I'm in Hollywood - Chapter 138 part2

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As she thought about what he said, something dawned on her; this guy didn\'t come to see her because he missed her, he specifically came here because he originally wanted her to connect him to her father. Feeling disgusted, she shook off his arm and asked: "You came here tonight ...... Just for this matter?"

Seeing that things aren\'t right, Eric hurriedly hugged Aniston, then kissed her red lips and said: "Of course not, I came over because I missed you."

"No, don\'t kiss me ... hmph."

She tried to push him away but found that not only did his tongue invade her mouth, and his big hands has also opened the hem of her pajamas, and started fondling her.

Feeling his skilled hands cover her tender soft breasts, Aniston body slightly trembled and froze for a moment. Geeting back to her self Aniston tried again to escape his clutches, but in doing so, she ended up scratching him a little on the arm.

Felling the pain, and seeing that she wasn\'t going to surrender, Eric pushed her back on the sofa and said: "Oh, what a tough girl. Let\'s how long you can keep resisting." (TN Note: that kinda sound he\'s trying to rape her.)

"Wait, let\'s go to the bedroom first."

"No, I\'m so horny right now that I want to do it here on the couch."

"I\'m angry at you, you bastard, you did not apologize to me for that day. And... And you give that big breasted woman a movie, but you only give me a role in a TV series."

Eric laughed and did not answer because Aniston knew perfectly well that if she asked Eric for a film role, he would surely give her one, so at this time she was just acting spoiled. Ignore the grumbling little girl, Eric stood up and began to take off his clothes.

A moment later, Aniston felt his hot body touch her cold skin, as he Eric knelt on the sofa between her legs.


Along time later, the intense movements in the living room slowed down, but he was still going, leaving Aniston whole body covered with a fine sheen of sweat.

The Exalted Aniston raised her head slightly and told Eric with a glare: "Are you satisfied now you bastard."


A few moments later a gust of wind poured into the living room through the balcony, making Eric feel a little chilly, looking at the goosebumps on the pale skin of the sweaty girl. Eric picked her up and took her to the bathroom, filled the bathtub with warm water, and sat with her in his embrace enjoying the warm water.

Feeling content, Aniston leaned back on Eric\'s chest, closed her eyes in satisfaction, feeling that everything would have been perfect if it wasn\'t for the thing getting again hard behind her.

Eric put some shower gel in his hand, and started lathering her creamy skin, and said: "Ha, did you think we finished, this is just the start."

"Well ... I don\'t care, you solve it yourself," said Aniston who was comfortably soaking in the warm water.

With his hands still roaming all over her body, Eric laughed and said: "Didn\'t they teach you in school to always finish what you started.

"No, I only remember that the story of Washington and the cherry tree that was meant to teach us, to be honest, is false and that textbooks are deceptive Washington had no cherry tree in his backyard."

"Ok," Eric laughed: "But that still a good story."

"It\'s too ironic to teach people to be honest by cheating them, and then I was never interested in reading stories like those anymore. Because when I grow up, I didn\'t want to find that all the things I was thought were fake, there was no cherry tree, Edison didn\'t help save his mother’s life during an appendectomy by using mirrors to reflect light from candles, thereby giving doctors enough light to operate. And the apple didn\'t fall on Newton\'s head ...... "

"I see," Eric nodded.

Aniston looked back at him and asked: "what do you understand?"

Eric gently fondled her small breasts and said with a smile: "I understand that you are trying to divert the topic, Don\'t worry, you can\'t run away from me tonight."

"I\'m sour," Aniston suddenly wanted to get up, but Eric pulled her back into his embrace: "No, you can\'t run."

"I\'m not running, I just need a break" Aniston shouted and tried to get out of Eric\'s arms.

But her struggling only served to ignite his passion as her rump rubbed against him under water, "let\'s do it here, the water is warm. Plus, I always wanted to do it in a bathtub."

"Well, eh?" as wanted to keep struggling, she suddenly felt him enter her, and all she could do is protest: "Don\'t... ... don\'t push there, that the wrong place."

"Certainly not," Eric said with a grin, and held her waist tightly, then pushed.

"Ah! Eric Williams, I\'m going to kill you! "



"Go away!"


"Don\'t touch me."

"I... got some medicine. "

"Oh, why don\'t you kill me directly, you bastard."

"I didn\'t know it was going to be like this, I thought you were just bluffing."

"Fuck off Eric, and go play with your big breasted woman butt, you asshole I\'m going to break up with you."

"Okay, Okay, now stop moving and, let me apply the medicine."