I'm in Hollywood - Chapter 141

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After one and a half months of high-intensity production, with an especially gruelling month of shooting on location, whilst the actors were a little better off, the dozens of crew and staff members were exhausted. Therefore, the celebration party following the final shooting had everyone suddenly relaxed after a long period of pressure, and so everyone became extraordinarily unrestrained, the party room was noisy, and from time to time their were high-pitched screams.

Eric could only laugh at the situation. After all, everyone had been suppressing it for a month, and so some of the rudeness on display now was excusable. Most of the actors in《Running Out of Time》had received invitations to the party, and even several of the starring actors had shown up.

However, after seeing the chaos present, the self-sustaining Cruise only stayed for twenty minutes before leaving. Although he was born at the bottom, Cruise now thought himself as a person at the top of the pyramid. Of course, it was impossible for everyone working on the project to enjoy the party, so some of the older crew members and actors also left. With Eric\'s psychological age, he couldn\'t really enjoy the rave party, but he had to stay as the director of 《Running Out of Time》.

Out of everyone present, Eric is the youngest, although Eric\'s face may seem very oppressive when he\'s scolding others, but otherwise he still looks like a harmless young man. In addition, the members of the crew are familiar with Eric\'s character, so knowing he was a joke-loving person, it was logical that he would be teased by everyone.

After being filled with quite a few bottles of beer for various reasons, Eric got out of the crowd in the name of a urinary emergency and walked out of the banquet hall to the bathroom at the end of the corridor. When he came out, not knowing if it was a coincidence, he saw Brooke Shields coming out of the bathroom opposite, drying her hands with a paper towel.

"Hey Brooke" Eric said with a smile: "Having fun playing?"

Brooke replied with a sweet smile: "Alright, though it\'s a bit noisy." As the most beautiful woman at the party, Brooke was naturally the target of all eyes. She felt that Eric also enjoyed this sought-after feeling, but Eric’s attitude towards her had not been salty.

After receiving Eric\'s greeting, she turned to walk, and after quickly stuffing her paper towel into the trash can, she took two or three steps, and motioned to Eric.

"Brooky, what\'s the matter?" Eric asked in turn.

Brooke whispered hesitantly: "I am just... I just wanted to say thanks to you Eric, thank you for giving me the role of Yoyo.

This thank you did not simply carry the meaning of smalltalk. After it was revealed that Brooke would be the 《Running Out of Time》 Heroine, although many media outlets said it was because she had been nominated for several Golden Globe awards, more felt that it was impossible for to get the role through her virtue alone, and that their must be some inside scoop. Despite this the popularity of Brooke was also indisputable, and the media\'s attention for her had increased rapidly. When she went out, she was once again pestered by the paparazzi. This situation had not happened for many years. The last time was when she was close to Michael Jackson a few years ago. More importantly, this kind of attention could bring her actual economic benefits. During this time, she had received several advertising endorsement invitations.

"It\'s nothing, Brooke, your performance in 《Running Out of Time》 is very good, and I believe that after the film is released, your character will definitely leave a deep impression on the audience."

"So," Brooke heard Eric’s praise and looked at him with anticipation. She asked, “Eric, will we have a chance to cooperate again in the future?”

“This...” Eric hesitated, he did not think that she would ask so straightforwardly. To tell you the truth,I did not want to cooperate with you anymore. However, to avoid hurting this kind of person, Eric could definitely not say: "Brooky, you have to understand that we need to have an appropriate opportunity."

Brooke Shield\'s expression quickly dimmed, her broken look was one that would break the spirit of any man who saw it.

Eric looked at her expression and even felt a faint sense of guilt. After thinking about it, he tried to persuade her: "Brooky, I think you should focus on a few movies alone. First select a few excellent scripts to hone your acting skills."

Brooke had been acting in movies for 12 years before getting the role in 《Running Out of Time》, and after spending more than a decade moving around in the movie industry circles, she understood that if she wants wants to emerge as a star on her own, the most important is to have excellent performing skills, and rely on these skills to attain a move award, and from their move into the mainstream movies.

But this road was not going to work for her, because she is too beautiful, and even if she could act a little, it would be covered up by her face and her devilish figure, so not to mention that she does not have the kind of acting ability, even if she returns to her own industry circles, she can only play the role of a vase, with little chance of ever raising her status.

Of course, Brooke understands that even if she has to play the role of a vase, it should be a vase in a big production movie. Even a supporting vase in a large production is more influential than the protagonist in the small production.

