I'm in Hollywood - Chapter 145

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"Why are you still here?" Eric turned his head and accidentally looked at the girl who was leaning on the piano.

"I\'m sorry, I will go out," Nicole carefully put the score back in it\'s place and walked to the door, but was stopped by Eric: "Nici."

"What," the girl stayed at the door. One hand was on the doorknob as she turned around, with enquiry in her eyes.

Eric turned around in the office chair and reached out to indicate the whole study: "This is not within your cleaning requirements. Although it is a little messy, I am used to the placement of the documents, you understand?"

"Yes, I know, without your permission, I will not come in." The girl nodded, her figure still figure stopped at the door, it seems she held other expectations:"Eric, are there other things you need help with?"

Eric shook his head: "It\'s okay, you should rest early, good night."

"Good night," Nicole replied, as she watched Eric turn again and focus on the monitor, slightly lost. She then went out of the study and gently closed the door.

In the next few days, the girl\'s life seemed calm. She got up every morning, made breakfast for Eric, sent him out of the door, and then spent a few hours cleaning the house. If it wasn\'t for her clothes always reminding her of her identity, she might have had the illusion of being a housewife.

This life was actually pretty good, at least not like what she had originally imagined, doing a few months of being a sex doll in Eric\'s villa, suffering from all kinds of unbearable abuse and teasing, although she had been psychologically prepared for this kind of stuff, but it did not happen. Eric dressed her as a beautiful look from his imagination, and then rarely paid attention to her, leading her to begin to doubt her female charm. One day she secretly stuffed her breasts with two layers of pads, and walked in front of him. He just smiled with great relish, and then ignored it, which made her feel very embarrassed, and she didn\'t later dare to do this kind of thing again. She acted in her role as a maid seriously.

Every day, in addition to her work, there was a lot of leisure time. When she was bored, she read newspapers, watched TV, and repeatedly read the script of «Sleepless in Seattle». She also bothered Eric to make him buy her a lot of magazines. She was very obedient and didn\'t sneak out. Since the reality is much better than she thought, she is willing to be a well-behaved canary.

She knows that Eric is busy with a movie called 《Running Out of Time》 lately, and that he is not at home every day. Sometimes he spends the night at his girlfriend\'s house. She is a lucky girl. She has seen Aniston\'s picture, and she is very envious of that girl’s luck. In late May, Eric also went to the United Kingdom and left her alone in the villa. It was said to be a search for talent, but after two days, he hurried back.

At the end of May, the girl saw in the newspaper that the «Home Alone» North American box office broke through the 300 million US dollars mark. This news was in most newspaper\'s throughout the next week. Various comments were praising Eric. The Colombia Pictures company’s stock had therefore risen a lot.

The focus of the girl\'s attention is Eric\'s upcoming dividend of up to $120 million. STOLEN FROM FIZZHAZ TRANSLATIONS

120 million US dollars felt like an astronomical figure to Nicole. The reason why she came to Hollywood was because of her desire for money and fame and fortune. She wants to be the top Hollywood actress like Julia Roberts, but according to Eric, who mentioned Julia Roberts\'s salary of $6 million per movie, she would have to make 20 movies to earn that much money, which means that as a star she would have to always maintain a high popularity, be shooting two movies a year, and also last ten years, which everyone knows is impossible. Most of the star\'s peak status can only last for about ten years. In these ten years, their pay will also rise and fall according to the performance of their films.

Thinking of this, her already calm mind has become more and more eager to work. As long as she can remain the hostess of this mansion, she can directly get what she wants. She even figured out some plans that she thought were feasible, but unfortunately, these risky thoughts have not yet been implemented and as such they are temporarily dead.

Because the summer vacation is now, the evil fairy is back.

The time is more than four in the afternoon. Nicole had just trimmed the lawn in the yard as she heard the sound of the door being opened. She knew that Eric would not normally come back this time, so she went forward to investigate and saw the Drew\'s bags. The luggage was moved into the yard and the gate was closed.

Nicole greeted her warmly and wanted to help with her luggage. It was a very important part of her plan to have a good relationship with Drew.

But what was unexpected was that after the girl saw her appearance, her eyes were wide, an incredible expression, and her eyes was unconcealed hostility, then she walked around her several times before she asked a question that made Nicole collapse: "Did-he-FUCK-you?"

Seeing the girl who was in a messy state after being put on the spot, Drew showed a satisfied and somewhat relaxed expression: "No, right? But that can be guessed as your chest is so small. "She said before suddenly reaching out and grabbing a hand onto Nicole\'s chest. She snorted: "These are pitiful, not even A+ in size."

"You..." After being attacked by Drew, Nicole finally reacted. Protecting against the small claws that Drew stretched out again in front of her, she couldn\'t help but swear: "You are not big either."

"I am only 14 years old, I can still develop for many years, madam, are you not thirty this year?"

