I'm in Hollywood - Chapter 139

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After receiving an invitation from Eric, John Aniston quickly agreed with almost no consideration. Between being a soap opera actor or a TV producer, few people would be willing to choose the former, as whether it was a screenwriter or an actor from Hollywood, they were nothing compared to the top-level directors. As one\'s career progressed, to a certain extent, it will always develop in the direction of a producer.

To this end, John Aniston resigned some of his positions at NBC, while at the same time greatly reducing his role in《Days of Our Lives》. Although he is already in his fifties this year, and his age is equal to Jeffrey’s, but his career is not much weaker than when he was young.

Whilst the box office dividends of «Home Alone» and 《Pretty Woman》 are not recovered at all, fireflies are not short of money, because of Eric\'s two huge loans. The budget for the production of each episode of this TV series is about 200,000 USD. The total investment is only 5 million US dollars, equivalent to the investment of «The Others».

The Friends project quickly started in early May with the addition of John Aniston. The crew rented two giant studios from the 20th Century Fox to shoot all the scenes in Friends. In his past life "Friends" was basically all shot in Warner Studios in Los Angeles.

Although Eric didn\'t want Fox to participate in the TV series, it would be too deliberate to go to Warner or Columbia if renting a studio. At a meeting, Eric suggested that they build a studio dedicated to Friends, but he was opposed by both Jeffrey and John. The two agreed that it was too costly and not worth the losses. Eric therefore had to give up temporarily.

As for the actors, Eric fantasised that if he could gather the six people from his past life, then that would be perfect. "Friends" was appearing five years earlier than in his previous life, so according to the current date, several of the starring actors were only 20 to 24 years old, and even the oldest Lisa Kudrow was only 26 years old. If they started to act now, then after ten years, the actors will not have obvious age marks in the camera.

The main reason why the past "Friends" ended in the tenth season, although the actor salary is part of the reason, but the most important thing was that the age of the actors was no longer suitable for this classic to continue; As in the tenth season, playing Phoebe is a forty-one year old Lisa Kudrow, who had already played the role of a mother on the big screen. It would have been very out of sorts for her to continue to appear as a young woman.

Naturally, gathering the same set of six from the past was doomed from the start if one thought about it. Matthew Perry, who played one of the young thieves in «Home Alone», is now a premier movie actor, and anyone who tries to make a Hollywood star work on a sitcom is simply an idiot.

As for the others, Eric did have some of their movies in his memory. But before this year, Eric only had an impression of Courtney Cox playing a small role in 《Cocoon: The Return》. The others didn\'t even have a shadow now. It would be like trying to find a needle in a haystack, so Eric could only patiently start picking replacements for the other five friends from among the applicants.

On May 10th, Sunday, the filming of 《Running Out of Time》 has reached the last act. In next week of working days, so long there is not too big of an accident, the filming will have finished smoothly.

Therefore today, as Eric could find the time, he carried out the final 《Friends》 audition, this was the last audition, as because of the Eric\'s request beforehand, the crew carried out the first auditions, therefore they have only used ten days of time. The sets that were being built in the two Fox studios were in the initial building period, as auditions of actors entered the last round.

In Eric\'s plan, during the late period of Mid-May to Mid-June, the classic shots of 《Friends》were to be shot so they could be inserted into 《Running Out of Time》, and the official shooting of the TV series was only after the release of 《Running Out of Time》in July. According to the plan given by Fox, the release of the TV series will be in early September, just after the end of the summer movie runs, as the fall of American dramas begins.

Moreover, Eric was expected to spend only two weeks to personally film the first two episodes of the TV series. After completing this matter, he will need to continue the preparation for the two films in the second half of the year, and moreover also he also needs to work for the release of the other three. Basically, it is impossible to have the leisure time in the second half of the year.

At 8 o\'clock in the morning, Eric walked into the company and saw many men and women waiting in the hallway. These people obviously knew Eric. After Eric’s appearance, they all greeted Eric. Several young girls openly looked at Eric with profound gazes. Eric then faced everyone, nodded and walked into the audition room.

He hadn\'t seen the final round of actors until now, and all the actors also had no clue Eric would be conducting interviews. It was not like «The Others» and 《Scent of a Woman》where everyone was drawn from his circle.

"Jeffrey, John, good morning." Into the audition room, Eric saw that Jeffrey and John Aniston had been waiting here, and the two were whispering to each other. When they sensed Eric’s arrival they stood up to greet Eric.

"Good morning, Eric."

"Eric, morning."

