I'm in Hollywood - Chapter 142

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"Well, I understand, then, when will the film start shooting?"

"I don\'t know," Eric took a sip of champagne and explained: "Look, first I need to go through the late phase of 《Running Out of Time》. After the film is released in July, I still need to make a TV show for Fox. Barry Diller asked me to personally direct the first two episodes, so I am not sure when the film will start shooting. Tom, you have not shot two this year. Is it a movie? Just give yourself a vacation break for a while, be an actor so tiring, and you can\'t enjoy life much longer. It\'s fun to enjoy your high pay whilst you can."

"Oh, is this according to you, you who has shot four movies this year, and I heard that you are also the producer of three other films. Isn\'t a madman who makes seven movies a year also not living life?"

"No, this is not the same," Eric is at He shook his head and repeated: "I am different from you."

Hanks could not help but roll his eyes and quip: "Are you an alien?"

"Yes ah, my journey is through the stars !"

They laughed together again, and the party continued until midnight in the end. Eric, although at the beginning he drank a few beers, did not drink much in total. So he refused to let anyone drive on his behalf, and he drove home slowly.

In order to avoid paparazzi, there were no street lights in front of many Hollywood celebrities\' homes in Beverly Hills. Eric’s house is also in such a situation. Therefore, when Eric got off the car and opened the door, the woman’s voice next to him really made Eric startled.

The woman shouted his name and then appeared in the light of his car lights. Eric recognised the tall figure. It was for just a few days that there was no news of Nicole Kidman, for Eric. After proposing conditions that were full of bad taste, he temporarily put this matter behind him, and he did not expect that the other party would suddenly appear here.

"Nicole, why are you here?" Eric asked subconsciously, and couldn\'t help but look up and down the other\'s dress. At this time Nicole wore a black slim long trench coat with black shoes on her feet. With the high-heeled shoes, the girl\'s body seemed to be getting taller and taller. If you ignore the awkward hair that appeared in Eric\'s view, it is quite a bit of the chilly queen from his memory of his past life.

The girl couldn\'t help but step back under Eric\'s gaze, she then stuttered and said: "I... I understand, I... I am willing."

"To do what, marry me?" Eric I couldn\'t help but ridiculed that although the light was weak, Eric saw that the girl\'s white face was quickly blushed, so he stopped teasing and then took out the key to open the door: "Well, let me go in first."

Nicole returned to where he had just stood, pulled out a small suitcase and lowered her head into Eric\'s car.

Having parked the car, Eric took her to the villa and pointed to the sofa: "Nicole, you sit first."

Nicole put the suitcase on the sofa, took off her windbreaker and then hung it on the hanger. Then she sat down on the sofa in a restrained way. She saw Eric turned and walked into the kitchen. The girl’s tight body relaxed and looked around, although the villa was designed in a modern minimalist style, there was exquisiteness everywhere, and although Nicole was born into a good middle-class family, she was still full of envy for the Beverly Hills mansion. She thought that, perhaps, if the man promises turn out to be true, she only needs a few years, and then she can buy a villa like this in Beverly Hills. When she though of this, the girl’s heart is a little less disturbed, and she felt a little more expectation.

Eric quickly walked out of the kitchen with coffee, and Nicole quickly got up and wanted to take it from him.

"Sit down, now you are still a guest." Eric pushed a cup of coffee to the girl, saying so.

Nicole sat back down, picked up the coffee, felt the hot temperature, and put it back on the coffee table. Her slender fingers rubbed on her knees before she looked up at Eric: "Mr. Williams..."

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"Well, Eric, can you first... that\'s ok... I don\'t want to..."

The girl\'s fingers were twisting around on her knees, and her voice was full of embarrassment, fearing that her performance would be too eager and provoke the opposite person to be unhappy. But she hopes that she can get some specific promises from Eric. She doesn\'t want to stay here, and be a maid or a plaything for a few months, before accidentally angering the other party and being driven out, making her toil useless. Before Eric said that she would only be his servant, but Nicole didn\'t believe this at all. This is why she hesitated for several days, but the desire for fame and fortune finally made her unable to resist the lure. It enticed her to take the initiative and in the end she delivered herself to him.

Eric, after having relished and appreciated the awkward appearance of the girl for a while, sets out saying: "Wait a bit.” Saying so, he starting walking towards the staircase.

