I'm in Hollywood - Chapter 148

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u200bColombia eventually decided to give the go ahead for《Running Out of Time》to be shown as scheduled, because most of the executives believed that delaying the film would be more risky than the collision with «Batman». Of course, the propaganda path offered by Eric also played a big role.

In the Beverly Hills villa, Eric stood in front of the mirror with his head raised. Nicole, who had already changed him into his suit, was carefully tying his tie, and on top of the big bed next to them Drew was lying, wearing a white vest and denim skirt, and part of her well-developed body was revealed by her small vest to show a slender waist, her white calfs were swaying, with toes polished black. The girl held her chin and looked at Nicole do Eric\'s tie. Although she wanted to do it personally, unfortunately... she cannot.

"Eric, wait for me to walk with you on the red carpet" When the tie was tied, and Eric was wearing a completed suit, Drew asked, with a spoiled tone.

"No, that has already been arranged. You can enter directly with Nicole."

"Oh, why do I have to enter with her?" Drew did not hide her likes and dislikes in the face of Nicole. From the beginning of summer vacation, Drew kept up her temper, and no longer went crazy whilst playing outside but, very unusually, stayed at home every day, and after many days, Eric understood that Drew was against Nicole. Right now, for example, because it was time to participate in the premiere, and Eric wants to change clothes, Nicole had comes over to help, so the girl had appeared at the side of the two like clockwork.

When she heard Drew’s words, Nicole couldn’t help but pluck up her eyebrows, but Drew accurately grasped Nicole’s change in expression and responded instantly: “Eric, Eric, you see, she raised her eyebrows, and is scheming in her heart. Look, let us drive her away."

Nicole finally couldn\'t bear it: "Drew, don\'t you say that in front of me, can I not even express my dissatisfaction?"

"Don\'t call me Drew, as a maid, you should call me Miss Barrymore." STOLEN FROM FIZZHAZ TRANSLATIONS

"Well, Miss Barrymore." Nicole seemed helpless, knowing that if Eric was not here, Drew wouldn\'t bother either. Drew did ruin her little plan, and for more than a month, she had not made any substantial progress in her relationship with Eric, although she always kept everything in the villa in order, taking care of Eric\'s life meticulously, but after Drew\'s summer vacation started, the two of them had had almost no time alone together, which meant she didn\'t even have a chance to take the initiative.

"Though I\'m reluctant, I\'ll be your maid, so Eric, let\'s send her away."

Eric wore a suit and smiled as he tapped on Drew\'s head: "Don’t make trouble and make me send you away, and go change your clothes."

The girl squealed exaggeratedly, and walked out covering her forehead.

When Eric got off the bus, the space in front of the Chinese Grand Theater on Hollywood Boulevard was already crowded with people. There were reporters on both sides of the red carpet, and there were a lot of fans.

Eric saw that many pretty girls held high a《Running Out of Time》poster, and it was not surprising that the name of Cruise was shown in a big font.

In the main credits of 《Running Out of Time》, Eric is listed as the director. Although he appeared in «17 Again», and gained a lot of fame then, he after completely put down his actor\'s career and the gained fame slowly dissipated. In addition, his various films did not have a unified style, and he also deliberately kept a low-key profile so, it was unlikely for him to accumulate fans.

Hanks had no advantage in appearance. Although he is very famous, he can only be classified as a powerful actor, and his acting career was still on the rise, so he had not gained the influence that he had during Eric\'s previous life.

Cruise was different. From his debut to the present ten years later, Cruise had been taking the idol-type route. His image in the public\'s hearts and minds is still very high. Before his divorce with Kidman, Cruise’s public image remained perfect.

Eric didn\'t mind the reaction of the fans. His personal goals were very clear. He never thought about being a public idol, but wanted to be a big hand behind Hollywood. The red carpet premier had begun to have some small stars coming up from time to time. According to the usual red carpet rules, more important people will generally arrive in the middle, so Eric does not go directly to the red carpet, but to the waiting area. There were ben a lot of people gathered there.

"Eric, congratulations."

After Hanks saw him, he smiled inexplicably and saw that Eric was confused. Hanks explained: "I heard that you took half the «Home Alone» profits, and《Pretty Woman》officially ended screening in the past few days. The North American box office of 210 million, and the global box office of 530 million US dollars really scared a lot of people, when totaled with «Home Alone»\'s global box office, your personal total box office has reached 1 billion US dollars. In Hollywood, the number of people who have more than 1 billion US dollars at the global box office can be counted on one hand. Shouldn’t you celebrate?”

“It’s not too strange," Eric smiled and pointed to Cruise next to him: "The global box office of Cruise\'s movies has already exceeded $1 billion."

Cruise heard Eric\'s words, but did not actually show self-satisfied look as he would have previously. He laughed modestly, and said: "Eric, how can I compare with you." He starred in movies with a global box office of more than one billion, but compared to the huge box offices, Cruise himself received poor benefits from them. By now, Cruz’s personal assets are only tens of millions of dollars, and Eric’s two films, «Home Alone» and《Pretty Woman》, are expected to score more than 200 million for the director. Cruise during this time, every time he saw news about Eric in the newspaper, couldn’t help but embarrassed by Eric’s luck. At the same time, he was more determined to develop towards the role of a producer. During the period, the production company established by Cruise was already starting to pick up scripts.

As a female companion arranged for Eric by the organizers today, after the appearance of Eric, Brooke Shields naturally came to him and heard the contents of the men’s conversation. She lots heart as she was reminded of the vague rejection Eric gave her once more. Her gaze towards Eric became fiery, as her extreme experiences between childhood and maturity had lead her to had lead her to worship and have an unusual love of money. If she had enough money, she could have lived the life of a noble lady without the need for the blood of nobles, Instead of selling nude photos for a few hundred dollars at the age of ten, and participating in《Pretty Baby》at twelve. Not to mention the sloppy jeans ads. STOLEN FROM FIZZHAZ TRANSLATIONS u200b

When the staff suggested that the several hosts could board the red carpet, Brooke Shields took the initiative to lean on Eric, holding his arm intimately, and she somewhat regretted wearing high heels today, making her taller than Eric. As she was taller, the two of them did not match very well.

Eric didn\'t care about this. His arm felt the softness of the girl\'s chest. Although it was very comfortable, he still had to remind her: "Brooky, you are holding on too tight, can you loosen your grip?"

"Oh, sorry, Eric, I am a little nervous." The girl retorted, as she slightly loosened her grip.

Eric smiled and thought that this girl\'s mind was a little different. She grew up in front of the camera from an early age. How could she be nervous? However, he was too lazy to take this into consideration and took her onto the red carpet.