to bring me some gifts."

Eric stretched out his hands to draw the virtual image of a small boat: "No problem. How about a fully hand-made Gondola?"

Aniston patted on his back and chuckled: "Where can we go boating if you purchase a boat. I want a mask."

It occurred to Eric that in his previous life, he indeed saw a mask brought from Vince. Not knowing the material of the mask decorated with various floral patterns and feathers, he thought it was weird and gorgeous.

"What kind of mask do you want?" Recalling the details of that mask, Eric asked her.

"Surprise me. Let\'s see if you can guess my preferences." Aniston give him a naughty smile.

"Why are you here?" Early in the early morning of the second day, Eric left vigorously for his company. When he entered his office, he found that Drew had already sat on his chair playing the computer in front of her. She apparently didn\'t know how to use the current computer system. Eric was sure that she was only mishandling it, so he hurried forward to shut down the computer to prevent some cases from being destroyed.