I'm in Hollywood - Chapter 175: Why Was it Black?

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The tall black security guard, standing at the gate of Fox Studio, was staring from time to time at two men standing under the shelter not fat away from the gate. Having the same height of over 6 feet, those two men dressed formally. However, the younger one who was furrowing his eyebrows with a large forehead and a strong chin didn\'t seem to be a good person. While the elder one carried a backpack without a camera, far from what a paparazzo would do. Therefore, the black security guard paid more attention to them and informed it to other fellows in case they slipped in unnoticed. Although such thing rarely happened, it did before. There were celebrities shooting films in the studio frequently, once they were harassed by anyone slipping in, the security guards will be dismissed whether it incurred a loss or not.

Yet both of them were well-behaved without any improper action, the security guard, as a result, had no excuse to drive them away. Having been waiting there since 10:00 AM, they didn\'t even leave when it was almost 12:00 AM. It seemed that they were waiting for someone since they would look at the gate of the studio and the roadside from time to time.

At around 11:50 AM, a yellow taxi stopped near the gate of the studio. As the door opened, a little girl of fair skin stepped out of the car. With a small yellow T-shirt and a heart shaped sunglasses on, the little girl carried a canvas bag, holding a parasol in her hand. Upon seeing the girl, those two men quickly approached her and during their conversation, the elder man even took the girl\'s parasol with full hospitality. Then they were walking towards the gate.

The black security guard seemed to have recognized the girl of fair skin wearing sunglasses. As they approached and arrived at the entrance of the gate, he stopped them and said: "Sorry, please show your passes."

When the other two looked at the girl, she wore off the sunglasses and said: "Sir, I come here to look for Eric Williams. Can we go inside without the pass?"

"You…you are Miss Drew Barrymore." The security guard recognized her as she wore off her sunglasses. Letting down his guard, he smiled at Drew with sharpest white teeth: "Sure, no problem. But according to the rule, one can\'t be allowed to enter without a pass. So Miss Barrymore, can you wait for a minute? I will call for the studio of Mr. Williams to let him send personnel to pick you up."

"Thanks, this…Mr. Crick." Drew glanced at his name tag and said.

At noon in August of the Los Angeles, the sun was blazing with a temperature over 30 degrees. It was hot that the black security guard guided them to the lounge near the gate before making a call.

Entering the lounge, the girl sat on a chair naturally, taking out a gum from her backpack and put it in her mouth. As she finished adjusting her hair against the cosmetics mirror, she smiled and said to those two men standing next to her: "Lawrence, have you been waiting for a long time?"

"Certainly not, Drew. We arrive here only half an hour prior to you." Lawrence Bender replied, smiling. After hearing him saying like that, the security guard only shot a glance at him with no intention of giving the game away.

Seeing their shirts soaked with sweat, the girl shrugged, asking no more questions. She had already told them to arrive after 11:00 AM. But they seemed to come here much earlier, probably for fear of being delayed by traffic congestion. Anyway, the girl didn\'t care much about that.

Quentin Tarantino, who stood next to Lawrence Bender, didn\'t utter a word at all, not because he was shy or fear of strangers. Actually, he was more talkative than Lawrence Bender. It was just he felt somewhat uncomfortable when he flicked over toward the toes peeing out of her sandals. Her fair and delicate toes were as exquisite as a pair of artworks. But why were they painted black nail polish, why black! His heart being scratched by something, he even had an impulse to throw himself toward her and remove her nail polish. But he certainly wouldn\'t do it.

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Drew had a few words with Lawrence Bender. As she turned to Quentin, she happened to find that he was glancing at her feet. Instead of being angry, she smiled at him as if saying "I have caught you."

Feeling awkward, Quentin quickly turned his eyes to the other side and covered his mouth with his hand before coughing twice to relieve the awkward situation.

While the girl didn\'t want to let him go, she raised her feet and directly asked him: "Is there anything wrong with my feet, Quentin?"

"Um…No, certainly not, Miss Barrymore, your feet are…beautiful." Quentin answered incoherently. But soon he felt his waist was hit by Lawrence\'s elbow, he suddenly came to his senses and said: No, no, I mean…"

The girl giggled boisterously as she saw Quentin\'s nervousness.

Feeling speechless, Lawrence Bender glimpsed at his best friend and thought to himself: "If Miss Barrymore were petty, our hard-won opportunity would be ruined."

Luckily, with the personnel picking them up appearing, Quentin\'s embarrassment was resolved. And they all went to the studio of Friends by an electric vehicle.

Entering the studio, Drew went directly to Eric. As Lawrence Bender and Quentin Tarantino quickened their pace to follow her up, they found that Drew threw herself into Eric, a young man with a blue T-shirt. Eric hugged the girl and had no choice but let her rub against his face before letting her go and walking toward Lawrence Bender and Quentin Tarantino.

"Hello, Mr. Tarantino and Mr. Bender." Eric shook hands with them. Quentin thought Eric would greet Lawence first since he was the one taking the lead. However, Eric indeed greeted him first, which created a sudden illusion in his mind of being flattered. Although Quentin was narcissistic in his friends\' eyes, he would naturally feel dwarfed in the presence of Lawrence Bender who had already secured over $1 billion at worldwide box office.