I'm in Hollywood - Chapter 168: Freddie’s little house

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While Chandler and others were chatting, Rose suddenly emerged behind the sofa of the cafe like a ghost, holding an umbrella in his hand, playing with his fingers awkwardly like a child, and greeting weakly, "Hey..."

The cheerful atmosphere dissipated quickly, and Chandler\'s expressions collapsed.

"My God, I have an impulse to commit suicide as soon as he opens his mouth." Chandler, sitting in a chair next to the sofa, had hardly finished these words when "cut" was heard

"No, Ross, you just made a good move, but the emotions contained in the lines are still not expressed in place. You need to be more withered and brew up your sentiment. As I told you before, this scene is crucial to you. I hope the audience will laugh when they hear your first sentence and keep you in mind. Eric patiently spoke to the actor who played Ross in the scene. Even the addressing was directly replaced by the role name. And no one feels anything wrong, quietly watching his speaking. Even Aniston, who was waiting to go on the stage in her wedding dress, looked at the face of her serious boyfriend with admiration. Eric was young, but as a big director who has accumulated more than a billion box office around the world, coming to direct TV drama was enough for everyone on the scene to show their respect.

Because it was the first work day, they did not shoot many scenes, mainly to develop the actors\' tacit understanding, and because it was sitcom, although there was no canned laughter on the scene, the atmosphere on the set was generally very pleasant. At first, because of Eric\'s personally directing, most of the staff on the set appeared to be trembling. But as time went by, with the increase understanding of Eric, they no longer worried and could even make harmless jokes with him.

After a few days of running-in, the shooting of Friends had gradually accelerated. Eric had only prepared a two-week-time slot for the first two episodes directed by himself personally, which was enough. After all, with the shooting while broadcasting, the group basically had to produce two episodes a week.

"Well, everyone get ready, one more take," Eric waved to the crowd and sat back in the director\'s seat.

Because Rose\'s appearance was a very demanding scene, it was shot more than ten times. In the end, the actor who played Ross even revealed nervousness, but the scene finally passed.

"Jenny, that\'s your cue," several shots later, Eric said to Aniston, who had been waiting aside for a long time. The lady quickly lifted her wedding dress and walked outside the door of Central Perk Cafe.

"Eric, shall we go to have dinner tonight?" At the end of the day, Aniston, who had changed her costume, put her arms around Eric and said. Anyway, everyone around them knew their relationship, and there was nothing to hide.

"I\'ve just made an appointment. If you don\'t mind, you can join us." Eric wrote and drew on a document and answered casually.

Aniston frowned slightly, but could not help asking, "Man or woman?"

"Er... Of course it\'s a man."

"I knew it," the little girl still pouted her lips discontentedly. "If it\'s a woman, you would certainly not take me with you.

"It seems that I haven\'t asked any women for dinner except you," Eric put his pen cap in the folder and pinched her face.

Aniston discontentedly opened Eric\'s hand. "I won\'t believe you, who knows what you\'ve done behind my back? What\'s the matter with Nicole Kidman?"

"What matter?" Eric pretended to look baffled.

"You..." Aniston really wanted to ask Eric if he had slept with her, but then she swallowed the words since she could do nothing either way. Even if they didn\'t have an affair now, he might get her into bed someday in the future. If they already had, could she bear to break up with him?

Eric hurriedly scanned another document and signed his name, then gave it to his assistant Ellen. Then he reached an arm around the girl\'s waist and said, "Okay, let\'s go back and get ready first. The appointment is at seven. So we have two hours left. How about hanging out at my place? Drew misses you."

"Hum, I miss her too," she said, grinding her little white teeth immediately after hearing Drew\'s name. Since the last time two girls clashed in front of Eric\'s sickbed, she had never seen her again. Aniston had never been to Eric\'s house in recent months. Usually Eric asked to spend the night at Aniston\'s. That\'s why the Aniston never knew about Nicole\'s business. She did not know there was such a woman Nicole until the newspaper published the news of the heroine of Eric\'s new film.

