I'm in Hollywood - Chapter 187: I Got It

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"Get up, then, I\'ve made you something to eat, and I hope you\'ll like it." said Elizabeth, leaving a faint smile, and turning away.

Julia craned her neck through the crack of the door and saw she had already left. Then she wrapped herself in the blanket and shilly-shallied her way to the bathroom.She was not that careless like Elizabeth, and was not accustomed to exposing herself to anyone, even of the same sex, whom she had known only a day.

Twenty minutes later, Julia appeared in the dining room in a long, baggy, pale green dress. Elizabeth had already picked her own breakfast. When she saw Julia come in, she just nodded to Julia, still sitting at one side of the table with a roll of newspaper in her hand, reading news and eating her own breakfast, not like a guest at all.

Julia didn\'t mind it. She sat down on the other side, picked up a piece of toast, spread some peanut butter on it, and ate a few bites.

"Did you sleep well last night?" Elizabeth said across the dining table.

"Ah, well... Of course, "Julia said quickly. Somehow she felt guilty, but she couldn\'t remember anything last night.Her memory after drunk had been blurred.

"If possible, I would advise you not to do it again." Elizabeth said in a meaningful tone.

"Again... Do what again?" Julia blinked at the girl opposite.

"Get drunk. Don\'t get drunk again."

Julia seemed to realize something. "I... Did I do something bad last night?"

Elizabeth did not hesitate to nod. "Yes."

"Oh my God!" Julia slapped her forehead, "This is awful. Should it get out... "

"Don\'t worry, it won\'t." Elizabeth shook her head gently without lifting her head, and turned the page of the newspaper before her.


"I don\'t think that asshole will get the word out." Elizabeth said in an understatement.

Julia stared at her. "The asshole... You mean… Eric."


Julia was so nervous that her voice even faltered. "So... Well, Liz, I... What the hell did I I do on earth? What thing out of line I have done?"

"Not too much. You\'re just clinging on that jerk, crying and begging him to kiss you."

"Oh. Jesus!" Julia groaned bitterly, with her head on the table and banged her head against the solid wooden one.

Seeing her reaction, Elizabeth could not help but smile, "Stop it. Nobody would throw a pity on you even if you smash the wood."

After a long time, Julia lifted her head, reached for the glass jug in the middle of the table and poured herself a cool glass. She took a few deep breaths to muster up the nerve and said, "Well, Liz, can you tell me more about last night?"

"Are you sure you want to hear it?" Elizabeth Replied.

Resisting the thought of retreating, Julia nodded.

At first Elizabeth\'s mind was clear. And she wasn\'t drunk last night, but everything turned when she started complaining about Eric. She complained a lot about him, and even added many details in a vivid way.

"I... I even told you about the dream?" Julia looked imploringly at Elizabeth hoping she would deny it.

"Yes!" Elizabeth nodded in a vague attitude when hearing Julia\'s question, raising her bowl and finishing her food.

Julia banged her head on the table again. "I am done. That was too embarrassing. How could I face him again?"

Elizabeth finished her food, wiped her mouth and gave a quizzical look as she asked, "Julia, does Eric Williams really have such an abnormal hobby, like hitting women?"

"No," replied Julia at the table in a muffled voice.

Elizabeth seemed relieved. "So," she said, "Those are your sexual fantasies. I almost believed he was an aberration. If he were really like that, that\'s too disgusting! I had some crush on him before."

\'Liz, will you stop it? I want to kill myself now."

"It doesn\'t matter at all. Who made the rule that a woman can\'t have a little sexual fantasy? However yours were really very special, because you wanted him to beat you."

"It was just a dream," Julia said weakly, clutching her head.

"Dreams are a convenient and fast form of virtual realization of human desires. They are essentially the same as the fantasies when you are awake, except that fantasies are controllable and dreams are unconstrained, but you wouldn\'t dream like that if you don\'t have the idea at all in your mind."

"Uh-huh... "Julia let out a few cries. It seemed that if Liz said continuously she would cry harder.

So Elizabeth stopped the topic and changed for another, "Julia, are you in love with him?"

Julia flipped up and clearly became more sensitive to this topic. "No, of course not, I hate him."

"OK." said Elizabeth, with an uncritical tone, and sensibly not to inquire further, for she might have been driven out by the maddened woman, while muttering to herself that what a worst reflection of hate.

Julia glared at Elizabeth, her fingers pressed slightly down on the edge of the table, prepare to do something. After waiting for a while, she found that Elizabeth had no further words. Her highly tensed nerve soon relieved and she began to speak inwardly: "I just... actually... "

"Forget it, Julia, hurry up and eat your breakfast. I think your life was too boring to have such wild imagination. I can borrow a private jet and we can fly straight to Manhattan. The Fifth Avenue is a shopping heaven. In the evening, I can take you to some parties and introduce you to some young guys, whose family must be richer than Eric Williams\' while they might not be as excellent as him.

"I met some guys in that type at some parties. They were neither too old for me nor too self-righteous, who led a life of luxury and debauchery with the money earned by their family. I doubt they will not be able to pay the legacy tax for their property inheritance. In the United States, you can only inherit the property when you pay the tax. I heard that many rich young guys can only give away a lot of legacy because of failing to pay huge inheritance tax."

"Well, you\'re talking about the very few," Elizabeth said with a smile. "With a little thought, billionaires have a million ways to pass on enough money to their next generation."

The topic imperceptibly turned from last night\'s embarrassment, they began to find more and more topics, chattering up.

"Liz, how does this blouse look on you? Don\'t you think that the one on you is a bit big for you?" After breakfast, the two girls went into Julia\'s closet to pick out clothes. They were about the same size and height, so there was no problem about size.

"However, I prefer looser clothes, and this one on me looks nice." said Elizabeth, who did not wish to change her clothes, still wearing nothing below but her bare thighs, and was standing nearby, plucking at another wardrobe, picking out her trousers.

Julia pressed her lips and tried hard to figure out how to take off her shirt without noticed by her.

"Well, that\'s a good pair, I will wear it." said Elizabeth, taking a pair of khaki slacks from the wardrobe, placing them at her waist, and putting them on.

"Yes, it looks good," Julia said, her eyes rolling. "But I think khaki pant looks better with a light blue top, and pink is fine, but white isn\'t," she said while quickly took down two smaller size blouses than the shirt on Liz\'s from the wardrobe in front of her, and matched them before Elizabeth, "Try it!"

Elizabeth blinked, looked at the two blouses, and looked at the shirt on her top, suddenly lifted it and directly stripped down, naked with only small white underwear below, shouting: "Jesus! This was too disgusting, I got it, and it must be the jerk Eric Williams\' shirt, too disgusting, bah, my god!"