Nicole stared at Eric’s figure and disappeared at the corner of the stairs before regaining his gaze. She glanced at the trench coat hanging on the hanger not far away. As Eric quickly appeared again, she hurried to take a sip of her coffee as to not worry him.

Eric came to the sofa and put a few printed documents in front of Nicole Kidman: "The above is the script. The following are two actors\' contracts. After you have checked them and signed words, you will keep one. Give the other to me."

Nicole didn\'t think that things would be so simple. She was excited as she picked up the top script and look at the name, «Sleepless in Seattle».

Whilst she was flipping through, Eric explained as he sipped from his coffee: "The main actor for the movie has been chosen, it will be starring Tom Hanks, as long as you pay a little attention to entertainment news, you should know who Hanks is. The heroine role could have been handed over to Julia Roberts, but she also has a movie to be released at the end of the year. Moreover the influence of 《Pretty Woman》was too great, and she is not suitable for a romantic romantic comedy for a short time. I haven\'t had time to invite other actresses, and you have appeared in front of me. I have to say, Nicole, you are very lucky."

Nicole listened carefully to Eric\'s explanation, but her eyes also didn\'t leave the script, she flipped through it quickly. She put the script back. She felt her head dizzy: "Eric, this, is it really for me?"

"Of course, but your qualifications in Australia are not useful in Hollywood, so you can only be regarded as a newcomer. The pay will be the same as when Julia was filming 《Pretty Woman》", 300,000 US dollars, no dividends."

Nicole listened to Eric’s narrative and reached out again to get the two contracts. Eric stopped the other party: “It’s too late today, we should rest, anyway, there are still months, you can look slowly, just give me a copy after leaving your signature.”

She heard Eric’s words and bowed her head slightly: “That... that’s okay.”

“Follow me,” Eric said, standing up. Nicole held several documents in her arms, took the windbreaker and the suitcase, and followed Eric as he walked upstairs.

Eric led her to the second floor, and opened a vacant bedroom: "This is your bedroom, the bedding is in the closet, it is new, and if after the first night, you are not satisfied, then you can change tomorrow."

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Eric turned and left, and closed the bedroom door. Nicole stood by the edge of the bed and just as she was about to move, the door was pushed open again, and the girl subconsciously hugged her chest, but quickly put her arms down again. She bit her lips and hung her arms as if waiting for something. Certain matters.

Eric looked at the girl\'s appearance as if a lamb to the slaughter, smiled and reached out a figure into the air, before explaining: "Nicole, I just forgot one of the most important things, I want to remind you, from tomorrow, you have to start fulfilling your duties. I usually get up at seven o\'clock, so I don\'t want you to be later than me. You have to prepare breakfast before 8 o\'clock. I am not picky in this regard. You can use from the kitchen the ingredients that are the best for you, and the dinner is the same. The cleaning of the villa and the surrounding areas are also your job. You can decide how to clean it yourself, as long as it is neat and tidy.”

The girl nodded nervously: “Eric, I understand."

"Well, good night, go to bed early." Eric said, pulling the bedroom door closed again.

Nicole heard the clicking of a door locking, sat on the big bed before sprawling out, hurriedly breathing a few times, staring at the door, waiting for a few minutes, making sure that the other party would not open the door again. She then pulled the black windbreaker on the big bed, took out a recorder from the inner pocket, and pressed the stop button. Then her gaze turned to several documents on the bedside table, and then the corner of her mouth moved, seemingly wanting to move into a smile, but she failed and laughed.

After thinking about it, the girl reversed the tape, adjusted the sound, pressed the play button, and the sound came out of the recorder. Although it was not too loud, it was enough to clearly distinguish the conversation.

Rattling -

The door was pushed open again and she was very surprised to see Eric who was holding a pillow appear at the door: "Sorry, I think you need this ......"

Snap, the tape recorder fell on the floor and bounced a few times, but still playing the sound stubbornly.

"...starring Tom Hanks, as long as you pay a little attention to entertainment news, you should know who Hanks is. The heroine role could have been handed over to Julia Roberts..."

Eric heard the small but clear voice echo in the still bedroom at midnight. Eric stared at the little object and was a little worried. Nicole didn\'t know what to do. She sat on the bed coldly holding her feet with her hands, her body twitching and her eyes held a look of despair. Despair and fear.