I'm in Hollywood - Chapter 153

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The last line of subtitles rose and the lights in the auditorium light up.

Appeasing the apprehension of the crew, a warm applause rang out, until, with Eric leading, Cruise, Hanks and so on, smiled and waved to the fans. Then the applause slowly stopped.

Eric expressed his gratitude to the fans and made a few short interactions. The emotions of the fans in the auditorium continued towards excitement, but Eric and others still walked backstage at an opportune time. Although the fans were unwilling, they still left the auditorium in a very orderly manner.

"The repetitive use of various techniques was really wonderful. You know, Nicole, many directors have their own unique styles, not to mention the intensely artistic directors, even those who focus on the box office have them. By studying their films, they can find that they use the same methods in many movies, but this feature surprisingly not present with Eric Williams. His films are completely different in style. This can only be described as weird, because a person\'s natural instincts are very potent, and many habits will develop unconsciously."

Walking out of the theatre side by side with Nicole was《Premiere》magazine\'s film critic George Northern who was explaining to the girl in a dance. He found that when she heard about Eric, she always showed some interest, not the disinterest she showed other topics, so he decisively no longer commented about Cruise and Hanks, or the performances of Brooke Shields and others but rather found she was always very pleased to have the topic led towards Eric.

When they arrived at the parking lot, George Northern probed as she spoke: "Nicole, there is a nice coffee shop not far away. Maybe we can go sit for a while, now it is still very early, there is nothing much else to do, right?”

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She refused coldly: “Sorry, Mr. Northern, I am going back soon.”

Nicole said this, but she stopped at her car and turned to look at the theatre behind her.

Although George Northern found himself rejected, seeing that the girl did not immediately get into the car to leave, it started him thinking, a glamorous beauty of Nicole\'s level, he had not partaken in before, so he was unwilling to give up easily, this coupled with her attitude of being neither cold nor hot, had aroused George\'s desire to conquer.

"Nicole, do you like Eric Williams?" George quickly thought of another topic.

The girl glanced at him and told the truth: "I don\'t like him very much."

George Northern showed a clear expression: "Oh, don\'t deny it, I\'ve found that you always like to hear about Eric. Nicole, do you not want to see him in person?”

Nicole raised an eyebrow and faced with the man’s stalker-ish attitude, her expression became more and more rotten, but due to the dim light in the parking lot, George Northern did not find a slight change in the expression of the girl, and continued self-righteously: "You know, I am a film critic of《Premiere》, and in order to promote 《Running Out of Time》, Eric Williams will have to accept a lot of interviews. With the current influence of《Premiere》, if we send him an invitation, he will definitely not refuse it."

"What does this have to do with me?" She replied coldly.

"My relationship with the editor is good. If the other party agrees, I can cover this task, and then..." Northern’s expression was somewhat proud as he show off: "If you want, you can pretend to be my assistant so you\'ll have a chance to meet Eric Williams face to face, maybe we\'ll have a chance to have a meal together after."

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"Oh," she spat out a meaningless syllable, and her mouth moved to sneer, but just want to explicitly reject this self-righteous guy, a young man in a neat suit came to the parking lot and ran straight to the slim Nicole.

George Northern saw the young man who came over and showed a look of alert. Nicole saw this and so was also alert herself. She also didn’t know the new party. She didn\'t want to find out that she had another stalker.

"Excuse me, are you Miss Nicole Kidman?" The young man came up to her and looked at Nicole\'s dress again before asking.

Nicole nodded, and when George found that the two did not know each other, he breathed a sigh of relief.

The young man identified himself with enthusiasm: "Hello, Miss Kidman, I am Alan, Alan Fishman." Seeing the girl\'s confused expression, Alan quickly explained: "I am Mr. Williams’ assistant.”

“Oh, hello, Alan, call me Nicole,” she smiled and reached out, shook hands with the young man, and then glanced at George Northern, to see if he had realized anything before she introduced: "This is a film critic of 《Premiere》 magazine, Mr. George Northern."

"Hello, Mr. Northern," Alan said hello to George. Filmmakers usually don\'t like film critics very much. This period\'s film critics holds sway over the reputation of most movies, but there are very few film critics who can maintain a fair attitude. The film companies have to spend every time before a movie is released. A lot of public relations fees are spent on this group of people, otherwise it would be difficult to get a fair evaluation from the other side.

He greeted George, and waited for the other party to respond. Alan turned to Nicole again: "This is the case, Nicole, Miss Barrymore wants me to tell you, she wants to join Mr. Williams in the after party, and you don\'t have to wait for her."

"Thank you, Alan, I know," she nodded and understood.

Alan did not say anything more. He nodded to the two and turned to walk inside the theatre again.

"Sorry, Mr. Northern, pardon me?" After Alan left, Nicole was ready to open her car door and go home first, only to find that George Northern was in front of her car.

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"Oh, sorry," George moved his body in a panic, and watching the girl open the door, his mouth twitched, and he wanted to laugh freely, but the muscles of his face seemed to be stiff and refused to cooperate.

If Alan just mentioned \'Mr. Williams\', George could have still deceive himself, and pretend not to understand, after all, the number of people named Williams is too much, but then the next sentence with \'Miss Barrymore\' completely gave George no room for stupidity.

Some strange relationship between Eric and Drew has always been a topic that everyone in the circle had talked about. It was certainly impossible for George Northern to not know. Therefore, Nicole’s identity was not difficult to guess. Waiting for Drew, George though she definitely had very close relationship with Eric and Drew.

Thinking of the words he had previously said, George Northern felt a strong embarrassment in his heart. Nicole and Eric knew each other clearly. He had also used the topic of an interview to seduce her. He estimated that in her heart she had already laughed a hundred times.

Looking at Nicole’s calmly drive, George, who was too frustrated to go to his car, felt more and more like a clown who was jumping up and down. When a person encounters such a situation and refused to admit their own faults, the usual response is to become angry.

Therefore, George directly ignored the rudeness of his own impoliteness, but felt that he was played by Nicole.

Having found an excuses for his feelings, George slammed his foot into his car tires and screamed: "Bitch, let\'s wait and see!"