I'm in Hollywood - Chapter 137 part4

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"I understand what you want to say," Eric said as he scratched his head: "But now is not the time, in the future, I will certainly share with others, but now we have to take as much as we can alone."

Showing a helpless expression Jeffrey said: ""Well, when do we start preparing for the TV show?"

"We are gonna start tomorrow," Eric said: "I called you here today, to discuss this matter, we have to start this project as soon as possible. I intend to insert a few shots of 《》 into some scenes in 《》."

Jeffrey showed a confused look on his face and asked: "Eric, are you saying that you are going to insert shots from 《Friends》 like a patch Ad, even if Colombia agreed to this, it\'s not worth it, and may even cause the audience disgusted."

"It\'s not a patch ad," Eric denied and started explaining his intentions to Jeffrey in detail.

"It\'s a good idea," Jeffrey nodded, then asked: "but we only have less than two months time left, and you promised Fox to personally direct the first two episodes of 《Friends》, do you think you can do this?"

Eric shook his head: "No, I do not need to completely finish shooting the episodes, all we need to do is shoot the scenes I want to integrate into the film, the rest we can do later. What we need to do now is to find the actors, and to build the set so we can shoot the clips as fast as possible."

Jeffrey thought that this plan was feasible, and if the plan succeeds, 《Friends》 will have free publicity, what\'s more, the audience wouldn\'t even know that they saw an Ad.

"But, Eric, I don\'t have any experience in producing TV shows, maybe you need an experienced TV producer."

"I said, I will not let Fox intervene in this matter," Eric said: "So, Jeffrey, you\'ll have to find a way."

Jeffrey revealed a little smile, and said in a teasing voice: "Actually, Eric, someone you are close to, know a TV producer."

Thinking about it for a few moments, the image of the father of a small stubborn girl appeared in his mind, John Aniston.

"Are you talking about John Aniston, isn\'t he an actor," Eric first reaction is to resist the proposal, after all, he is the father of his girlfriend, an angry girlfriend.

Eric shut the fail in his hand, slightly nodded his head and said: "I\'ll try to contact him as soon as possible, Id he doesn\'t accept then you\'ll have to do it."

Jeffrey nodded: "So, about the actors?"

"The role of been fixed," Eric said: "That leaves us with the other Five roles, I\'ll go back and write down the characters\' demands this night, and I\'ll make sure to give it to you tomorrow. You should start the auditions as soon as possible, but make sure to keep things small, not like the other auditions, we don\'t have the time to go through thousands of applications and interviews. The actors should at least have experience acting in other movies and movie shows, we don\'t have the time to train them, and make sure they are willing to sign with the UTA."

"I\'m sure not a lot of people will be tempted to come to the auditions," Jeffrey laughed: "after all, a TV series isn\'t as tempting as a movie."

---- ---

After a few hours discussing things, Eric left the Firefly\'s office building and went to Aniston\'s apartment. He decided it was better to leave inviting John Aniston to be the producer to Aniston.

When he arrived at the door of Aniston\'s apartment, he decided not to knock at the door. Instead, he took out the spare key she always kept under the flowerpot by the door. But when he tried to open the lock he found that the door was locked from the inside.

Smart girl, Eric thought bitterly, put the key back under the flowerpot, then knocked on the door.

"Who?" he faintly heard the sound of Aniston. A moment later, she opened just a little, Eric tried pushing the door, but he found that she had installed a new shiny security door chain, he knows that the chain was new, because the last time he came to see her, there was no door chain attached to the door.

She definitely installed it because of him.

Trying to break the ice, Eric said in a very hippie tone asked: "Hey little girl, I heard you can\'t fall asleep, do you need a strong young man to cuddle with."

"Beat it," Aniston glared at Eric and slammed the door in his face.

...... ......

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