I'm in Hollywood - Chapter 165

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u200bLater at night, in her bedroom on the second floor, as Nicole was looking at her packed suitcase, she suddenly felt that the experience of these past two months were like a dream.

Seven years ago, she first got a chance to play a role in a movie. It was also that experience that made her realize that her life could be more dazzling, and a pretty woman is always ambitious. So she quickly dropped out of her high school, and looked for opportunities while studying at drama school. In a few years, she played a number of supporting roles in many movies and TV series, and also won the award for best actress at the Australian Film Academy. But these were far from satisfying her. Her eyes had never stopped at the small pool that was the Australian entertainment circle. She was looking forward to Hollywood.

At the beginning of the year, she participated in an audition for a Hollywood movie in Australia. She was confident despite not getting the role, and As she she was 22 years old and couldn\'t wait any longer, she packed her bags and came to Los Angeles alone.

She quickly realized the cruelty of reality. Her performance qualifications from Australia and the performance awards she received did not help her career. She was basically a newcomer, with rolls in some unknown movies or small characters from TV series. Then two months ago, her career finally ushered in a big turn. She was fascinated by the young director Eric Williams, who suddenly rose to prominence in Hollywood. He asked her to come work for him for a few months as a maid, and then she would get to be the heroine of his new film.

How could there be such a good thing!

Outside of the office, she always began to think of these words. For the next few days, she had spent her time in a fierce mood. She was very eager to get this opportunity, but she felt that if she agreed, there was definitely a hellish life to greet her. It might have made her life a nightmare. She was not a little girl who knew nothing about the industry. She had heard many examples of women being tricked.

A few days later, she finally did not have the will to resist the temptation and took the initiative to goto his door. But her imaginary horror situation did not appear. She was not stuffed into the basement with ripped clothes, and she was not abused at all. He really only dressed her beautifully, and then she cooked and did the laundry for him every day and make his bed. His life was also healthy, without bad habits, and he didn\'t expose any delusions of fame. He was only 18 years old and he acted calmly like a middle-aged man who had gone through the world.

Young and talented, charming and handsome, most of the women who laid eyes on him were caught in his net. Even if she was sensible and knew that it was unlikely, she still wasn\'t safe, and she couldn\'t help herself. For this man who is smaller than herself, she had a faint affection. At the beginning, she has tried to seduce him, but unfortunately she had not succeeded, but she had made some jokes. He even regarded her little tricks as a kind of performance and looked on with gusto. If you didn\'t know that he had a girlfriend and a lover, or he kept a little goblin in his family, and occasionally spent the night outside, then you would definitely think that he was a homosexual, as the proportion of homosexuality in Hollywood is too high.

Without thinking about it, Nicole put on her pajamas, put the sexy maid uniforms in the closet, closed the closet, turned and climbed onto the bed, turned off the lamp, and her slender figure kept rolling in the dark for a while.

Maybe I\'ll try again.

She remembered a few conversations between Eric and Drew after dinner. She couldn’t help but think of this idea. Although she couldn’t be the man’s girlfriend or wife, as she would have to fight for ten years, at least she could leave a deep impression on him. From her analysis of the conversations she heard between the two people, this would definitely help her career.

After a while, she finally thought of a good excuse. It was not an excuse. She originally intended to tell him at night, but Drew that little goblin was always there. She didn’t want to be laughed at by the wicked little Nazi*. As such she planned to say it before tomorrow.

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After turning on the bedside lamp, she sat up and thought about opening her packed suitcase and finding a bottle of perfume to spray on her body. She used this perfume very little during this time because after one time, he had said that the smell was too strong and he disliked it. In order to please him, she never used it again.

But this time it may be useful. The perfume was a musky rose. It is said that the musk had a sensational effect. After looking at her watch, she sat on the bed and waited for a while. When the watch pointer pointed at twelve, she gently pushed the door open and carefully walked through the hallway towards Eric\'s door.

After gently knocking a few times, she took a deep breath and waited patiently. She knew that he could hear it. He usually was in the study room until around eleven o\'clock. At this point he must not have fallen asleep yet.

After a while, the door opened, and Eric, wearing pajamas, looked at Nicole in confusion, his eyes flashed a few times: "Nicole, it’s so late, is something the matter?"

"Eric, this matter is one that is very difficult to talk about, but I don’t know many people in Los Angeles, so I can’t help myself.” Nicole’s calm look had become awkward.

"Well?" Eric still had no plans to let her come in.

"I mean... can you lend me some money? You are saying that the apartment rent is going to be... It costs 4,000 dollars a month, but I don\'t have much money now." Nicole\'s voice started to stammer a little. This is not acting. She did have stuttering problems when she was a child. Although it was already good once she had grown up, she would still speak awkwardly when she was nervous.

Eric nodded in the door frame: "I can, wait a moment, I will get the checkbook." Eric said, and before he could add more, she had already followed him into the bedroom. Eric could only go with the flow, but fortunately Drew was forcibly stuffed into the closet, or otherwise there was bound to be trouble.

"Is 100,000 enough?" Eric found the checkbook and looked up at the girl.

Nicole nodded quickly: "Enough, I... I will get it back to you immediately."

"Don\'t worry, when you have money, you can return it to me. Oh, I believe that you will have the money after the first movie is released. At the beginning of the year Julia lived in a rented house. Now she has not only bought a Beverly Hills mansion, but also hired several assistants, bodyguards, and the like, which are more than mine. Eric casually said Julia\'s interesting things, as he lowered his head and filled in the checkbook.