I'm in Hollywood - Chapter 166: Go Hide Yourself in the Wardrobe

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After filling out the check, Eric tore it off and handed over to Nicole. But when she took it, she showed no intention of leaving. Moreover, just as he headed down to write, the girl had already moved to his side without being noticed.

Well, this is...

No words had been uttered yet. The girl had thrown herself into his arms, and her red lips kissed him gently with warm air from the mouth. The softness of the breast rubbed gently against Eric\'s chest through two layers of nightie. Eric even felt the two bits were turning hard to welcome him.

"Eric, don\'t refuse me, will you?" The girl said that dreamily, squinting her eyes, she put her arms around Eric\'s shoulders, licked Eric\'s ears like a cat.

Sniffing the smell of perfume that was not the same as usual in the girl\'s body, Eric somehow felt a little emotional, and could not help circling the girl\'s waist. Suddenly the wardrobe behind Nicole was opened gently, and Drew popped out her head and made a face warningly, then quickly drew back.

Eric could only slightly push away the girl wrapped around him. "Sorry, Nicole, you\'d better go back."

The girl wouldn’t take no for an answer, she came up and quickly grasped Eric\'s crucial point with one hand: "Eric, obviously you want it too."

"It’s one thing I want to, it’s another thing I have to…, it\'s..." Before Eric finished his words, the girl lowered her body. Eric felt his waiting erection was pulled out by a small hand. Then two moist soft lips came up and wrapped it all the way inward, into the abyss.

"Wow..." Eric could not help moaning for the unprecedented comfort. He could not resist it any more. He touched the girl\'s head with his big hand, directing her movements with a little force, in order to make himself more stimulated.

The wardrobe door opposite opened again, and the little girl jumped out barefoot. Eric quickly held on Nicole\'s head with both hands to prevent the busy lady from suddenly looking back.

"Eric, we’ve made an agreement," Drew looked at Nicole kneeling in front of Eric, with a strong displeasure on her face, gesturing silently at Eric with her little hand.

"Be good, go hide yourself in the wardrobe and don’t let anyone see you," Eric said silently

Drew scratched her hair crazily and really wanted to go straight forward to grab Nicole\'s hair and pulled her out of the door. But she knew that if she did this, her dirty linen would be found by Nicole as well. Although she did nothing with Eric, they just cuddled and went to sleep on the same bed, but no one would believe it.

She didn\'t want Nicole, the annoying woman, to get something that might affect Eric\'s reputation, so she only waved her hands reluctantly, pointed to the door and returned to the cabinet.

Eric nodded in silence. After Drew returned to the wardrobe, Eric fixed the lady\'s little head and moved it violently.

"Uh... Cough... "Nicole got so awkward by the sudden aggressive change that she could only look up at Eric and pray for his gentleness, but she didn\'t know that this pleading look could stimulate more brutish nature of a male. As a result, It took seven or eight minutes for Eric to satisfy himself before he took a quick step back and gave the girl an order: "Use your hands!"

She panted, with hair tangled. Her mind was absent completely but she still obediently stretched out the hands and held the thing in front of her. Soon Eric fixed her head again, and she watched in horror as that thing in her hands began to erupt, leaving her face and hair stained with the liquid.

Eric took a deep breath after the release, then he stuffed it into the girl\'s mouth again and cleaned it up before putting on his shorts. After that, he collapsed into the big bed behind him and lied down, while Nicole turned around and rushed to the bathroom without any instructions.

As the door of the bathroom was closed, there came the sound of her retching, Drew finally jumped out of the wardrobe, breathing fast with the face blushed. She popped the head to confirm the bathroom door closed. Grinning, she quickly jumped on the big bed and mounted directly on Eric\'s waist. Scratching at the man\'s chest, she said "You bastard, although I was relieved to see the way you treat her, I feel disgusted to know you\'re so perverted."

"Don\'t make a fuss, go out quickly, it\'s not good to be discovered," Eric whispered, blocking the attack of her two little paws. Obviously he showed no intention of repentance at all. For him, that was the first time he ever did it that way, of course it was really refreshing. Moreover, the person who did it with him was an Oscar movie queen in previous life, the dream woman of millions of people. Thinking of this, Eric\'s desire ignited again.

