I'm in Hollywood - Chapter 164

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u200b"I have an apartment that I found in Beverly Hills, with a monthly rent of $4,000. You can call this phone number tomorrow, mention the name of Alan Fisman, and the real estate agent will sign a contract with you. "Eric returned home in the evening. After dinner, he took out a business card and handed it to Nicole. When she hadn\'t even had time to react, a small hand quickly robbed the business card.

"Wow, wow," Drew waved the business card and glanced at Nicole revealing a triumphant smile: "So, you finally have to move?"

Nicole shrugged helplessly, and sat very elegantly back on the sofa, there was no meaning in fighting, so she did not answer Drew’s question.

During this time, she had also surmised the way to deal with Drew, when facing her many provocations. Although deep inside, she couldn\'t wait to rush into the kitchen and find a sharp knife to shave the unsightly baby face. It took her a much effort, but Nicole managed to stay magnanimous, and not lower herself to Drew\'s level from the beginning to the end.

She even guessed the reason why Drew was looking for trouble. This seemingly careless girl was only fourteen years old, but she was as smart as a goblin. Nicole thought that she wasn\'t full of childish things. She does not really get a sense of happiness from bulling ordinary children. She just wants to make her mad, even wants to endure conflicts with her, even being bullied. She wants her to make some counterattacks. The two of them definitely went together like fire and water, one of them definitely had to leave the mansion, and Nicole also knew that even if she was on good terms with Drew, she would still have to leave the villa. Nicole didn\'t mind falling out with Drew, but she was afraid of losing her chance to play the heroine in «Sleepless in Seattle».

After this period of contact and understanding, she is more and more deeply aware of the value of being Eric\'s movie heroine, so she is more and more respectful of Eric. Compared to this opportunity, being a maid for a month or two in this villa is nothing at all. If she could ensure the result, she would not even mind if she had to wear a sexy little uniform and be a maid for a year. Many women in Hollywood have not encountered such a good opportunity even in eight or ten years. Compare to that, one or two months, or even one year, is nothing.

In the various media reports, not to mention the gorgeous Julia Roberts, even the only one who acted in《Running Out of Time》for a few minutes, Brooke Shields, recently received a big role in Warner\'s new production as the film\'s heroine\'s film, the newspaper guessed that the pay was nearly three million dollars, which is almost a top-tier actress rate. Before the《Running Out of Time》, although Brooke Shields was beautiful and glamorous, she could only be regarded as a third-tier star, and her acting had been criticized by the media. Her box office appeal was even more difficult to talk about.

Although Eric had made a series of promises before, and although there were contracts, she had always been cautious.

"Drew, you better return the business card to Nicole. If you don\'t want her to leave, I don\'t mind letting her stay for a while longer." Eric glanced at Drew, who was waving his business card.

She knew that Eric was joking, and so she stuck out her tongue, smirked and rolled her eyes and twiddled the business card in her hand, and placed it on the girl in front of, directly under the seam of Nicole’s maid skirt. After the end of her gloating she added: "It would be really pitiful, if as your clothes have no clips, they fell off."

Nicole glanced at Eric, and although he did not respond, he still showed some guilt. Usually in order to have the dancers undress, the guests of a strip club would have to place money in the chest or the underwear. If they do this to ordinary women, they will provoke a fierce temper and a slap.

Seeing that Eric was still watching Drew\'s playful expression, Nicole could only reach out to the business card on her abdomen as she got up and walked to the bathroom, preparing to take it out.

When Nicole got into the bathroom, Drew directly rushed into Eric\'s arms: "What\'s the matter, my dear beloved?"

"Nicole hasn\'t had it easy, she has been bullied by you for more than a month without saying anything, if it were me I couldn’t help but pour sulfuric acid on your face.” Eric smiled as he gently twisted her sweet and tender cheek, saying so.

"She won\'t," Drew snorted, moving like a snake with a delicate body, finding a comfortable posture on Eric\'s thigh, before reaching out and touching the stubble on Eric\'s chin: "Only Aniston that brainless little girl can do that, and this woman, if it makes no advantage for her, will never do anything."

"Oh, next time we see Jenny I will definitely tell her your evaluation."

Drew smiled and waved her hand, and it didn\'t matter: "Let\'s just let little her face reality as soon as possible. The earth is so dangerous. It’s just right to bury her.”

Eric couldn’t help but smile. Perhaps because of a classic movie that he saw in the past, when Eric spoke occasionally he would use words like \'Earth\' and \'Mars\'. This vocabulary, unwittingly, was learned by the little girl in her arms: "I think if Jenny gets buried, she will have buried you first."

"Oh, she didn\'t have the ability," Drew laughed. Then her face became serious, and in a slightly lowered voice: "Eric , how you play with stupid women in the bedroom isn\'t for me to manage, but that woman should never be provoked. Oh, entangling with her may be troublesome."

"Yes ah yes ah, since I have been wrapped up by a goblin, I will no longer I dare provoke woman of the same type."

"I mean this for real," Drew grabbed Eric\'s chin with dissatisfaction: "In fact, I blame you, who plays with women. You may have fun, but you can\'t help but entangle with each other emotionally after playing."

Eric knew that Drew was referring to Virginia, and he had no choice but to avoid the harassment of her small claws: "Okay, I know. "

The sound of shoes came, and the two stopped the topic at the same time. The girl returned to the sofa and sat down without any strange expressions. She looked at Eric with a usual look, but she thought about things. From the words of Drew that she just heard inadvertently, she recalled that the little girl had been strictly guarding against her during this time, and suddenly realized that she seemed to have missed a good chance.

Originally when Nicole got this role for herself, she didn\'t have to pay the price of her body, so she was quite pleased with herself. Now she found out that because she didn’t pay for it, she had suffered a real loss.