I'm in Hollywood - Chapter 176: Seven Colored Robbers

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"Hi, Mr. Williams, I like your movie Running Out of Time very much. It\'s well plotted with an excellent sound track, especially the song Silent Love started when the hero and heroine encountered. I hear that you compose the song yourself, which is really amazing." Quentin quickly opened his mouth due to Eric\'s friendliness and directly talked about that movie still in the cinemas. Although Quentin admired Eric\'s achievement in movies, he was indifferent to his other movies except the latest one with distinctive characteristics.

Eric presents a modest smile: "I only offered some inspirations and actually it was the film composer that contributes a lot to the song."

While Lawrence Bender seemed to be anxious. Since the meeting time was limited within one hour, he knew that Eric would start working anytime with these personnel around him. Even if Quentin\'s conversation with Eric about music could bring them closer, he shouldn\'t waste much time on it. Afraid of interrupting their conversation, Lawrence had to wink at Quentin gently.

Eric had noticed Lawrence\'s anxiousness and without furthering his conversation with Quentin, he said: "Why don\'t we go to the lounge and have a working lunch together. I guess you haven\'t had lunch yet."

"Sure, thanks, Mr. Williams."

"Just call me Eric." Eric said. While seeing what happened not far away, he told them to wait for a minute and then walked immediately toward Drew and Aniston. He thought to himself that it would be troublesome if these two sweethearts fought with each other here, "Hey, Drew and Jenny, what are you talking about?" Eric asked as he went closer, seeing that they were glaring at and ready to fight against each other.

The little girl immediately gave up her confrontation with Aniston as she saw Eric approaching. She ran toward Eric, held in his arms and complained: "Eric, she started the trouble first. I just say hello to her and then she becomes angry. She is so mean."

"It\'s you…"Aniston said with an expression of grievance and anger. Exactly. She was staring at Eric instead of Drew, which confused Eric. And he had to ask: "Drew, how do you say hi to Jane?"

Drew seemed to be unaware of Aniston\'s annoyance, she shrugged and said: "I just go and pat her hit as she comes out of the room, saying \'Hey, plump girl, your butt become rounder,\' and then she becomes angry."

Eric figured out why Aniston got irritated without seeing the flames of anger in her eyes. Saying those completely unintentionally, Drew possibly only wanted to make fun of Aniston\'s weight gain, the last thing that Aniston wanted to mention. She might think that Eric told that awkward thing to Drew who made fun of her this time.

At the thought of that, Eric let go of Drew and hugged Aniston, whispering to her: "Jenny, Drew said that unintentionally. Just forgive her."

"Do you promise?" Aniston blinked her eyes.

"I swear. That…that is impossible, am I right?" Eric patted her on the back.

Having realized that it was completely a coincidence, Aniston pushed him away and said: "Hum…you need to deal with the two guests waiting there and I am going for lunch."

"I am also going for lunch. I don\'t know how the lunch is here." Drew left while her eyes were still rolling.

"You are in the studio. Don\'t make a mess. Be good." Eric told them worriedly.


"Of course!"

Drew and Aniston left away without turning back.

Seeing they were going toward different directions, Eric felt relieved and went to the lounge along with Lawrence Bender and Quentin Tarantino. In the meantime, he told the assistant to bring three bento for him.

"Drew has already told me the story. Can I have a look at the script?" Eric said after seating by the table of an austere style.

"Of course." Lawrence Bender took a thick script from the backpack and pushed it toward Eric.

Eric found that the script was neither named Reservoir Dogs nor Pulp Fiction, it was Seven Colored Robbers instead. He couldn\'t help but felt choosy about the script and then opened it composedly.

Judging by the name of the script, Eric knew that it had much in common with Reservoir Dogs. Seven Colored Robbers seemed to be echoed with the six robbers of jewelry stores represented in six colors in Reservoir Dogs created in Quentin\'s previous life. For many scriptwriters, they already had some thoughts in their mind for years before they wrote scripts. But there must be much difference in a script written at different times.

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An ordinary person couldn\'t see such difference. While Eric was lucky enough to encounter such an interesting thing as a time traveler.

The assistant soon brought three set meals to them along with several bottled waters.

"Quentin and Lawrence, you can have it first. Never mind me." Raising his head, Eric glanced at Quentin and Lawrence who were gazing at him with expectations.

"Sure, thanks." Quentin and Lawrence snatched the tableware, opened the bento and grabbed a bite. Actually, they had no appetite under such circumstance. Instead they seemed to be students awaiting the result of the examination. They ate slower after Eric finished reading the script.

Noticing that they had slowed down having lunch, Eric flipped one more page of the script without telling them again to eat.

The plot of Seven Colored Robbers roughly resembled that of Reservoir Dogs, in which the gang leader gathered together several people who didn\'t know each other to rob a jewelry store, ending up being ambushed by the police officers. Judging by the name of the script, the number of robbers was increased from six to seven.

At the very beginning of the plot, Quentin\'s talkaholic style was completely displayed. Then came the failure of robbery and two robbers had to drive away toward the meeting place.

In this script, Quentin imitated several settings in City on Fire, just as what he had done in his previous life. It occurred to Eric that Quentin even went to Hong Kong to explain to the director of City on Fire for that movie, which, in the eyes of Eric, was a report made by the tabloids for putting feathers in their caps.

It only took Eric about 20 minutes to finish reading the whole script of almost 100 pages, because he could compare it with the original version in his mind.

Putting down the script, Eric looked at Quentin and Lawrence who felt uneasy and said: "It\'s nice. Let\'s have lunch."

Hearing what Eric said, they felt relieved. There would be much possibility that Eric invested in this film. To make the film more likely to be invested, Lawrence specifically listed the budget at the end of the script, which was about 1 million US dollars.

They were all convinced this film with a distinctive style would arouse Eric\'s interest. And the budget of this film was only 1 million US dollars. Eric, with his amount of wealth, would definitely invest in this film. Actually, if it were not they wanted to have the full power of directing the film, they wouldn\'t have to choose Eric.

Thinking through all of these, Quentin and Lawrence continued to have lunch with an easy mind. They were pretty hungry after waiting for 2 hours outside Fox Studio.

After the lunch, Eric took the script again: "I hear Drew says you two want to direct the film yourselves?"

"Yes, Eric. I…we already have an experience of producing a film. So we think we can handle the script ourselves."

Nodding his head, Eric didn\'t say Yes or No and flipped several pages before saying: "You have your own film company, don\'t you?"

Looking at each other, they didn\'t understand why Eric would ask such a question. And then Lawrence nodded: "Yes, it\'s band-apart named by Quentin who got inspiration from Band of Outsiders directed by the film master Godard in his early works.

Eric knew that Godard filmed the popular film King Lear but he didn\'t know Band of Outsiders. Since he didn\'t know the hidden meaning of the name of their film company, he wanted to figure it out.

"So Quentin and Lawrence, do you have any interest in joining Firefly Films?" Eric asked.


"Ah?" They both said a word indicative of their confusion simultaneously.

Eric explained: "I mean, your film company is nothing but a shell company. Do you have interest in joining my Firefly Films? As you know, my company is thriving."

Quentin and Lawrence looked at each other. They had some understanding of Firefly Films. Although it was established by Eric and most of the films it produced were directed by Eric, it had a strength that couldn\'t be underestimated. It would be good for them if they could join in the company. However, they were just nobody. They couldn\'t figure out why Eric would invite them to join it. That didn\'t make sense.