Eric walked behind them to a long table and sat down. A blonde female assistant took the initiative to go up to Eric and put a stack of information in front of him. She also bent over and spoke: "Mr. Williams, this is the full list of interview actors today, and the order has been marked above."

When the girl spoke, Eric did not know whether it was intentional or not, but her chest was positioned just right. In front of Eric\'s face, the top button on the white shirt was not fastened, and Eric easily saw the beautiful scenery of the girl\'s breasts.

D**, yes, it looks like you can\'t hold it. Eric thought so thoughtfully, and glanced at the side, noticing how John Aniston couldn\'t see the scene, and thinking that his face would certainly not be too good if he saw.

The crew of "Friends" was built of his own network in the TV circle. The blonde is also a more experienced staff member he has found. Now that Eric is his daughter\'s boyfriend, in order to make sure John Aniston is happy, Eric was left guessing how long this girl can stay part of the crew.

However, perhaps the girl did not understand the relationship between John Aniston and Eric very well, or she understood and didn\'t care, so she continued to make moves on Eric in front of John\'s face. With Eric being a young man at his current age, Hollywood has several ambitious women who are willing to try and attract his attention. This is not the first time Eric has encountered such bait.

Once the girl had finished spoken, and Eric had eaten enough of the proverbial tofu that was before him, he nodded: "Well, I understand."

"So, my name is Linda Grant but Mr. Williams, you can call me Linda." The girl straightened up and consciously or unconsciously showed her wonderful body wrapped in a professional suit.

"Thank you, Miss Linda," Eric smiled as he looked at the girl and thanked her.

The voice of John Aniston finally rang out: "Linda, let the young people waiting for the interview prepare, then let\'s start right away."

"Okay, Mr. Aniston." The girl nodded and turned around. The beautiful buttocks wrapped in a tight skirts went out of the audition room.

"Cough, Eric, Linda... is married, her husband is the sound engineer of the crew." John Aniston didn\'t know what to think. When the girl went out, she whispered to Eric. Such a seductress.

Eric shrugged innocently: "John, I can\'t do anything."

"Eric, although it\'s inevitable that things are going on in Hollywood, you\'d better be careful not to hurt Jenny, she\'s actually still a very simple little girl.”

Eric’s guiltily nodded: “Rest assured, John, I will pay attention.”

John Aniston shook his head: "Actually, I hope that you can break up with Jenny on own initiative.”

Eric immediately refused: "Unless Jenny takes the initiative to leave me, I will not break up with her."

As Eric finished, he secretly added in his heart, even if she wants to leave me, I will try to get the little girl back. Of course, these kind of words can not be said, otherwise it\'s difficult to ensure John will not make trouble.

John Aniston certainly couldn\'t guess Eric\'s psychological activity, and he patted on his shoulder before starting the audition.

Eric now had the opportunity to look down at the list of actors.

Sure enough, at first glance, none are to become famous move stars in the future. Eric has not seen many American TV dramas in the past, so he didn\'t know the people from these American drama circles. These are young people in their twenties after all, and there are very few who will be able to catch a break. When the American drama becomes more sophisticated and can even challenge the status of the film more than ten years later, these people are already thirty or forty years old. Even in the American dramas then, they are all insignificant supporting roles.

The long list of auditions turned over and did not find a familiar name. Bored to death as he turned to the last page, it was a page of actresses who asked for the role of Phoebe Buffay. Eric finally found a familiar name and was very familiar with it: Nicole Kidman, This made Eric a little surprised, how could Nicole Kidman come to apply for a TV series?

Eric carefully checked the spelling and decided that the name was completely correct. So he waved to Linda, who was coming in again. The blonde immediately joined him and seriously asked: "Mr. Williams, is there something? "

"Where is the detailed actor information, I want to look at the information of the audition actors in the afternoon."

"Please wait."

Linda responded, went out, and took a few folders and after a while came back in: "Mr. Williams, they are all here."

"Thank you, call me Eric," Eric said thanks, regardless of the curiosity of Jeffrey and John Aniston. He started to rummage and quickly found Nicole Kidman\'s profile.

Just a look, Eric recognised the woman in the photo on the information, brown wavy hair, round face, blue glasses, sexy nose, thin lips.

After a quick look, the girl\'s resume showed that she stayed on an Australian TV series called 《Bangkok Hilton》, and she also participated in several TV series and movies.

That is to say, the 《Dead Calm》 that allowed Nicole Kidman to enter Hollywood is gone. Is this also the butterfly effect brought by himself?

