I'm in Hollywood - Chapter 159

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u200b"Eric, you see, I can guess to, right?" In the study, Drew, who was writing and drawing on a large executive chair, took a notebook full of advertiser\'s names and ran to Eric.

Eric looked away from the monitor, turned his head and looked at her. He shook his head directly: "Why are you asking this? Do you want to participate in the lucky draw?"

"Can\'t I? That\'s $10,000," Drew took back her notebook. Her pen bounced off her chin for a while, then lowered she lowered her head and stopped: "What\'s wrong this time?"

"Oh, that\'s not it," Eric looked again at the helplessly growing pile of documents in front of him on the desk. He gave a few sheets of paper to the girl: "Take these, don\'t bother me any more."

"I don\'t want them, I have to guess them all by my own strength," Drew glanced at them, immediately refused, and her two legs dug into the floor, pushing the swivel chair to move a little further, as if the papers that were close to her would tarnish her character.

Eric shrugged and turned his eyes to the text on the display again. He tapped the keyboard and said: "Then you can\'t ask this knowledgeable person, that wouldn\'t be your own strength."

"Of course, you are also a kind of my personal strength." Drew said this, and changed her guesses a few times, Eric couldn\'t help but directly pointed out her biggest mistake: "Hey, the TV series implant is not counted as an advertisement, change it to Canon camera on this line."

"Wow, how can you do this, I wanted to guess a few more times!" Drew opened her mouth and bit Eric, but she would not have found this otherwise. The mistake was changed. She always thought that the scenes of《Friends》should also be regarded as an implant advertisement. In fact, many people had the same idea.

Because《Friends》was also part of the hype, so like many fans, Drew naturally placed the《Friends》scene as an implanted advertisement, and Colombia did not explicitly make a statement, letting the public speculate.

After a while, a soft little body fell onto Eric, the two soft masses on his back and the faint smell of the girl made Eric feel a little worried.

"Drew, don\'t make trouble, let me leave and sit on the office chair. It\'s quite uncomfortable sitting on this stool." Eric shook his shoulder and wanted to get rid of the girl.

Drew was holding the Eric\'s neck like a precious candy: "Eric, I thought of a good idea to make money."

"How come you suddenly became interested in making money?" Eric threw off Drew\'s arms to remove her.

"I am envious," Drew followed Eric\'s big hands and moved off Eric\'s back, but she turned to Eric\'s thigh and sat down without saying anything.

What can there be for you to envy?," Eric gently hugged the girl\'s waist and comforted her. He understood that Drew was stimulated by his split of the two films, «Home Alone» and《Pretty Woman》.

But in fact Eric did not have the 200 million USD cash like the media boasted, although his share of «Home Alone» had already entered Eric’s account in early July, he had to repay two bank loans of $50 million so Eric has only 20 million US dollars left. This money must then be divided between the actors of «Home Alone». According to the contract signed at the beginning, only Stewart Runkle got as much as $3 million. But for other actors he could not be too harsh, so final estimates show that Eric had not much left.

And because of 《Pretty Woman》\'s proportion of 35% in North America and 10% in overseas, Eric will also get a share of up to 105 million from this. However, Colombia had settled his share for «Home Alone» about a month early, in order to obtain a promise for the《Running Out of Time》movie project from Eric. But Eric and Fox don\'t have this kind of agreement, so everything has to be in accordance with the rules. With Eric\'s current strengths, Fox has a good relationship with Eric, so although they will not act maliciously, it could be considered good if he saw the money in three months. Although《Pretty Woman》had been out of cinemas for a month now, Eric had not yet even got a cent.

Right now, looking at the girl who seemed to be a little depressed in his arms, Eric didn\'t expect that the little girl who had always been mindless would also have this kind of little emotion, and it felt ... very fresh.

Drew fiddled with the pen in her hand and murmured: "That is more than 200 million. I don\'t know if I can earn 200 million in my life."

"Forget that, don\'t say that, did you not just say you had a great idea for making money, let me help you with your staff."

Drew immediately felt a little spirit, and said whilst gesturing with a finger, "This is the case, Eric, after the "Sophia talk show", many viewers called with hope that those video tapes will be available for sale. I think this is a good opportunity. I heard that many video tapes can sell tens of millions of boxes now. We can sell one million boxes at a price of 30 dollars. That is 30 million. Even after the costs, you can make a lot of money."

Eric didn\'t rush to break the little girl\'s dream of making a fortune, but asked: "Okay, then, I want to ask you, who earns the money?"

"Of course it is mine, the video was taken with my hard efforts," said Drew of herself, with a little embarrassment. She spit out her tongue: "At worst I have to give Colombia some and that\'s the end, you will certainly not want some too right?"

"It\'s not going to work," Eric said, he felt a bit uncomfortable, so he let go of the girl, kicked the stool aside, pulled the comfortable leather swivel chair over and sit down, he then readily embrace the girl again and explain: "You have forgotten the most important point, the content of the videotape."

"Hmm?" The girl blinked in confusion.

Eric carefully explained: "I want to talk about the contents of the videotape. You also shot the big stars like Cruise and Hanks. There are also a lot of extras or crew members. The people in it aren\'t given a penny to appear. If you just record it, or play it for publicity like a talk show, then that\'s ok. However if you want to make a profit, you have to get everyone in the video to agree, otherwise, you will be waiting for prosecution in the future, even if you can earn 100 million, it is not enough. If you wanted to get the authorization of so many people, it is more complicated than shooting a big movie."

"Wow, So complicated, then forget it," Drew lost her spirit and put her head on Eric\'s chest.

Eric patted the girl on the back: "It\'s okay, don\'t be depressed. It\'s mainly a matter for us men to make money. You just have to dress up yourself beautifully. It\'s not too early, either. Go back to sleep, let me quietly write a script for a while." TN: Author not me okay...

"But I want to make money, summer vacation is still so long, and very boring, Eric, how about you let me make a movie? It can be anything so long at it\'s not stupid." Drew was getting tired whilst on Eric, and her little claws scratched Eric\'s chest.

"Okay, let me think hard about this for a bit..." Eric rubbed his temples and seeing the script of «Sleepless in Seattle», on the table, suddenly remembered something.