I'm in Hollywood - Chapter 137 part2

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After Hanks who was acting as the taxi driver familiarized himself with the road he had to take, Eric gave the order to start the tedious filming process that was gonna last the entire day.

Staring at the monitor, Eric watched the performance of two men inside the car and listened to their dialogue using headphones, although the sound wasn\'t clear, and the noise of the car engine was creating some disturbance, he could still hear what they were saying. Later he will have to re-dubb this scene, and he will use this soundtrack as reference material, to synchronize their speech and their lips movements.

By the end of the day, Eric couldn\'t remember how many times he had to reshoot this scene, and by the afternoon, he was so tired of sitting he had to ask the staff to deliberately elevated the monitor so he can watch the monitor while standing. Although Eric was feeling a bit tired, he had to keep going.

and had plenty of time to rest because every hour they spent filming, the two had a break, to ensure they stayed in good shape, so they didn\'t end up looking tired.

But when they rest, he had to work on arranging other shots, because he promised the community agency to take only one day today on this street. Because of that, he had to make sure everything went smoothly so he can accumulate enough materials, just in case a problem comes up in the future.

On the small monitor, Andy slowly zipped down his coat, pulled out his pistol, and casually asked: "Where do you want to go?"

"To the nearest police station." Sean calmly glanced at the rear-view mirror and looked at Andy who was slowly screwing the silencer to the pistol.

Andy looked out the window and smiled: "You alone?"

Sean shrugged and said indifferently: "Yep!"

"You\'re not armed. Aren\'t you afraid that I might kill you?"

"If you shoot." Sean turned his head and said calmly: "The care will crash over."

"Yes, it\'s dangerous." Andy\'s slowly rolled down the window and said: "You will win if you take me to the police station."

Poking his silenced pistol out of the window Andy said: "l don\'t always aim accurately," and pulled the trigger without hesitation.

When the scene progressed up to here, Eric shouted: "Cut!"

Hearing Eric\'s voice, the taxi stopped and and got out of the car at the same time, with Nicole who was in the co-pilot seat getting out last while carrying the camera in his hand.

After the three people left the taxi, a staff member quickly approached the taxi and drove it back to its original location.

Many props and vehicles on the road also had to be transferred back to the starting point in an Orderly manner, to Wait for the start of another shot.

Eric told the three people about the flaws he noticed in the shot. When everything was transferred back to the starting point, Cruise and Hanks go back in the taxi, followed by Nicole who was carrying the camera.

Soon after that, the shooting started again.


《》 isn\'t a movie with too much depth, it\'s a movie about a seventy-two hours contest between a policeman and a robber. When he makes the movie trailer, he will certainly use the plot ups and downs to market the film to the general audience.

Action movies don\'t need to have deep plots to succeed, sometimes people just want to watch a film full of action scenes, and he was gonna give them just that, a cool film filled with commercials.

A film like this doesn\'t even need the actors to have hight acting skills, as long as the actors have decent acting skills, the film can succeed. That\'s why having and the two superstars on board is such a good thing because as long as he makes a decent movie, the film was guaranteed to succeed.

From mid-April to mid-May, The cast spent most of their time on the streets of downtown Los Angeles, sometimes they stayed on a street for two or three days, and sometimes it took them just half a day to complete the shots. To make a long story short, the process can only be described as boring.

...... ......

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