I'm in Hollywood - Chapter 143

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Seeing that Nicole looked frightened almost to the point of fainting, Eric walked in and threw the pillow in his hand onto the big bed, picked up the tape from the ground and shouted: “Stupid woman, do you not know how to lock the door?”

“I forgot, next time... next time...” The girl was incoherent.

Eric laughed out loudly: "You want to have another time?"Translation StOlEn from

The girl slowed down and shook her head: "I\'m sorry... I don\'t dare anymore."

Eric walked over and picked up the girl. He rubbed her pretty face carefully, which showed a little shyness, and it was like touching delicate porcelain: "In fact, it is useless to do so, even if I don\'t fulfil my promise, and you hand over the recording to the media, it wouldn\'t affect me too much. Instead, your acting career will be completely finished. No movie will dare to use such a silly woman."

"I didn\'t want to, I just want to protect myself," Nicole weakly justified herself with one sentence.

"I understand, but I am still very upset. What do you have to say?" Eric asked.

The girl trembled a little and reached out to the button on her shirt on her own. Eric stopped the girl: "Forget it, seeing you look like this can\'t really make me feel good. Go to bed early, but don\'t forget the words I said before."

Eric said, then he threw the tape onto the bed before he turned away and left the bedroom.

Nicole sat for a long time before she got up and locked the bedroom door. She then removed the sheets from the cupboard and mechanically laid them out on bed. But she couldn’t sleep once in bed, and her mind was in a mess. Life in Australia, stepping into the experiences of the entertainment industry, the dissuasion of her loved ones and friends towards moving to Hollywood, the bleak encounters in Hollywood for a few months, the situations with Eric several times, and her expectations of the future...

In this completely unfocused thinking, she didn’t realise that the window had already started to light up. She looked at her watch. It was half past six, and although she had already started to feel tired, she still used her strong spirit to get out of bed. Her simple clothes were then hung in the closet, she went to the bathroom, brushed and washed, put on a beautiful white shirt and jeans, and picked a pair of black flat shoes before she opened the door and went out.

She didn\'t know where Eric\'s bedroom was, and even if she did, she didn\'t dare to call him to get up. She walked downstairs and opened the door. The villas had high walls and green trees and it was very quiet as she stood outside. She saw the vacant swimming pool to the side and took a few deep breaths of fresh air in the morning, and the tiredness of the sleepless night dissipated a lot. After a walk around to gain familiarity with the environment, she walked into the villa again and went to the kitchen.

Eric got up at 7:00 on time. After going downstairs, he greeted the tall figure from the kitchen door. He turned to the gym and started the day with exercise. After half an hour, Eric took a shower and changed clothes. Coming out, he took the newspaper today and sat in the living room and saw it was past eight o\'clock, only to realise that the girl seemed to be still busy, so he curiously walked into the kitchen.

There are already a few foods, sandwiches, sweet soups, steaks, and salads on the kitchen table. The girl seems to be still be cooking omelettes.

"Nicole, enough, these are more than enough." Eric took a sandwich and took a bite.

She turned off the gas, the omelette abandoned, and explained: "I do not know what you like to eat, so I did some of everything."

"I said, anything is fine, I\'m not picky in this regard." Translation StOlEn from

The two then put the breakfast into the dining room together, the girl was hesitantly standing next to Eric. It seems that she is taking the identity of the maid very seriously. Eric couldn’t help but smile: "Sit down and we can eat together, I have no plans to give you a salary, so you don\'t have to be so dedicated."

"Well, thank you," Nicole heard Eric\'s words and sat down across the table.

So, this somewhat weird life officially started after this breakfast. After breakfast, Nicole watched Eric drove away before returning to her bedroom and she began to read the documents from last night, especially the actor contract of «Sleepless in Seattle» and after repeatedly reading it over and over again, she found nothing improper inside.

Although Eric told her not to leave the mansion, in order to prevent the paparazzi from taking pictures, she still left in the morning and went to a law firm and spent a few hundred dollars. The consulting fee allowed the professional lawyer to help review whether the contract had legal effect. Only when the lawyer confirmed that there was no problem, she was relieved to completely let go of her stress.

When Eric returned home in the afternoon, he found that Nicole seemed to have changed a person completely. The original uneasiness in her expression had completely disappeared. Her smile seemed to show she was pleased, and the villa seemed to be cleaned up.

Nicole took Eric\'s few hand bags and asked: "Eric, should this go to your bedroom?"

Eric shook his head. "No, this is yours. Go upstairs and pick one, then put it on so I can look at it."

"For me?" The girl opened a garment bag and glanced inside. She found a set of black and white clothing with lace silk, curiously asked: "Is this a pyjama?"

"No, you will know when you go to your room and change into it."

"Oh," the girl nodded obediently, then carried the few bags and went upstairs.

Eric sat down on the sofa and picked up the remote control to turn on the TV. After waiting for half an hour, he heard the sound of the leather boots stepping on the stairs, and there seemed to be hesitation in the footsteps.

Having turned to look, first a slender leg wearing white suspended stockings appeared with the black leather boots in his field of vision, followed by the signature maid skirt, then he moved his line of sight from the slim waist and the girl’s chest, to above where her delicate clavicle was bound by a circle of white silk neck ornaments. Eric actually wanted to pick a collar, but after considering it, his taste was a bit extreme, and the lace neckline is actually very beautiful.

When Nicole’s figure appeared completely, Eric\'s lower limb reached for the heavens, making a clown of himself, and he hoped she would forget this quickly.

Nicole was still somewhat dissatisfied, but it took half an hour to get rid of it.

If it is a normal maid costume, she would not produce too much resistance, since she has seen a maid costume, but this set of clothes is very different from what she has seen, the style is extra sexy with low chest straps revealing lots of skin on her chest, and there are a lot of laces and ribbons on the clothes. It looked very beautiful. There was no such style of attire for maids in her memory. More importantly, she don’t know whether it is intentional or unintentional. This set of clothes was obviously smaller.

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When she saw Eric turning his gaze away, the unpleasantness of the girl\'s heart became inexplicable. She bent her neck down and looked at herself. She didn\'t find anything wrong with how she was wearing the attire. She couldn\'t help but ask: "Eric, there is ...... Is there any problem?”

Eric still waved his hand and shook his head: “Go up and change first, wait for me to leave and then you can help clean up.”