I'm in Hollywood - Chapter 174: An Unexpected Gain

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"A…trivial matter?" Eric dragged her towards him and putted her on his lap, pinching her pretty face: "Have you stirred up trouble?"

"That\'s impossible, I\'m not a trouble maker!" Drew denied: "Here is the thing, I approached an agent for purchasing the copyright of this movie."

Eric immediately understood: "Oh, you\'ve promised them benefits, but you can\'t honor your promise. And it must be related to me, am I right?"

"Eric, you are so smart!" Snuggling in Eric\'s body, the little girl raised her head and looked up to him.

"Alright, tell me the truth!" Eric couldn\'t help but gently flipped her on the forehead.

"In fact, there is no big deal." The little girl assured him before saying: "When I was trying to approach the agent, there happened to be a man called Lawrence Band coming closer to me with his friend in the party. He gives me a script and hopes that I can transfer it to you for your investment."

"It\'s understandable that they find you because they can\'t reach me. But why do they want my investment when there are so many film companies. They probably have chosen the top seven film companies, even if they don\'t, shouldn\'t they choose tier-2 or tier 3 film companies?"

Drew threw her arms around Eric\'s neck, smiling: "Because you have money."

Eric shrugged: "You should know that there is not much left in the revenue-sharing from Home Alone. Even if I can get the revenue sharing from Temptress Moon, I will spend all that money soon if I am to acquire a film company to establish our channels of film distribution. The revenue from Running Out of Time can\'t be spent anymore and it should be saved for paying taxes next year, which is 35% of the total revenue. I don\'t have much cash left after doing all those things.Ah! I just find that I don\'t save even a penny after a year of arduous efforts."

The little girl patted him on the shoulder: "Mr. Millionaire, don\'t worry. I will support you if you don\'t have money."

"If only a woman could say that in my previous life." Eric smiled: "Let\'s return to your topic. What\'s the name of that man?"

"His name is Lawrence Band. Those film companies think they are too young to produce a movie by themselves even if their script is good. After all, a formal movie needs an investment of at least one million US dollars. I think that\'s why they want your investment."

"So you agree to let him to be your agent…is he capable of being your agent?" Eric asked another question.

"He is so smart that he opens a shell film company with his friend. There are many such companies in Hollywood. Two years ago, they made a low-cost movie written and produced by him and directed by his friend. But after the movie is finished, the negatives are burned down to ashes in a fire accident, causing a great loss to them."

"It\'s a pity. Lawrence Band, right…wait, Lawrence Band?" Eric suddenly raised his tone.

"Ah?" Drew nodded, not knowing what happened.

Eric lowered her down from his legs, pointing to the table: "Can you spell his name?"

Through a bit confused, Drew still walked toward the tea table, dipping her fingers in the teacup and thinking for a moment before tentatively writing down two words: "It\'s supposed to spell like this, isn\'t it? After writing down the man\'s name, the little girl turned backed and asked Eric uncertainly.

Seeing what she wrote, Eric changed it from Laorence to Lawrence and gently knocked on her head: "I really want to know what you are doing in school. You can\'t even spell such a simple name. I spend a lot of money sending you to the boarding school, but I\'ve never seen your transcripts. Bring them to me next time."

"Aha, you don\'t need it, do you?" The little girl grinned with her hands holding on the tea table, preparing to take flight at any time.

However, Eric forgot the whole thing. Looking at the name on the tea table, he thought it was completely the same as what he remembered. The reason why he didn\'t realize it when Drew mentioned that name was that he usually read the translated Chinese version of it in his previous life and Drew\'s English accent was completely different from that he learned in his previous life.

"Drew, what\'s the name of Lawrence Band\'s friend? Eric continued asking.

The little girl scratched her head and thought for a moment: "It seems…maybe…to be Quentin Tarantino." Drew saw Eric\'s expression changed abruptly after she said that, so she asked him: "Eric, you know them, right?"

