I'm in Hollywood - Chapter 150 part2

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Inside the blockade, Shane got out of the car and hurried to a police car, in this version Shane was a inspector-uniform wearing Joe Pesci, and he asked Ian the police chief with a bulletproof vest who was outside: "Has the robber contacted you?”

Ian blinked. “We last spoke 20 minutes ago.”

Shane immediately raised his eyebrows and turned his head in surprise and looked at Ian: “You talked? You mustn\'t have said that you are the head of Los Angeles\' Central District Police Department Ian Spey, and that he should surrender and lay down arms within three minutes?”

Ian shook his head and realized that Sean is now his own subordinate, and is no longer the famous police elite he was, {{{{{{{{so I stalked my neck and turned my eyes to the side, a look you can take me.

This performance of Joe Pesci was very expressive both in language and in action, and the audience has begun to smile.

Although Shane had some helplessness, he still played the negotiation recording.

When his hand pressed the play button, the special voice of Joe Pesci was suddenly heard.

"Hey, I am Ian Spey, the head of the Los Angeles\' Central District Police Department. You have been surrounded by me and have to surrender within three minutes."

Shane shook his head and revealed a look of irritation. Ian was once again guilty. He turned his eyes to the window.

During the recording, the robbers proposed a series of conditions. Ian had heard the other side wanting a bulletproof car and couldn’t help but retort: "Why don’t you want a helicopter?"

Shane shook his head when he heard this and stamped his feet. With an expression of helplessness that comes from expecting too much he replied: "Hey, don\'t you talk nonsense!"

The atmosphere that Hanks and Joe Pesci had created for the audience also broke at this moment. With Shane\'s madness, after hearing this line, the first of the laughter from the audience was heard in the theatre.

Sure enough, the robbers changed their conditions from the bulletproof car to a helicopter. Shane could only sigh again and again, and asked for a walkie-talkie before entering the bank alone. After a series of verbal and psychological confrontations, Shane went and smoothly solved the hostage crisis and forced the robber to commit suicide. Although in this section of Eric did not make any changes to the plot, he consulted with real negotiating experts when writing the lines, so it seems more reasonable and sharp, even if it were a professional, he could not freestyle such a good paragraph of speech during a confrontation. Of course, the plot time has been dragged down for a few minutes, but this is not a problem, the original movie was only 90 minutes, and in Hollywood, most of this big production are about two hours, plus the lines are very cleverly designed, and the audience will not feel the drag of the plot, but will be able to interpret the excellence of Shane\'s actor more carefully.

Leaving the bank, Shane walked to a snack bar, bought a coke and a hamburger to eat. In the crowd, a thin-haired old man with a strange smile was holding the camera towards Shawn during this series of actions and captured it.

The old man\'s expression was a bit stiff, but with the iconic mysterious musical scores that appeared almost simultaneously, although most fans may still have some doubts, the professional film critics present will have guessed that the old man is likely to be Andy in disguise.

Sure enough, the picture cut to a room filled with high-tech crime props such as computers, camouflage equipment, etc. Andy spread out the photos of Sean’s bank robbery scene onto the wall. At the same time, there were other old photos on the wall, such as Sean\'s SWAT (Special Weapons and Tactics) team, which was swept through by a camera facing the wall covered with photos and newspaper clippings. The audience finally understood Shane\'s identity.