Drew also knew that she couldn’t be too willful, after venting out her discontent slightly, she jumped out of bed and walked towards the door. Lying in bed, Eric didn\'t notice the girl walking in an odd way. Not to mention to find that pantie under her nightie was wet. Drew was not a well-behaved girl, or the word "behave" had nothing to do with the girl, so she had watched similar scenes in that kind of movies. However in this era, the blurred video images on the screen, in any case, wasn’t as mind-blowing as the live show. Watching this through the chink of the wardrobe, she almost collapsed inside.

The woman stopped retching soon in the bathroom. Then there came the sound of showering. Ten minutes later, the sound stopped. Eric looked up at the door of the bathroom. The girl still did not come out.

Was she likely to do anything stupid?

Stricken with the idea, he got up and went to the bathroom. Although it was impossible as he knew Nicole.

Under the bright light, Eric saw the bathtub full of water, and her thin, naked body immersed in it. Approaching the bathtub and squatting down, he looked into the water. Nicole quickly noticed him. She poked her head out of the bathtub and habitually covered her chest. Then she released discreetly. Smiling reluctantly at Eric, she said, "Eric, can you let me ... have a rest? Later we can...”

"Of course," Eric nodded. "Do you mind if I join you?"

The girl hesitated and shook her head slightly.

Eric took off his shorts and stepped into the bathtub. He took the girl into his arms and stroked Nicole\'s sensitive points. A few moments later, he gently separated the girl\'s long legs, and fiddled them for a few times. After that, he found the right place and stuffed the thing in. The feeling of tightness and being bulged made them gasp at the same time, and for a long time, there was no movement.

"Eric, do you need me to stay here for a few more days?" It was late at night after they enjoyed themselves again, Nick asked, snuggling up to him.

"No," Eric shook his head, the hand touched the smooth back of the girl, slowly slid onto her round buttocks and gently kneaded it. The girl was thin and her breast was not that perky. Only here can give a plump feel.

Nicole rubbed up to make it easier for men to knead with his big hands. She nodded and said, "I will do as you will. If you want me, you can come to me."

Eric didn\'t reply. A moment later, he said, "You don\'t have a car, right? You can pick one up in my garage when you leave tomorrow. It\'s inconvenient not to have a car in Los Angeles. You can return it when you can afford yours."

Because his Lamborghini was discovered by the paparazzi, Eric bought several new cars of different models and put them in the garage, so that he didn\'t have to worry that driving the same car all the time would be easily recognized.

The treatment was really different---The idea popped up into her mind. She could feel that Eric was caring about her, the car was not for a deal or something. However the favorable impression was hard-won, the girl won\'t spend it on such trifles as using his cars: "No, I\'m going to New York to shoot a movie in a month. I\'ll just go out and take a taxi."

"You do what you want, but remember to call me whenever something happens."

"Well," said Nicole, with a triumphant smile on her lips, and then she felt her hip patted, Eric said, "Once more, this time you ride me."

She reached down and touched there, then sat obediently on the man, and her slim waist wobbled quickly.

"Eric, do you want to listen to my moan?" The girl put her hands on Eric\'s chest and asked with seductive eyes. On the two previous times, she had been passive and carefully satisfied the man\'s desire. She didn’t intend to take the initiative at all. After feeling Eric\'s subtle emotional change, the girl became bold and provoking.

Anyway, Drew already knew what they did. So Eric had no worries. He stroked the girl\'s slender waist and said, "Don\'t be too loud. It\'s not good to attract the wild cat nearby."

"Ah... I won’t." The girl answered with a smile, and then began to moan seductively with her cherry lips.

At breakfast, Drew, with dark circles under her eyes, stared at Nicole wickedly, and the bread in her hand was crumbed unconsciously.

Nicole\'s face was glowing from last night. She didn\'t care the girl’s sharp eyesight. She wasn\'t the kind of woman who liked to show off. She considered it was very unwise. So she didn\'t want to flaunt her success in front of the girl even though she had won the game.

Because she was leaving this day, the girl changed to normal clothes again. The snow-white shirt and cream-white casual trousers made her look intelligent. With a pair of glasses, she even could go to the school to be a teacher.

"I\'m full," said the little girl, looking at them flirting with each other from time to time, at least she thought it was flirting, throwing down her spoon, pouring oatmeal into her mouth, wiping the oil from her lips and walking out. Her boots stamped the floor, making a loud noise.