I'm in Hollywood - Chapter 161

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u200b"Eric, what do you want to say to me?" Nicole washed the tableware back to the living room and found that Eric did not go to the company as usual, but still sat in the living room reading the newspaper, the girl was cleverly aware that he was waiting for herself.

Eric hinted that she should sit down opposite, and said: "«Sleepless in Seattle» is expected to begin filming in early September, and I recently began to have a little spare time, so I think we should talk about things in the movie."

She just nodded and looked at Eric waiting for him to continue.

"It has been two months, so I think you should have already committed the script of «Sleepless in Seattle» to memory. Let\'s talk about your understanding of the heroine." Eric put the newspaper back on the coffee table and relaxed. He looked up at Nicole, and asked a question that would normally be asked during an audition.

During that two months, Nicole had indeed remembered her lines from «Sleepless in Seattle» and hearing Eric\'s problems, she just thought a little and answered: "I think, Annie\'s most prominent trait is that she is a very emotional woman. This is also the most important factor in this story. Just after she hears the protagonist\'s story on the radio broadcast she flies from Seattle alone, just to see Sam. Such that it can be a good fantasy movie, she resolutely breaks up with her already engaged boyfriend and runs to the top floor of the Empire State Building."

"It Sounds, you don\'t like this heroine?" Eric smiled asked.

Nicole licked her thin lips. As a very savvy woman, Nicole would only sneer if she actually met a woman like Annie Reid, but she was smart enough not to answer Eric\'s question directly, but rather euphemistically she said: "That doesn\'t prevent me from playing the role."

Eric shrugged and pushed the newspaper he read about 《When Harry Met Sally》: "Look at this, I see a female star who is more suitable for the heroine role than you," the《When Harry Met Sally》actress, named Meg Ryan."

Nicole\'s hand, which was originally placed on the maid\'s little apron, shook a little, and she looked up to examine Eric\'s expression carefully. No useful information was exposed. She could only take the newspaper and quickly read the soft advertisements for《When Harry Met Sally》.

Eric then explained: "The film\'s results were good, as such the originally not-so-famous Meg Ryan\'s box office appeal is definitely increasing. If I can invite her to participate as the heroine in, «Sleepless in Seattle». "It will just happen to cross over with《When Harry Met Sally》in the New Year, and it will be very good for the box office."


"I... I have signed a contract." Nicole held firm and defended but her confidence weakened.

"Of course, I didn\'t say that I want to change you. I just told you a possibility." Eric said: "If your performance can\'t satisfy me, it is also clearly stated on the contract that I have the power replace the heroine midway, but I believe that you have the potential, so I will give you a chance."

In his memory Nicole played a stupid blonde sweetheart character in 2005\'s «Bewitched». The sweetheart witch Isabel, who was played by Nicole in the movie, was very successful and this completely subverted her image as a sexy and glamorous woman on screen. However, the film\'s plot was too thick and there were few good moments, which eventually led to the film\'s failure. Moreover, the main actor Will Farrell was very suppressed by Nicole in acting. It was guessed that he was not planning to take that role from the outset, but that his agent stole the role from Tom Cruise. Though many people think that the controversy was made up by a producer who deliberately sought to provoke such a topic, because Tom Cruise also played a manager role in «Sweetheart Mister», although it was as a sports manager.

"...thank you," as she heard Eric\'s last words, she breathed a sigh of relief.

"Well, let\'s talk about another thing. You have been in my house for more than two months. It\'s about time to leave."

"Ah, that... shouldn\'t it be another month before you boot me out?" She looked up, and although she didn\'t it give away in her expression, she was a little uneasy because she knew that whilst she was able to get this role, and she was paid a little to work as a little maid for Eric for a while, there is still more than a month left, so if other party let her leave, she couldn\'t help but think of buying something in a convenience store, but not having enough money to pay the boss and having to return the goods.

Eric did not quite understand why she felt uneasy, but he patiently explained: "Beginning next month, «Sleepless in Seattle» will begin formal preparations, and some information will slowly be disclosed to the public, such as the starring men and women. When the time comes, the media will be very curious about who you are. In order stoke the heat of the hype, you must definitely show up from time to time. It would definitely not be appropriate to live with me."

