I'm in Hollywood - Chapter 190: Such A Poor Judgment

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"How can I be happy? Michael Eisner have just blackmailed a movie from me." Eric said resignedly.

Although Eric didn\'t make it explicit, Jeffery knew what he meant: "Then…what does Disney offer?"

Nodding his head, Eric said: "It has not been officially negotiated yet. I just make an oral promise to Michael Eisner."

Jeffery felt relived: "It\'s just a movie. Anyway, you are a high-producing director. But two days ago I\'ve heard news that Disney will terminate the cooperation with Warner in terms of overseas distribution and transfer all businesses to Buena Vista International, its affiliated company.

"Does it have anything to do with me?" Eric asked, ignoring Jeffery\'s teasing.

"It certainly does. After stopping cooperating with Warner, Disney\'s overseas distribution will be in disarray for a while. It may take at least half a year for Buena Vista International to integrate it. If the movie you have promised to authorize Disney to distribute is arranged on the first half of next year, it will possibly become cannon fodder of Buena Vista in its process of expanding the overseas market. The condition will be much better if the movie is released in the second half of next year."

Eric felt confused: "Disney is unlikely to use us as cannon fodder. Don\'t they want to make profits?"

Putting the handkerchief into his pocket, Jeffery summoned the waiter to send him a glass a wine and said: "Big companies like Disney does not care about the petty profits from one or two movies, instead they pay more attention to expanding their distribution channels. The influence you\'ve accumulated around the world in your previous movies is the best tool for them to expand their distribution channels. Taking advantage of your movies, Disney will sacrifice some interest to overseas distributors to make things much easier for them, thereby establishing new distribution channels in several countries after distributing a movie. Compared with those channels that can create long-term profits, it is not even a big deal to give some benefits to others."

Eric nodded his head. Disney used his movies to pave the way for expanding the overseas market and it will surely suffer a great loss in overseas box office due to the imperfect distribution channel. Disney could expand the overseas channels through this way, but he and Firefly could get nothing from it. Although the percentage of revenue sharing in overseas market was not high, his previous movies had pocketed more than 10 million US dollars in overseas box office. He would not help Disney in sacrifice of his own interest unless Disney could make up for losses.

Fully understanding the situation, Eric made up his mind and then asked: "Jeffery, I remember you\'ve just said you can\'t reach an agreement with Robert Shea. What do you mean?"

"There is no need for negotiation anymore. Robert Shea insists on giving him 15% of shares and 60 million US dollars in cash. He won\'t make a concession anymore and that\'s why I hurriedly come inquiring about your decision."

Eric thought for a moment and asked: "Are you sure this is his bottom line?"

Jeffery nodded: "Certainly. He clearly expressed that this is the bottom line and he won\'t compromise anymore. And…" Jeffery smiled a strange smile: "He stresses that he won\'t accept your invitation of having a meeting with him unless you accept his conditions."

"Hmm…this," Eric felt confused.

Jeffery laughed and explained: "When you have dinner with him for the first time, your speech might give him an impression so strong that he can\'t help but retreat when thinking of meeting you again. I suppose that is the reason. Though I don\'t attend the meeting that time, Robert Shea makes a big concession due to your persuasive rhetoric, doesn\'t he?

"I am telling the truth." Eric refuted with a smile.

"Anyway, that\'s it. I think it is a reasonable price because Newline has been established for 20 years. I will focus more on the preparation of Sleepless in Seattle in the coming days and handle the business of acquiring Newline to you. I\'ve already prepared all the relevant documents which will be sent to your office by the secretary."

Patting him on the shoulder, Jeffery shot a look at Eric as comfort: "I\'ve been over it. I will hand over the CEO position to Robert Shea and serve as a president responsible for producing; even a vice president will be fine."

"Thanks Jeffery." Feeling grateful, Eric looked at the fat old man who had been sparing no effort to support him since he produced Home Alone.

"Do we need to talk about this?" Jeffery raised a cup of wine and clinked their glasses before asking him: "Can Jonathan Demme deal with it alone in Vince? How about I tag along. It\'s better to let Kapoor go to Europe since he has more connections there. But he is an agent and has no intention of changing his career."

"Michael Eisner had talked with me about that before you come. He will mobilize Disney\'s resources to help us win an award in Vince Film Festival because John Landis, a director from Hollywood, is among the jury of nine people."

Jeffery furrowed his brows and lost in thought: "Join Landis, the director of Coming to America?"

"Yes. He is better at shooting horror movies. So the topic of The Others coupled with the tag of a Hollywood movie will surely impress him. Disney will also send a person to contact him."

"When are you going to Venice?"

"I will arrive there during the opening ceremony and won\'t attend the award ceremony which is to be held in the middle of September. I suddenly find that my schedule is too tight because I have to complete the production of Sleepless in Seattle and Home Alone 2 before the first half of November, during which I also need to deal with the business of New Line and keep track of the post-production of Scent of a Woman. That gives me no time for pleasure." Eric complained hastily.

"You are doing so many things at the same time. You are planning to produce four movies this year and you have to supervise the shooting of two films when most directors could only produce two movies in a year. Jeffery smiled: "You won\'t have such a busy schedule next year, do you?"

"I will take a well-earned rest next year. I\'ve never enjoyed life so far!"

"You are as old as 19 now." Teasing him with a touch of envy, Jeffery looked around and patted him on the shoulder: "You may go back to have some rest if you are tired. I\'ve seen some acquaintances and will greet them."

"Ok", Eric replied without standing up. Not caring about it, Jeffery left with a glass of wine.

Sipping the remaining red wine in his glass slowly, Eric decided to go back to take a rest after drinking it. However, a tall lady with a strapless evening dress appeared before him.

"Eric, I\'ve intended to say hi to you but there is always someone around you." Brooke Shields sat down gracefully beside Eric.

"You look pretty tonight Brooke." Eric smiled, raising a glass of red wine to her.

"Thanks, but someone turns his nose up at me." She said ruefully, seemingly taking to heart Eric\'s continuous refusing of her several times.

Eric smiled without answering that question. The lady is good at displaying the flirting expression. She may expect to reply on him before Running Out Of Time. But her stunning performance in Running Out of Time has made it unnecessary for her to trade sex for movie roles.

Looking her up and down, Eric was craving that she could stand up and turn around so that he can appreciate her beauty fully. "It\'s said that you\'ve got a role in a movie of big production by Warner. Is that the sequel of Batman?" \'It will flop badly if it is true.\' Nonetheless, the fact that starring in a film of big production amounting to hundreds of millions of investment will bring her even greater fame.

Brooke Shields shook her head with a smile: "Our negotiations have broken down. I choose to cooperate with Disney and that\'s why I come here today."

"Oh, it\'s…not a pity. Do you mind telling me the name of it?" Eric asked curiously.

Nodding her head, Brooke Shields said: "I can only say it is temporarily named as The Rocketeer. The name will possibly be changed in the late stage, it\'s just a working title."

"Rocke…teer," Hearing its name, Eric almost spewed the red wine. He remembered that movie was released in 1991. It wouldn\'t be shot until next year. Eric knew that, with his presence, many Hollywood movies didn\'t disappear, though, their shooting and release date had become disordered. But the focus was that, as he remembered, the movie was a box office bomb that resulted in Jennifer Connelly\'s cold treatment in the industry for five years.

Eric looked at this lady up and down and found that she still maintained a gentle image as shown in Running Out Of Time. Obviously, she knew that this image was more suitable for her career development in Hollywood than her previous aggressive and glamorous appearance.

Eric thought pitifully that her judgment of a movie was so poor that she fell into such an unlucky situation.