I'm in Hollywood - Chapter 172: This is Just Unfair

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At first, Aniston felt cozy when Eric was combing her hair but these words immediately rendered her pout, “Bah! By no means! I think you were just talking nonsense though I did not quite get your point. Resources, M&A, territory, blah, blah, blah.”

Eric pretended sadness and covered his chest with his hands, “How badly you are hurting my pride! I shall teach you a good lesson later.”

“Um……” Aniston lowered her head and blushed slightly and then suddenly looked up, “Don’t do that again! Otherwise, I will never let you go.”

“Um? Do what?” Eric was left in doubt for the moment.

“You……You are deliberately annoying me,” the lass stamped her feet on the ground. She thought that Eric was playing dumb, thus letting go of his arm angrily and moving forward several steps.

Seeing the lass forward raising her bottom, Eric suddenly realized what had happened and strode along to catch up with a snicker. He patted on the sexy buttocks and said, “Okay. Please forgive me for my slow reaction.”

“Ah……” The lass was taken by surprise and dodged like a frightened little rabbit. She covered her bottom and glanced around quickly. Not until she found there was no pedestrian walking by did she take a deep breath. Then she glared at Eric, saying, “You……How indecent the action is!”

Eric smiled and stepped forward. Then he cuddled the lass close and pinched her waist, kissing her hard on the face and whispering by her ear, “You will see much more indecency later on.”

“Humph!” The girl wanted to escape but stopped resisting after being continuously teased by Eric. She had no choice but to enjoy the cuddle.

Very soon, the doorman drove Eric’s car here. After tipping, Eric and Aniston got into the car.

“Shall we get to my place?” The lass asked in a low voice after Eric started the engine.

“Of course,” Eric turned the wheel and drove onto the road. Thinking of what happened several months ago, he could not help laughing, “Drew must have already come back. Do you want to go to my place and have another fight with the little girl?”

“Humph!” The lass turned around angrily. After a while, she thought of something and turned back, “Eric, how is the house you had others build in Malibu? ”

“Considering the time of decoration, it will take altogether two or months. With good luck, we can move in by end of this year. Maybe we can have a fabulous party with great sea view for Christmas.” Eric stared at the road forward and answered. The flat in Malibu was modeled upon the super seaside villa of Iron Man in Eric’s memory. More than half a year had already passed since the building work started. The inefficiency of American workers was really annoying, showing a stark contrast with the efficiency Eric had witnessed in his previous life. At that time, it only took 10-plus days to construct a building of tens storeys high. However, if Eric’s flat was just built in 10-plus days, he would be too worried to live in. At the very beginning, Eric would often ask Frank Gary about what was going on with the construction. After two or three months, though, he lost the interest in asking. Instead, he just looked through the project reports made by Frank Gary’s firm regularly and comforted himself by trying to believe that soft fire makes sweet malt.

Hearing Eric’s answer, the lass asked in a low voice, “Then……By then, will Drew also move in?”

Eric used his thumb to rub against the wheel and replied, “You know that Drew is just 14 years old. She is still a kid. Legally or personally, I shall by no means leave her alone. At least, we need to wait until she is 16. At that time, I may ask her to move out.”

Aniston wrinkled up her little nose and snorted in distaste, “She is not like a little girl at all!”

“Ha-ha, that’s true. However, many things just go like this. To a certain extent, Drew is a public figure. These so-called child protection organizations will always pay more attention to her. If I ask her to move out now, it will surely cause dissatisfaction.”

“Humph! Why was not the girl born in the slums? In that case, no one will bother to care about her.”

“Yes,” Eric gave a sigh:“The world is just unfair. Generally speaking, America is still dominated by the elite and its education only serves them. This county can only ensure that the top earners will remain prominent as always. Who will care about the children of the lower class? They might drop out of school at 11 or 12, or give birth when 13 or 14. No one will bother to care about them. Drew is different and has already climbed to the higher part of the pyramid. This has brought her the benefits that will only be enjoyed by the elite. Those benefits include being cared for by child protection organizations. ”

Leaning one hand against the window, pouting at Eric, “Okay, you have once again successfully changed the topic of our conversation. You always have one million ways to do this. Humph! I can sense your intentions but I just don’t want to get to the bottom of it all. ”

“This time, it is you that have diverged from the original topic,” Eric smiled.

“It is you!”

“Okay, it’s me.” Eric did not want to argue relentlessly and said, “The flat in Malibu is quite big! Jenny, you can also move in by then.”

“By no means will I live together with her. Me or her, it is up to you!”

Eric patted on the wheel and said, “Okay, just forget about what I have said.”

“Um……You are such a jerk! You are always showing more affection for her!” Her eyes wide open, the lass stared at Eric. She looked here and there, seeming to give a bite on Eric somewhere.

Eric glanced at the lass and warned her immediately, “Stop messing around, please. I am driving now.”

Suddenly, Eric felt his Motorola phone ringing. Then he instantly pulled over and answered the call. The call was from Drew who was talking excitedly. Eric glanced at the lass by his side and immediately got off. Not until he ran under a street lamp did he begin to speak up.

Aniston sensed Eric’s carefulness, feeling angry but somewhat……“Fine. After all, he cares a lot about my feelings,” the lass thought to herself.

After a moment, Eric got back in the car, closed the door and started the engine.

“What happened?” Aniston still could not help asking after a while.

Eric shook head and replied:“I do not know. The little girl kept on talking and tried to persuade me into coming back. She said that she had good news to tell me. Fine, just forget about it and wait until tomorrow. Let’s go to your place first.”

“Um……” Aniston pinched the skirts and started to speak after a long while, “Well……Maybe you should go back and see what has happened. There might be something important.”