I'm in Hollywood - Chapter 144

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More than two hours later, in a hairdressing salon in Beverly Hills, Nicole looked at her new image in the mirror and realised the reason why Eric disliked her look previously. At this time, the woman in the mirror was totally different compared with the previous one. If they were two different people, then the original image was a little girl, it is now a glamorous modern girl.

Her hair in the mirror has been dyed a beautiful golden brown. The original fluffy little curls have also been straightened, with a bunch of large bangs in front of the forehead. This hairstyle made her look a bit more mature and intellectual.

"Miss, compared to the hairstyle you had before, this hairstyle now makes you look more proper, your boyfriend really has vision." The haircut sister stood behind Nicole and did the final clean around for the girl, as she praised with her mouth.

"He\'s not..." Nicole whispered softly and wanted to defend. She glanced at the rest area and looked at the person with a magazine and sunglasses, and stopped her words. If he really was my boyfriend, that would be fine. But now she felt more like a Barbie doll, letting the hateful guy dress her up with his own preferences, so she looks a lot more beautiful, but Nicole was not too excited in her heart.

"Sir, can you see?" After everything was done, the haircut sister got up and walked to Eric, and the little girl behind her was Nicole, both were looking at the man who seemed familiar with sunglasses.


Eric turned and looked up at Nicole. The she smirked and nodded. Her’s hairstyle was made by Eric in accordance with the hairstyle in the «The Interpreter» in his memory. · Among the many movies of Kidman, Eric\'s favourite look of hers is from «The Interpreter» , which he finds both intellectual and glamorous and, strong and sensitive.

In a scene in «The Interpreter» ,after a fierce bombing, Nicole plays a Sylvia with scars on her cheeks, who is wearing a professional suit and carrying a backpack as she walks down the stairs. Eric knew that If it weren\'t for the temperament that Nicole showed in this scene, and how similar it was to Meg Ryan in «Sleepless in Seattle,» when she stood on the opposite side of the road in front of Tom Hanks, Eric wouldn\'t have given her the role of heroine in «Sleepless in Seattle».

Thinking of Silvia in «The Interpreter», Eric couldn\'t help but raise his hand and gently stroked Nicole\'s left cheek, although there were no scars there. Many classic characters can always be deeply imprinted into the hearts of the viewers.

The haircut girl passed off Eric\'s action as normal for this couple and snickered as she walked away.

"Eric, are you touching me?" The woman\'s sensitive instincts made Nicole ask unexpectedly.

Eric retracted his hand and smiled: "Of course, what do you think?"

"But I think..." She raised her hand and did not know how to describe it.

"You feel right," Eric looked up and down and said, "You may be Nicole Kidman, or Silvia Bloom, or Grace Stewart, Gilly. Ann Owen, Alice Have, Ada Monroe, Virginia Wolf."

"I don\'t understand," the girl shook her head in confusion.

"Well, let\'s go," Eric did not explain. He greeted the cashier and handed over his credit card before leaving after checking out. Nicole, although she wanted to pay the bill herself, she was blocked by Eric.

After looking for a restaurant and having dinner, Eric took the girl back.

On the way back in the car, Nicole was silent, and once they walked into the living room of the villa, she whispered: "Eric, want me to... wear it and show it to you?"

Eric looked to the sofa. He sat down and asked: "No, there is time in the future. The contract, you must have seen it today, did you make a decision?"

Nicole nodded guiltily and ran to the upstairs and signed the two contracts for their agreement. One she was down again, Eric just looked at the girl\'s signature, and then found the pen and signed it, then handing one of them to the girl he said: "Now I have to prepare scripts."

After Eric finished, he didn’t talk to the girl too much and went upstairs to go to his study. He had to write out the script of 《Friends》. Jeffrey and John Aniston had proposed to form a screenwriter team dedicated to writing the script for 《Friends》, and make Eric only responsible for providing a synopsis of the story.

However, Eric did not accept this suggestion. Although this is a common practice in all TV series, Eric decided to write all the scripts of the first season in person to ensure the authenticity of the TV series.

After all, even if you are a good writer, you can\'t fully understand Eric\'s intentions, and only Eric, who has all the scenes in his mind, has this ability to completely copy them out.

