I'm in Hollywood - Chapter 150 part1

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Chapter 150 - The Beginning - Part 1

As the two entered the theatre, and Drew immediately abandoned Nicole, running where her former crew members were. Nicole only saw Drew whispering to Tom Hanks from the side, who was sitting next to Eric. Hanks then smiled and got up and gave her his position.

Although very envious, Nicole knows that she is not even qualified to sit in the front row, let alone have anyone in the front row give her a position, although she was not willing, she still scouted out a seat in the middle of the theatre. Then she sat down.

There were more and more people in the theatre, and by coincidence, a 30-year-old man with glasses and gentle personality sat down beside Nicole. The man seemed to coincidentally meet Nicole’s gaze, revealing an astonished look. As if he just found the most glamorous girl around him, he took the initiative to greet: "Hey, hello."

Although the man\'s tone was very casual, Nicole, who often encountered similar situations, realized that this was other person\'s intention from when he sat next to her. Although there was some resentment in her heart, the other party talked politely, so Nicole couldn\'t ignore it. Her tone was plain and flat: "Hello."

The man did not care about Nicole\'s indifference, as he was a veteran flower hunter, and if one retreated because a girl was cold at the beginning, then they should never think about picking up women: "Forgive my abruptness, miss, but you are so beautiful, especially your hair style, with your facial contours, they let your whole person look like a kind of cool and classical beauty. You know, many girls are used to ironing their hair into fluffy little wavy hair, but I see that kind of hair like a nest, like, it\'s really bad to the extreme, and there are few girl with good taste like you." TN: Nicole\'s hair was like that before Eric changed it for her. i.e. this -> this

Nicole heard the man\'s complimentary words, but did not look pleased to be praised, and she flashed a look of embarrassment as she replied somewhat helplessly: "Thank you for your appreciation, sir."

"You\'re welcome," the man said with a smile: "My name is George Northern, a film critic of the《Premiere》magazine."

"You can call me Nicole."

"N-I-C-O-L-E? Isn\'t that like Nike. Wow, I suddenly thought this name is appropriate for you. In Greek, \'Nike\' is used to describe a beautiful and delicate appearance, of a strong and independent young woman.”

George Northern was about to say something more, but the lights in the auditorium went dark, she don’t know why, but she recalled Eric’s coldness to her at this time, and as such, she was somewhat disgusted by the diligent attacker and whispered: "The film is beginning, Mr. Northern."

"Of course, I understand." George realized that he was being too eager, and quickly sat down and looked at his body, then he transferred his gaze to the screen.

After the picture of the Statue of Liberty from Colombia, a little girl in the red hoodie flown by fireflies, and a string of beautifully drawn characters that rushed to the sky, turning into the brightest of the stars, the picture was short-lived. In the darkness, screaming and footsteps rang, as if they were happening in the audience\'s mind, but the film still did not appear immediately, and the list of the crew began to appear on the screen.

Fulfilling the curious expectations of everyone, the picture finally lit up. In a dimly lit corridor, Tom Cruise with sunglasses climbed some stairs layer by layer, while singing with mysterious and sad but male voice.

Nicole was staring at the screen, but behind her two girls whispered, they should be fans of Cruise.

"Oh, God, I suddenly found out that my little Tommy is so handsome when he walks. Mickey, I can\'t stand it anymore."

"Me too, me too, Erica, wait, we must go up again." I want Tommy to sign a few signatures for us.

In fact, Nicole also has the same feeling in her heart, although she does not know why.

Fortunately, the professional film critic next to her, George Northern also heard the emotions of two female fans and approached them and whispered to explain: "This is the result of the atmosphere rendering, the echo of the footsteps, the mysterious singing, the cool lens, and the silent protagonist, constitutes a very imposing picture, so it is not surprising that they produce that feeling. Erik Williams is worthy to be called a genius, just for a few simple shots, the highlights in his first two films have completely different styles. If you adjust the picture to normal, or remove the soundtrack and echo, even if you switch to other soundtracks, then these shots will not achieve the same effect, this kind of thing seems simple, but the ability to combine several elements together to form an irresistible appeal requires a high artistic attainment."

It is obviously not a wise act to talk about other men in front of women when picking up girls. But George Northern had regarded Nicole as an ordinary movie fan. He doesn\'t think that the girl sitting here would be in contact with Eric, not to mention being able to meet with Eric, so he is generous with his praise for Eric, but he simultaneously he is showing off his ability to appreciate movies professionally.

After coming to the rooftop, with the flaring of the lens, the soundtrack style gradually became heavy. After the male protagonist crossed to the edge of the roof, the picture began to switch between his memories and reality, and the doctor confessed in his dialogue with Andy who was played by Cruise that only he had only 4 weeks to live, in front of the audience within Cruise\'s memory.

"Hey, Tommy won\'t jump off the building?" A girl\'s worried voice behind her sounded again, which was actually the common voice of many fans in the theatre.

Another girl immediately hugged her companion and comforted: "No, Erica, you see Tommy carrying a backpack. He must have another idea. If a person wanted to jump off a building, would he still carry a bag?"

"Miki, do you think Tommy will die?"

"He certainly won\'t, I\'ve heard reports of many end-stage cancer patients living. Moreover, this is the movie, in movies any miracle can occur, Tommy has not died in movie until now, so he will never die.”

"I hope so." Erica put her hands on her chest and made a praying look, while looking forward to the next move of Cruise who was standing on the bleeding edge.

However, the film did not immediately reveal the answer to the audience. After the title of 《Running Out of Time》, the picture was transferred to a restaurant. Shane was borrowing a newspaper from Hanks whilst eating breakfast, the camera quickly moved from the restaurant. In a bar, the same calm Andy is also eating breakfast, while looking up at a sitcom on TV, with a touch of reluctance and nostalgia.

The two protagonists appeared at the same time. The audience thought that the two would have a confrontation in this restaurant. After all, the name of the movie was called《Running Out of Time》, but the picture was quickly cut to other scenes again.

"I dare say that these scene of Cruise will definitely appear again and again. This is a suggestion set by the director. Nicole, did you notice the look of Cruise? He only has four weeks of life, so, whether it\'s eating, drinking, or watching TV, his look is full of concentration and nostalgia. He seems to want to use the remaining four weeks to engrave all the beauty of the world into the soul. I dare say Cruise will definitely die in the ending." George Northern next to her couldn\'t help but show off.

Nicole just nodded a little to show that she had heard the other person\'s words, her eyes still staring at the screen without squinting, and she began to slowly enter the story.