Se nodded. "I understand, then I ... move out today?"

"Don\'t worry too much, I will let people find a house for you first. There is one more important thing. After you move out, take the time to read《When Harry Met Sally》a few times. I hope that you can try to figure out the performance style of Meg Ryan. My ideal Annie has an image similar to her in this movie.”

“You want me to imitate it?” Her body slightly leaned forward, as she asked a question carefully.

Eric reached out and said, "No, it\'s not for you to imitate, and you can\'t imitate it. Your temperaments are too different. Meg Ryan is a standard sweetheart, and her acting choices will as such be restricted for a long time. If you imitate it too much, you will definitely be labeled as a sweetheart in the future, which will be detrimental to your development. I want you to try to figure out Meg Ryan slight gracefulness to see that type, that type of... good, spoken lines with petty little detailed actions."

If she can successfully enter Hollywood, Nicole doesn\'t mind being tagged. In Hollywood, being a sweetheart is always better than a vase. It\'s still much stronger. However, she also understood that Eric was thinking about her future, so she nodded obediently.

After a little more conversation, Eric stood up and picked up his coat and put it on: "So, take some time to pack your luggage. When you find a good house, you can move out immediately. I\'m going to the company."

Nicole quickly stood up and smiled at Eric, wanting to take him to the door.

Eric saw her little smile and couldn\'t help but stop: "Nicole, show me that smile again."

She was somewhat confused, but obediently revealed a smile, just it was shallower this time and the smile was exaggerated, revealing two small buck teeth.

Eric shook his head in disappointment: "Forget it, you still can\'t smile like that. It felt like you were planning to do something bad. A smile like that, would be good, so practice more."

"I will" She sent Eric out of the door before returning to the villa and habitually doing a routine cleaning. Two hours later, she who had finished everything sat on the sofa in the living room, staring blankly at everything around her.

"Eric, this is the information you requested for the film studios New Line Cinema and Miramax." In Firefly\'s office, Eric\'s assistant, Allen, placed two dispatch bags in front of Eric.

"First is this: Contact Robert Shaye of New Line Cinema and the Weinstein brothers of Miramax. Ask them when they are free and say I want to have a meal with them. I don’t need to hide my purpose, so you give it away a little." Eric dictated whilst he was writing something down.

Allen wrote Eric’s words in a memo before he looked up: “Eric, is there anything else?”

“Well, wait a minute,” Eric continued to write down, and after a while he signed the paper. Handed to Allen: "There are two more things. The first one is to rent an apartment in Beverly Hills. It can\'t be too expensive. The monthly rent should be no more than $5,000. The second is based on the name on the sticky note. It\'ll be useful to register a shell movie studio in my name.”

Allen looked at the sticky note and read it twice: “Flower Films?”

“Uhuh,” Eric nodded and explained nothing: “ Go and do it, the apartment should be first, and it would be best to rent it within two days."

"I will pay attention, but should I charge the apartment rent to a company account?"

"No, I will pay personally, you can just find a good house and let the real estate agent prepare a contract."

Allen attached the note on to the back of his memo, and confirmed a few things with Eric before leaving Eric\'s office.

When the office door was closed, Eric opened the information dispatches from the two companies. Although Firefly\'s distribution channels will be created in the near future, Eric did not have the idea of u200bu200bstarting from scratch. The most important thing is that his time is very tight, so the acquisition of a film studio with existing distribution channels is the more convenient and fast.

From memory, two of the most promising film companies that Eric can think of are New Line Cinema and Miramax. As for the next century, Lionsgate, which almost becomes synonymous with movie giant, has not yet appeared. Film companies such as Orion, Lianmei, and Samsung have already been in close contact with the six major companies. There is no possibility of them being acquired by him. Even if he wanted to buy them with a high price, once they realize that he wants to go it alone, the six big players will not let him go. Although there are many second- and third-tier movie studios that are in the same range as New Line Cinema and Miramax, Eric has never heard of them before. It could be guessed that these companies will completely lose their independence when they merge. Even their brand has not survived, be it because of poor management or investment failure.