It is a pity that although Brooke Shield has some fame, she is just a pretty star. It is not enough to attract the interest of Hollywood mainstream movie circles. There are many beautiful and acting actresses in this circle. A big production movie dared to invite her to be a vase was nominated by the Razzies several times. Eric could be the first director to dare to \'eat crabs\' in recent years. TN: It\'s a pun

"Eric, I know my strength. If I go back to the movie circle alone, I will never be able to break through. You... If you have time tomorrow, can I invite you to a meal, to thank you."

"No need, Brooke," Eric said, refusing, noting the girl\'s sly look, and quickly added: "To tell the truth, after the release of 《Running Out of Time》, I believe that with the influence of your role, you will definitely recieve a lot of movie invitations, as long as you can carefully select the script, even if it is a vase role in several movies, as long as the movie is solid, you will definitely be among the ranks of A-level actresses, so you don’t have to pin your hopes on me completely."

Brooke was very disappointed with Eric’s refusal, but after hearing the last few words of Eric, she began to understand. Although she is not very smart, she can still understand that if《Running Out of Time》makes her a hot topic, she really will not have to go back to shooting low budget movies.

"So, Eric, I still want to thank you," Brooke thought about it, and finally showed a satisfactory look, as if that previous expression of loss had never appeared on her face. When she was ready, her attractive eyes blinked twice, and she suddenly stepped forward to hold Eric’s shoulder, and began kissing him gently into the corners of his mouth, and as she saw Eric’s stunned expression following her sudden sneak attack, she showed a brilliant smile, before turning around and walking back to the banquet hall.

Eric touched his lips and shook his head and smiled and walked back to the banquet hall.

"Eric, you were gone for so long, are you sure others won\'t envy you?" Seeing Eric had appeared, Tom Hanks walked up to him and handed him a glass of champagne, as he took a sly look at Brooke who was chatting with others nearby.

Eric took a sip of champagne and revealed a knowing smile.

Hanks also showed a smirk, and the two exchanged a perverted gaze. Then Hanks relieved his expression, so that his next words would not be misunderstood: "Eric, my own movies, I am waiting."

Hanks also stretched out five fingers in front of Eric\'s eyes, seemingly reminding him not to forget the promise of the five box office of over 100 million movies, as in the agreement, Eric could not count the《Running Out of Time》 in five movies.

"The script has been around for a long time," Eric said. "After completing the last dubbing of《Running Out of Time》, you can prepare."

Hanks is also a workaholic, especially in recent years. He managed to film two or three movies a year, which made him one of the most diligent in the acting circles. When he heard Eric’s words, Hanks\'s spirit improved: “Tell me some of the plot first?”

"Let\'s go over there," Eric pointed to a sofa in the corner, just then a coupe had left to join the dance floor. Hanks nodded, and the two of them moved over.

"It is also a romantic comedy, called «Sleepless in Seattle», it\'s a script that I accidentally thought of when I went to New York."

"A romantic love comedy?" Hanks hesitated and touched his face, in the past Hanks was a little handsome, and he had been in a few romantic comedies. But after he reached 30 years of age, Hanks was basically not able to fit the role of the more handsome characters.

"Eric, do you think my image is suitable for this kind of movie?"

"Don\'t worry, this is not a romantic romantic comedy between an ordinary young man and women," Eric explained. "You will be in the movie, acting as a single father."

"Single father!?"

"Wait, don\'t get angry yet, Tom, listen to me to finish the story first ok?"

"OK!" Hanks lowered his raised hand.

Eric continues: "The story is like this. After the wife accidentally died, the infatuated Sam was always unable to forget his wife for a long time, so he decides to leave Chicago sadly, with his eight-year-old son Jonah and they move to Seattle. A year later, on Christmas Day, his son Jonah dialed onto a emotional radio hotline in the United States to find a new wife for the father who still did not leave the shadow of his previous wife. By coincidence, this The emotional phone hotline connected Sam\'s family with a woman named Anne who lived far away in New York. Although Anne was engaged, she was moved by Sam\'s infatuation and couldn\'t help but write a letter to Sam. With the letter falling into the hands of Sam\'s son Jonah, and Jonah feeling that Anne would be very good with his father, he decided to reply to the letter for his father. He wrote saying the two will meet on the top floor of the Empire State Building in New York.

«An Affair to Remember»?” Part way through the narration of Eric, Hanks blurts out.

Eric nodded: "There will be lots in the movie that pays homage to «An Affair to Remember»"

"Eric, according to what you said, won\'t this movie be simple?"

Eric smiled and spread his hand: "Tom, I just told you the story. It\'s a standard high-quality movie idea. The story is simple and clear. Some clichés cam be main features of high-quality movies. For a movie, if you want it to gross well, you must first have a simple and clear story line. The rest, well that depends on the strengths of the director and the actors."