Eric calmed down and soon found an excuse, nodding: "I seem to have heard of the name when you mention it. I used to hear other people talking about these two poor guys shooting a movie together, only to find the negatives burned down to ashes in a fire accident when the movie is completed."

Not mentioning whom he was talking with, Eric said it unambiguously so he didn\'t care if Drew wanted to verify it or not. But obviously Drew didn\'t suspect anything and believed everything that he said.

"Do you mean they expect me to invest in their movie? Do they give you a script? Eric asked.

Drew shook her head: "No, I haven\'t asked for that. I want to discuss it with you first and if you don\'t agree with it, I will stave off them."

"It\'s not good. You can\'t flake them since you\'ve already promised them, though they are just nobody. It will have certain negative impact on our expanding of the business in movie making if news spreads out that you patronize them." Eric seated on the sofa and said: "You can bring them to the studio of Friends tomorrow noon. I will have a look at their script during the lunch break."

"Eric, why do you need to see them? It\'s time-consuming. Quentin Tarantino is only a scenarist in his twenties. How come he writes a good script? I can get the script for you if you want, but is it necessary to see them?"

Eric smiled: "Don\'t you know that you are even less than twenty years old?"

"Ah, I think you are at least forty years old." The little girl said.

Her instinct…was so accurate!

Patting her head, Eric felt relived soon because it was not surprising that such a smart girl could guess his real age after years\' of living together with her. In fact, many others had known his real age.

"Alright, it\'s a deal. Bring them to the film studio tomorrow on time."

"Hum." Drew replied. Then she acted like a spoiled child: "Eric, will I get a reward if I get it done?"

Patting on her back, Eric said: "Sure. I\'ve opened a film company for you and it will be yours when you turn eighteen. The copyright of An Affair to Remember we\'ve purchased will be put under this company."

"Wow, what\'s the name of it?" The little girl asked excitingly.

"Flower Films."

The girl was caught off guard, curling up her lips, and said: "Flower Studios……Such a rustic name. Why not we change it to another one?"

Was it Rustic?

Staring at the baby face of the little girl, Eric said:" It is the one that you name in your previous life. How could it be rustic? Can you think of another name?"

Leaning against Eric\'s chest, Drew thought about it for a while before raising her head sadly. Obviously, she was not gifted with a talent for naming things, so she had to say: "then…just name it Flower Studios"

Eric smiled, touching her head and then said: "It\'s too late. Time for bed."

While the girl grabbed his hand and stopped him from standing up, saying: "No, no, no hurry, Eric. School doesn\'t start for another month. Why not give me some other works, like purchasing the copyright of a movie?"

"Hum…let me see. I will give you a list tomorrow. Now it\'s bed time." Eric said.

"Don\'t brush me off. I need to get it tomorrow!" Not letting him go, the girl continued to say.

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"I will certainly give it to you tomorrow." Eric said and then turned to the staircase. Instead of going directly to the bedroom, he went to the study room only to see the girl following him. Then he said: "Don\'t disturb me. Just go to sleep. If you always stay up too late, you may become very ugly before 30 years old."

"Hum!" The girl turned back and went to the bedroom reluctantly with her brow frowned.

Sitting at the desk, Eric idly picked up a pen while unfolding a notebook before him. He wore a smile when thinking that Quentin Tarantino, known as the wizard director in his previous life, should visit him voluntarily. Although Lawrence Bender was not as well-known as Quentin Tarantino, they were actually old partners with the former being the producer of all of the latter\'s movies.

Due to Eric\'s Butterfly effect, he had attracted them to come and visit him two years prior to their rising to fame. It was unknown that whether Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction, both of which were popular movies in their previous lives, would be presented to him. After all, the Butterfly effect he created had so much impact that Quentin might give up those two movies with one thought in passing. In the meantime, Eric was intrigued to see what kind of script Quentin would present tomorrow.