"I\'m too lazy to care about you," Nicole noticed Drew\'s hostility, so she cut off the idea of developing a good relationship with the little girl in the meantime, and just returned to the lawn mower to continue pruning the lawn.

Drew used to listen to Eric and he said that he liked the Japanese maid costume. She thought that the other party was joking. She didn’t expect that a tall beauty wearing a sexy maid costume would appear in the villa today, which made her instinctively resistant and hostile. She didn\'t want Eric to have another woman, Aniston, that little fat girl hadn\'t been pushed away yet, and now there was one more, so how busy will it be if more come one by one.

"Hey, you, help me carry my luggage in?" Although she knew of Eric\'s \'bad heart\', Drew didn\'t think about it anymore. She really thought of Nicole as a maid hired by Eric.

"Sorry, Miss Barrymore, I am not your servant, so I am not obliged to do this." Nicole continued to push the lawn mower in the cold, and she did not turn her head.

The little girl was suddenly furious: "I ...... I will tell Eric, today you will be fired!" STOLEN FROM FIZZHAZ TRANSLATIONS

Nicole could see Drew though of her as a true servant, so she didn\'t mind her at all and replied: "As you wish."

Drew angrily slammed her feet and moved items from her pile of luggage to the villa one by one. After her several suitcases were moved, Nicole had also finished the lawn, so returning to the villa, she began to prepare dinner.

Drew looked at Nicole\'s figure and became more and more angry. She thought about it for a bit before picking up the phone and dialing Eric\'s number.

Dudu - Dudu

Then someone picked up.

The little girl plunged onto the sofa in the living room, held a pillow, and her voice became soft and greasy: "Eric, I love you."

In Fox\'s studio, several of the main scenes of 《Friends》 had been arranged, just today. Shooting need to be done to insert several shots into 《Running Out of Time》. Eric took Motorola\'s microTAC that was for advertising and walked to a quiet corner. He found it confusing to hear Drew\'s words: "Drew, isn\'t it a holiday today? , have you gone home?”

“Eric, I love you.” The girl’s soft voice came from the phone.

"Okay, don\'t make trouble, if there is something to say, I am busy, I will go home later." Eric said as he held the mobile phone at his neck, and lifted his hand and opened the sleeve and looked at his watch: "But not yet. It is five o\'clock, I will go back at about six o\'clock."

"Eric, I love you." The sounds of the spoiled brat resounded once more..

Eric was silent for a moment before he opened his mouth: "What do you want, say it straight!"

"Calm down, Eric, you are really hateful," Drew turned over in the villa sofa and put the pillow behind his head. After she said discontentedly: "I have said that I love you so many times, but you haven\'t given me a response."

"I will hang up without saying anything?" Eric threatened.

"Okay, okay, Eric, we must fire the maid," Drew said, raising her voice. The girl with the tomatoes in the kitchen heard the words and rolled her eyes.

"You mean Nicole, she is not hired, just helping out."

"But I don\'t like her."

"Nici\'s food tastes good, you will like it at night, now be obedient, I\'m going to hang up." Eric said that he hanged up the phone immediately.

In the villa, Drew gasped and waved her little hand. She wanted to throw the phone out of her hand but stopped herself and looked up. She saw Nicole smugly leaning against the kitchen door, holding a glass bowl in her hands and stirring the eggs inside. With a slight smile: "How was it, little girl?"

"You are not allowed to call me a little girl, you small breasted woman."

Although Nicole had some inferiority in her heart, but in the face of Drew\'s provocation, she still shrugged indifferently. "It may be someone likes this type."

"He doesn\'t like it," Drew couldn\'t help but rebuke.

"The taste of people will change," Nicole left just these few words, then she turned back to the kitchen, leaving the discouraged Drew.

"Hey, I absolutely will never let you succeed." Drew waved a small fist and said.

On May 24th, with the release of Spielberg’s blockbuster 《Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade》, the arrival of thee of this year\'s summer films was announced. Although Eric was busy with the late phase of the 《Running Out of Time》, he was still very concerned about this film, the film received a $46 million box office on more than 2,300 screens in the first week, and then in the second and third weeks the box office take had declines between 20% and 30%. In mid-June, the box office of 《Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade》 broke through 100 million USD after three weeks.

The late work of《Running Out of Time》was also completed in mid-June. Although Eric was willing to spend money in many places, he only used $34 million for the production budget. After all, the crew’s finances were from Colombia. The film doesn\'t have many of a big picture\'s needs for spending money, and it doesn\'t have any special effects. However, after seeing the current《Running Out of Time》the Colombia executives readily agreed to put the remaining $6 million in budget into the promotion of the film.

At the same time, the first summer-time blockbuster《Ghostbusters II》, which was highly anticipated by Colombia, was also released on 2,400 screens.