Moreover, Eric also intends to make appropriate modifications to the first season based on some classic clips in the memory, which will make this season even better. In his memory,《Friends》has the best ratings in the second season, except for when they have star celebrities from time to time. In addition, the most important thing is that in the second season the script is very good, and as Eric has just seen the first two seasons, he made up his mind to completely integrate the two seasons, to create a new but fully blended version of 《Friends》,and, in accordance with the rules of the US drama, as long as the first season is successful, the ratings will be guaranteed in the future, as long as you spend time working out a good script.

This TV series is also an important project for Eric and Firefly Studios. If they can make a name for themselves with Friends, then in the future, Fireflies will not be unable to sell other American dramas in the future. The market size of American TV dramas is actually not much smaller than the movie market, but because this market is very closed, it appears quiet. If they can successfully enter this circle, Eric will be able to transform the classics in his mind that he remembers into real wealth.

The typewriter in his study has been replaced by the latest IBM personal computer. Although the text editing software is still very backward compared with the previous life, and the operation is quite complicated, it is still much more convenient than the typewriter. Eric also found this similar to his past life in front of the laptop. The feeling of the office.

Every time he wrote a paragraph, Eric would stop and ponder for a while. It’s not an easy task to combine the two seasons. In many cases, Eric will feel an impulse to directly copy the original version of the first season.

Nicole knocked on the door of the study room with a tray. After getting permission, she walked in, put a coffee pot and coffee cup gently on the table, and saw Eric staring at the monitor with a focused look. Then she sized up the spacious study room.

During the day, she also wanted to see inside the study, there were no thoughts other than pure curiosity, but unfortunately the study was not opened like other rooms, even if it was Drew’s bedroom. Nicole also saw in that room a photo of Drew and Eric placed on the bedside table. But the study was an exception. She guessed that the key to the study was with Eric alone.

The most eye-catching things in the study was the large writing board and the black piano that was out of tune. The writing board was densely covered in A4 papers, some were painted with rough sub-shots, some were paragraphs of text, some were scattered lines that were completely incomprehensible, and some were written with square characters. Nicole has seen these in Chinatown, they should be Chinese characters which are said to be a kind of text that is difficult to learn in the world.

As if inexplicably attracted, she looked up and carefully looked at the manuscript papers, and took a picture of the A4 with Chinese characters before carefully pondering for a while, of course, she could not understand, but she also saw that Chinese characters were Handwritten, and although she didn\'t understand what it meant, she thought it looked beautiful and had a flowing aesthetic.

After she carefully put the A4 papers back on the writing board, Nicole couldn\'t help but look back at Eric, who was still tapping on the keyboard quickly. This is a mysterious man. It is said that he is less than 19 years old and was known as the director who could do many things. He was also an actor, screenwriter, and publisher of two best-selling novels.

In this study, Nicole found that the other party must also know how to paint and compose music. He can also write with such beautiful and mysterious hieroglyphics. It is too much to describe as talent. More importantly, he is also so rich. It is said that there were already hundreds of millions of dollars in his net worth.

Women always admire the strong, this is an instinct that was engraved in the depths of the genes after the evolutionary process of hundreds of millions of years. Nicole, who was thinking all these things in her mind, was caught by some kind of emotion without knowing it. In the distance, Eric’s every move seemed more and more pleasing.

If Eric turned to see the girl\'s expression, then with his past experience, he would definitely ridicule: "Girl, are you not a love struck fool?"

Unfortunately, he did not notice this at all, but was immersed in the conception of the script of《Friends》, he didn\'t even take a sip of the coffee that Nicole brought him to drink.

Nicole looked at his back as he worked silently for a while. After returning to herself, she also noticed her strangeness. Unconsciously, a faint blush appeared on her cheeks and she moved to the piano in the corner. Her slender, white fingers crossed the black keys and she looked at a handwritten score on the piano cover.

"Isn\'t this also written by him?" She stared at the string of small notes above. Although she couldn\'t read them, it produced a very strong impression. Her fingers unknowingly touched the black and white keys, and she played some keys completely unconsciously.


Disturbed by a series of crisp sounds in the quiet study, Eric awakened from his ideas for u200bu200bthe script.