After saying goodbye to the crew, Eric drove Aniston back to Beverly Hills mansion. Although he said those words, Eric was relieved to see that the little girl was not at home. After having sex with Nicole, the little girl had a cold war with Eric for a whole day. After Nicole left, she ran to Eric\'s bed in the evening and slept beautifully with her big human-shaped pillow in her arms.

Although it was the second visit to Eric\'s mansion, Aniston\'s first experience was a bit of nightmare. She basically had no impression of his house. When she found that Drew was not home, the lady, like the hostess, wandered around the mansion, inside and outside, and ran to bounce on Eric\'s big bed several times.

"Hey, what are you laughing at?" Aniston asked distastefully, holding a pillow and raising her head, happened to see Eric staring at her with a meaningful look.

Eric shook his head. "Nothing. I\'m curious about what are you doing, declaring your sovereignty?"

"Hmm," the little girl seemed to be seen through and turned her back to Eric indifferently.

Eric shrugged and went straight in, opened the wardrobe and picked up the clothes. Aniston was wearing a long skirt today. It looked like a gown. With her natural beauty, there\'s no need to get changed for dinner.

"Well, let\'s go," Eric changed his clothes and talked to the girl who was still in bed.

"Well," Aniston answered, but did not get up immediately. Instead, she picked up a long strand of hair from the sheet and waved at Eric. Her look showed "you should explain it to me".

Eric shrugged. "It must been just dropped from yourself."

"..." The lady choked, threw the hair on Eric, turned the bed upside down and buried her head in the pillow.

Eric went over and slapped on her upturned buttock. "Okay, stop being petty, let\'s go."

"Uh huh..." She shook her body and did not move. Eric gave a cunning smile at the corner of his mouth and suddenly said, "Jenny, there may be Drew\'s saliva on that pillow."

"Woo... Wow, bah, bah, that\'s disgusting." Aniston heard Eric\'s words and jumped up like a spring, the pillow hit Eric and she rushed quickly into the bathroom.

"Well, don\'t be angry," Eric said to the lady holding his arm after getting out of the car after handing the key to the doorman. "I said, that\'s my pillow, even if there is any saliva, it\'s mine."

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"Huh, your saliva is more disgusting," said Aniston, touching her lips and rolling her eyes up.

They went into the dining room together, and under the guidance of the waiter, they came to a table where a middle-aged man was waiting. Seeing Eric, the middle-aged man laughed and stood up, and stepped forward to reach out to Eric.

"Hello, Mr. Shea," Eric shook hands with him and introduced, "This is my girlfriend, Jennifer Aniston."

The lady shook hands with him very gently and sat down quietly beside Eric.

"Eric, just call me Robert," the middle-aged man said as he sat down.

Eric didn\'t see too much information from his expressions and didn\'t care about that. Anyway, things could not be settled over this meal. Eric knew that it was just a probe between the two of them and it was difficult to reach any consensus. After ordering the dishes, Eric and Robert Shea chatted casually.

"A Nightmare on Elm Street is indeed a classic one among horror movies. The setting of dream killing is very novel. As a master of horror movies, Wes Craven also has a unique insight into the creation of horror atmosphere. To tell you the truth, Firefly also has a horror film just finished. When choosing the director, I once considered Mr. Craven. Unfortunately, for various reasons, we couldn\'t cooperate." They naturally talked about the Newline\'s original film series "A Nightmare on Elm Street ". Although Newline has been independently produced films since 1979, it was not until the success of the first film of "A Nightmare on Elm Street" series in 1984 that the strength of it rose to a new level. Therefore, because of the importance of "A Nightmare on Elm Street ", Newline even gained a nickname "Freddie\'s little house". Freddie was the film\'s leading role.

Robert Shea\'s face turned somewhat proud on hearing Eric\'s flattering comments: "Nevertheless, it can\'t be compared with your Home Alone. I heard that the cost of it is only one million, but it has got 500 million dollars at the box office globally, more than 500 times the cost. Such a return on investment may never be reached in the future. There will never be a movie like that again. "

"Certainly there will be some," Eric laughed, recalling the film The Blair Witch Project in his previous life. Although the success of that film was strongly contingent, it couldn\'t be denied what a miracle it had created.