I'm in Hollywood - Chapter 149

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With fan\'s cheering in the background, Eric walked through the crowd, smiling past the rope on either side of the red carpet, and signing his name on a few posters of «17 Again», «Home Alone»" or 《Pretty Woman》with haste, before they would greet Brooke, who would also sign for the fans. The two went together into the media interview area in front.

"Eric, do you have confidence in the box office of《Running Out of Time》?"

"Brooke, you are so close to Mr. Williams, are you two dating?"

"Eric, look here, look here "

Mr. Williams, what do you think of the box office trends of "Batman"?"


In the crazy flashing lights, Eric smiled as he held Brooke\'s waist, letting the photographers picture what they will, but he did not intend to answer any questions.

Once he spoke, these reporters would definitely ask about the sensitive issues of《Running Out of Time》and «Batman», and whether they have learned from 《Ghostbusters II》\'s mistake. It was not suitable for Eric to answer any of these questions. If he is too confident, and in the future, the box office is not up to expectations, he will definitely be ridiculed. If he cringes at the questions, it will be more lively. A director has no confidence in his work. What more could the media want? Even if you answer the questions unbiasedly and clearly, this is also likely to be scorned by the people, so the best strategy is to not respond.

Hearing the red carpet noises behind him, the cheers being louder than when he just passed through, Eric knew that Cruise and Hanks had walked on the red carpet. This was arranged in advance, and he glanced behind and saw the two smile and slowly pass through the fascinated group. Eric knew that he should go in before the two superstars. He gestured to Brooke, and she took his arm again. The two walked into the theatre together.

Outside the theatre where fans were shouting "long live the emperor", Nicole and Drew had just got out of their car and looked at the situation in front of them.

Drew, with her pink framed heart-shaped sunglasses, chewing gum, and her hands in her small jacket pockets, indifferently looked at both the crazy fans near the red carpet and Cruise and Hanks on it.

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She learned this look from what Su Ryan had worn in Kubrick’s 《Lolita》. She was convinced that Eric was secretly hiding a Lolita complex deep down, so she \'accidentally\' dressed up in the look. Appearing in front of Eric, Eric was really swayed by Drew\'s playful look. Su Ryan’s classic Lolita styling matched Drew\'s baby face, so Eric not being excited was impossible. After that, Drew liked dressing up like this because she knew that Eric liked it.

She squinted and glanced at Nicole standing next to her, although she did not like this woman, she still drove to the scene at Eric\'s instructions. Seeing Nicole looking with envy at that Cruise and Hanks who were sought after by fans, she snorted and snorted: "Hey, do you want to be like them that much?"

Nicole snorted and understood Drew was talking to herself. By some accident she still replied: "Of course, if you don\'t come to Hollywood for this, what do you come for?"

"What can I hope for, you only have to wait for "Seattle Sleepless" to be released. After that, you can definitely get this kind of revelry.”

“Oh,” Nicole was even more surprised. She looked down at the girl next to her: “This is not like what normally comes out of your toxic mouth, I didn\'t think that you could praise me if you tried."

"Hah," Drew squinted at her: "In which ear did you hear me praising you, I just have confidence in Eric\'s script, that\'s all. If you picked a beautiful woman from Hollywood randomly for the role of heroine in Eric script, she can become a big star, like Julia Roberts, she was picked by Eric from a small diner, you are just him. Just another lucky woman he picked."

"Oh, How about you? "Nicole\'s tone somewhat changed.

Drew shamelessly raised chin, and replied with a little pride in her tone: "I am Eric\'s."

"Wow," the girl didn\'t know what to say, so she could only make a meaningless syllable.

"I am Eric\'s," Drew once again stressed: "Eric also knows that I am his. So, it is different for me and for you, even Aniston, she will not hinder me. I have a position in his heart."

"But how could I become more like you..." Nicole glanced at Drew, and she stopped talking, although Drew always broke her little plan during this time, she didn\'t want to completely offended Drew, after all, the relationship between Drew and Eric was very close.

Drew did not care to help: "But I\'m a pet right, haha, it’s ridiculous, I didn\'t think you would have the same thoughts as Aniston that stupid girl. And even if I am a pet, do you know what you women are?"

Nicole knew that Drew wouldn\'t say anything good, but she still couldn\'t help but reveal a curious look.

“Playthings,” Drew said quickly. “Do you want to know why I asked that question when we met for the first time? Because if the answer was yes, then Eric may feel a little bit about you, you may become his lover, but if the answer is no, this shows that Eric doesn\'t look at you at all, he just treats you as a plaything, a beautifully dressed doll, and he keeps you dressed up like that in the villa, as a kind of amusement.”

Nicole’s face became a bit ugly, and her lips trembled as she retorted: “That is impossible, certainly not. He... He gave me the role heroine of a movie. "

"Oh, it’s just the heroine role of a movie. You are being too sentimental. Don’t think that I don’t know what you\'ve been thinking. You have been trying to seduce him during this time. You want to be Mrs. Williams, right? That\'s so ridiculous, he didn’t even have enough interest to bed you, but you thought he could marry you?”

Nicole suddenly looked up and stared at Drew: “I understand, you want to use these words to force me away, little girl, but it\'s not what you think, if you are telling the truth, why are you stopping me from trying in the meantime?"

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Drew shrugged: "I just don\'t want Eric to be embarrassed. Some of his ideas are different from others. If you really climbed into his bed, being a women with such plans at heart, he will find it difficult to get rid of you in the future. So, before you leave my house, I will hold you back, Nicole Kidman, so you better have a change of heart early."

"We will wait and see, miss Barrymore," Nicole said with a sarcasm, as she walked to the door of the theatre.

Drew held her sunglasses and followed Nicole. After Cruise and Hanks left the red carpet, when another star guest went up. Drew couldn’t help but talk to Nicole: "Look at that actresses who caused the fans to scream madly, in fact, as long as Eric actually wanted, most of them would be happy to take off their clothes and climb up to his bed, lifting their asses of their own initiative. So it doesn\'t matter that these actresses\' screams are more than Eric who has just passed, as in fact, talents such as Eric are the real controllers of Hollywood."

Nicole was annoyed but pretended not to care. Concerning Drew’s words, at the bottom of her heart she had to admit that they were really true, as just for a role, she willingly ran to Eric’s house and put on a sexy maid outfit to please him. With Eric\'s success in several films in a row, there are very few women who want to become stars that will reject Eric\'s requests in Hollywood.