Eric thought as he folded the corners of the paper, and finally had to admit that the facts were certain. Since he published Jurassic Park last year, and began to enter Hollywood through «17 Again», Everything in this world has changed. This reminds Eric of the dominoes that he saw in previous lives. As soon as the first domino is pushed, it will cause thousands of dominoes to fall. This is the most vivid interpretation of the butterfly effect.

According to the time in memory, Nicole Kidman should have participated in "《Dead Calm》before she came to Hollywood, and then quickly hooked up Tom Cruise through 《Days of Thunder》 to stir up the originally single Cruise. She joined his family and became Mrs. Cruise, and she has since become a top vase in Hollywood and a silent vase actor. After more than a decade, she also won the Oscar for Best Actress.

Thinking pasg these trivial materials, Eric can only come to a conclusion, this is a very powerful woman.

Among the women around Cruise, she was one of the best in her development. Even after divorcing Cruise, not only was she not negatively affected, but she went up to the next level and quickly entered 20 million salary club, and successfully won the Oscar for best actress.

Others, such as Cruise\'s first wife, did not leave any impression at all. The last wife, Katie Holmes, did not get any benefit from Cruise. After the divorce, because of her predecessor, the previously madame Cruise\'s status, no one was willing to employ her.

Throughout the morning interview, Eric wanted to be more interested in this woman. When she took a break at noon, Eric gave a look to the female assistant who had been trying to seduce him and came to the stairs at the end of the corridor.

"Eric, is there something?" Linda was curious and nervously looking at Eric. She felt that she had no preparations yet. This little director would not have to do anything here.

"It\'s like this, Linda," Eric took out a page: "This Miss Nicole Kidman, after she finishes the interview in the afternoon, you take her to my office and let her wait there. I, I want to talk to her alone."

Linda took the information and looked at Nicole Kidman\'s photo and found that this woman was much more beautiful than herself. She was somewhat lost, but she nodded: "Okay, Eric, I will tell her, you... anything else?”

Eric shook his head honestly: “No.”

“Oh,” Linda lowered her head and rubbed her toes on the concrete floor. After a few moments, just as she had the courage to look up and say something, she found that there was no one in front of her.

"This incomprehensible little guy is really... too irritating." The girl slammed her feet and turned and walked back in disappointment.

After an afternoon audition, the remaining five characters have been initially determined. Eric also encountered Nicole Kidman, who participated in the audition at about 4 pm. The girl’s performance was completely free of any problems, but in comparison to the Lisa Kudrow of his memory, this Nicole Kidman is too beautiful in comparison.

Monica Geller’s role has identified a brunette beauty, similar to Courteney Cox. If Phoebe Buffay was chosen as a big beauty, then this sitcom will definitely have some large alterations. So Eric and John and others basically did not consider Nicole Kidman, but chose another girl who looks more ordinary.

At five o\'clock, the audition was over. Eric and John Aniston and others in the conference room had been negotiating the filming plan for Friends until 7:00 pm, and all the talents had left.

Eric’s thoughts turned around in a mess, almost forgot about the female assistant’s previous promise. When he walked out of the company’s office building, he thought about it and quickly turned back. Now that the sky is dark, Eric is not sure if Nicole Kidman will leave early, but this possibility is not great. With this woman’s intelligence, it is impossible to leave early, it was estimated by Eric that even if it he doesn\'t appear this evening, this woman will patiently stay in his office.

Pushing open the door of the office, he saw a woman sitting on the sofa. With only a desk lamp to light the office, it was quite dark. Eric recognised the other party at a glance and she saw Eric open the door. Upon coming in, the girl also stood up.

Eric closed the door and turned on the office lights. "Hello, Miss Kidman."

"Hello, Mr. Williams."

The girl\'s face was not impatient, with a faint smile. In the first two steps, she took the initiative to reach out her hand and grasp onto Eric. Eric glanced inadvertently and found that the girl was barefoot, the high-heeled shoes placed to the side unexpectedly.

She’s a careful woman, and she can notice the details like height. Eric is only one meter eighty tall in the first place. Nicole Kidman is probably also around this height. Perhaps the girl thought that if wears the high-heeled shoes, and is therefore taller when compared with Eric, he might be unhappy.

Eric sighed and returned to his position to sit down: "Sorry, Miss Kidman, I have been keeping you waiting, as I have been in a meeting."

"It doesn\'t matter, Mr. Williams, you can call me Nicole.”

"Good, Nicole, similarly, just calling me Eric will be OK.” Eric said, his body lying against the leather seats, no longer speaking, as he really looked at the woman in front of him.

Nicole Kidman didn\'t bother to ask Eric his intention for having him wait here. Maybe she didn\'t even have to ask, this kind of thing is obvious, isn\'t it?