I'm in Hollywood - Chapter 185: A Hint

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"Hi, Eric," said Elizabeth when she pulled the embarrassed girl Julia towards Eric. Virginia stood up and left when seeing the two. Then, Elizabeth pressed Julia\'s body on the sofa and sat down as well.

"Elizabeth, why haven\'t you left yet?" Eric asked in confusion.

Elizabeth felt dissatisfied and stared at Eric:"Why should I leave? Am I not welcome here?"

"Of course not," denied Eric. "But this kind of small parties will never attract the second daughter of Rupert Murdoch, right?"

The second daughter of Rupert Murdoch?

Julia heard Eric\'s words and curiously looked at the girl by her side. Eric noticed Julia\'s puzzlement and introduced Elizabeth to her:"Julia, has not Elizabeth told you about her identity? She is the second daughter of Rupert Murdoch, the owner of the News Corporation which controls the 20th Century Fox."

"Hey, Eric, are you trying to ruin my relations with Julia? Julia was totally right in saying that you are a jerk!" Elizabeth angrily thumped Eric\'s shoulders. Julia was just a little unhappy about Elizabeth concealing her identity at the beginning and then turned deeply embarrassed when hearing the last sentence Elizabeth just said.

My goodness! How could she speak that out?

Eric was distracted for a moment and then burst out laughing:"Julia eventually told the truth."

"No, Eric, I did not……" Julia blushed scarlet and shook her hand in disapproval but could not say anything.

After saying something inappropriate, Elizabeth sensed her slip of the tongue and showed an apologetic look to Julia. Then she changed the topic as if nothing had happened:"Eric, is that woman your lover?"

"Yes," Eric nodded and did not try to conceal the fact at all.

"Um…… You think you are totally right," Eric\'s quick admission had stunned Elizabeth for a moment. "What about Julia?"

Julia was trying to stop this outspoken girl from saying more but quit after sensing that nothing could be done. Instead, she looked at Eric nervously, waiting for his answer.

"Does this have anything to do with Julia?" Eric was left in confusion.

"I……I don\'t want to hear your nonsense." With these words, Julia immediately fled like a small rabbit hunted by a hound. Eric\'s answer gave her a sense of relief but she was also deeply depressed.

Watching Julia flee in a hurry, Elizabeth showed Eric an angry look:"You really lack a sense of romance, Mr. Williams."

Eric shrugged and did not notice Elizabeth had addressed him differently:"Elizabeth, you do not know about the story, so don\'t rush to reach a conclusion."

"Oh, I am becoming more curious about you now. Eric, how about treating me to a meal when you have time? I hope to talk more with you. "

"I am afraid I cannot," Eric drank up the wine and stood up, ready to meet others.

"Hey, hey, how can you do this?" Elizabeth lost the good manners of a lady and grabbed Eric\'s clothes:"If that does not work, then I will treat you to dinner, okay?"

Eric did not hear Elizabeth\'s conversation with Carta and his memory recorded nothing about the girl, so he directly labeled Elizabeth as a typical self-centered girl after a short talk with her. Although the girl was of noble birth, Eric had no need to cater to such a spoiled girl since he himself was now powerful enough.

Eric tried many times and eventually pulled the edge of his clothes back. He saw the wrinkles and managed to remove them from his shirt. Noticing the girl\'s angry look, he suddenly bent with a grin and moved closer to Elizabeth:"Elizabeth, I need to remind you of something……"

Elizabeth felt the aggressiveness shown by Eric\'s eyes and could not help but move backwards. "W-w-what?" She stammered, her hands covering her chest.

As the girl was moving backwards step by step, Eric kept on moving forward. He smelt the alluring perfume coming from the girl\'s body and swayed his index finger before her:"I need to remind you not to show a great interest in a man. Otherwise, you will easily fall in love with him."

"Ah……" Elizabeth was about to say something when Eric left with these words. Not until then did the girl realize what had happened. She stomped on the ground and said angrily:"Bah! No one will fall in love with you. What a jerk! How conceited you are……" Such a stream of derogatory words fully vented out the anger of the spoiled girl. Then she immediately looked around. Not until she found that no one heard her words did she feel at ease. Elizabeth then stood up and neatened her clothes. Raising her chin slightly, she walked into the crowd with a glass of red wine in hand. She was still that proud noble girl.

The great author Lu Xun once said:"No roads have existed before. They come into being after more and more walkers appear." The meaning of his words could be extended. Some things could not have happened. If someone mischievous gave a hint unintentionally, however, they would happen sometime in the future.

"Mr. Williams, may I propose a toast to you?" A little girl followed her mother and approached Eric with a glass of juice when Eric was chatting with others. The girl looked up at Eric full of expectations, her pretty big eyes shining brightly.

"Of course, Sarah," Eric smiled and bent. He clinked glasses and then drank up the remaining red wine.

The little girl took a gulp of juice and watched Eric drinking up his wine:"Mr. Williams, thank you for casting me as Anne Stewart."

"Never mind. You have played the role quite well." Eric looked at the girl before him. She was 12 years old and her growth could by no means match Drew\'s. Eric heard that the mother and her daughter led a reasonably good life. Maybe it was due to the family background. Sarah was just 1.2 meters tall and shorter than her peers. In Eric\'s memory, she eventually reached just 1.6 meters in height. Her round face was characterized by the baby fat.

"Then, Mr. Williams, could I play in the film directed by you?" The little girl asked suddenly in a girl-like tone, her big eyes full of hope.

Eric looked at Sarah and her mother and could not figure out if the girl was taught to speak such words or just said what she liked.

In fact, if Sleepless in Seattle was not shown at the same time with The Others, Sarah could play the role of Jessica, Jonah\'s little girlfriend in Sleepless in Seattle. However, Sarah had already played in The Others and the role of Jessica could only be played by others. Otherwise, the audience would feel strange when seeing the same girl in two films with different styles at the same time.

"When the right time comes, of course," Eric found it hard to refuse such a little girl full of anticipation and had no choice but to give an ambiguous answer.