I'm in Hollywood - Chapter 138 part1

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After slamming the door in Eric\'s face, Aniston triumphantly leaned against the door, waiting for him to knock at the door again.

At the same time, she wondered how she should deal with him, she should at least make him beg her to let him in, as for letting him stay for the night, will ...... that depends on his performance.

Aniston wildly thought of how she would deal with him, but after a couple of minutes passed, there was no movement outside the door.

"Humph, he\'s definitely trying to trick me, don\'t think I\'ll fall for it."

Although she quietly murmured that she wouldn\'t break down and let him in, Aniston couldn\'t help but peak from the cat\'s eye in the door, but Aniston found that she could only see darkness outside because the sound controlled lights on the corridor have gone out.

"Damn that guy, he must be hiding in the dark waiting for me to take the initiative to open the door." Aniston thought, her heart becoming restless, finally, after waiting for close to five minutes, Aniston couldn\'t help but open the door a little bit to take a look. But because the door was blocked by the anti-theft chain, Aniston could only see a narrow field of vision, and all she saw was a quiet, empty corridor.

So Aniston decided to unplug the pin out of the anti-theft chain lock, open the door and walk outside.

Right as Aniston stepped outside, a pair of big hands caught her by the waist and picked her up.

"Ah!" Although she was aware of who caught her, Aniston still screamed and punched him on the shoulder.

"You bastard, scumbag, help ah!"

Laughing Eric gave her a slap on the ass then walked into the apartment and shut the door behind him.

The pain from her buttocks caused Aniston to feel shame and anger, so she started struggling in his arms trying to escape his clutches: "That hurt, you asshole, let me down."

Getting annoyed by her screams, Eric gave her another slap on the ass. This time not as hard as the first one, except this time he left his hand on her buttocks and kneaded it a few times while saying in a soft voice: "Honey, stop screaming if you don\'t stop the neighbors will call the police on us."

Aniston hit him a few times on the back and said: "Who let you come in? This is ... ... This is a private housing."

"Wow, that is a big accusation, you\'re not gonna shoot me, right?" Eric said as he put Aniston on the sofa in the living room.

As soon as she got free from his clutches, Aniston picked a pillow from the sofa and throw it at him, then she sat back on the couch,

and glared at Eric.

Ignoring the angry girl, Eric walked into the kitchen, opened the refrigerator, took out a can of cold beer, and went and sat beside the agitated Aniston: "I didn\'t buy the beer for you ...... I bought it for myself."

Acting shameless Eric took a sip from the can of beer, smacked his lips and said: "Well, you have great taste in beer."

"Humph, Well finish the beer, and go home, I\'m going to sleep." just as she finished talking, a knock came from the door, followed by a man\'s voice: "Miss Aniston, are you ok?"

After a brief moment of surprise, Eric asked: "Who is he."

"Probably a noisy neighbor."

"Will you are the one who started yelling." Eric retorted.

"That\'s your fault," Aniston stood up and walked toward the door, followed by Eric. When they opened the door, they found a middle-aged couple carefully standing at the door, the man was holding a Baseball Bat, while the woman was holding a Baking Roller.

When they saw that Aniston who opened the door was safe and sound, they relaxed a little bit.

"Miss Aniston, we heard you call for help ... ..." The man looked at the tall figure of Eric behind Aniston with a vigilant look in his eyes.

Seeing the man focus on Eric, Aniston opened the door wide, Hugged Eric\'s arm and made an intimate gesture, and explained: "Sorry for disturbing you, Mr. Bertman ... ... My boyfriend surprised me, which made me scream."

"Hello, Mr. Bertman, my name is Eric, sorry to disturb you." Eric took the initiative to reach out and shake their hand.

"It does not matter," Mr. Bertman said as he shook hands with Eric.

After exchanging small talk, Mr. Bertman politely refused Aniston and Eric invitation to enter and have a cup of coffee, and left with his wife.

.... ....

After closing the door, Aniston immediately released Eric\'s arm and went back to sitting on the couch, Eric soon followed and sat beside her then hugged her, at first Aniston symbolically resisted, but she soon gave up and leaned on his shoulders.

"Jenny, have you been in touch with your father lately?"

Aniston raised her head slightly and said: "Yes ah, why do you ask?"

"What is John doing recently?" Eric did not answer her immediately, instead, he asked.

"I\'m not sure about what he is doing," Aniston said, fiddling while fiddling with her fingers: "But I know he has been working on a show called 《》 for the past four years."

"So ...... Can you help me ask your dad? If he\'s interested in being a producer of a TV series."

Aniston asked with some doubt: "a TV series?"

"I\'m talking about the TV series I spook to you about before, the one you agreed to take a role in," said Eric, explaining in detail to Aniston.

"You mean, you are gonna let my dad be the producer of 《》?"

Eric nodded: "Jeffrey isn\'t good at producing TV shows, and for a while, we couldn\'t find a trusted person to be the producer. I could ask Fox to help, but I don\'t want them to intervene in this series, so I thought of your dad."