I'm in Hollywood - Chapter 136 part3

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Hearing Eric\'s explanation, Virginia blushed and said: "You should spend more time with her, all girls like getting attention from their boyfriends."

"Well, let\'s not talk about it, I came to see you because I heard you are going to England the day after tomorrow? I spoke to Jonathan, and he said he will finish 《The Others》 before September, before the Venice Film Festival, so you are expected to stay in the UK for a long time."

Virginia took a sip from her cup of coffee, and asked: "Aren\'t you going to visit the crew in England?"

Eric shook his head: "I\'m not sure, 《》 is scheduled to be released in July, if I can smoothly finish filming by the middle of May, then I will go to England, if the shooting is not smooth, then I probably won\'t go."

"Oh," Virginia nodded and changed the topic.

After chatting for a few minutes, Eric patted his stomach and said: "Ah, Vicky, I\'m hungry."

Virginia hurriedly got up and said: "I\'m gonna go to the supermarket, so what do you want to eat?"

Eric stopped her and said: "don\'t bother, just casually make something light."

"Well, I have spaghetti," Virginia said as she walked into the kitchen.

After Virginia walked into the kitchen, Eric got up and walked upstairs to the second floor.

He went to the balcony in Virginia\'s bedroom, it was getting dark outside, but he could still see the sharp corner of Malibu from this balcony, he could even see a dim silhouette of the construction, it was expected that the building will be completed by the end of the year.

In addition to the iron man mansion, several villas and buildings will be built on the estate, to be used to entertain guests or for parties r for the staff.

Eric has seen the design of the entire estate, the villas and buildings were located on a flat terrain, away from the cliff, they were built there to save on the cost and to put more emphasis on the luxurious iron man mansion. In the design draft provided by Frank Gehry, the buildings were naturally fused together, with tunnels underground, and were separated with Facilities like gardens, stadiums, roads and so on, giving a totally natural feeling.

Of course, the entire project cost more than $20 million, he even had to hire a special accounting firm to monitor the financial situation of the project, since he made up his mind to build an ideal luxurious mansion. As long as the Frank Gehry didn\'t use any tricks to swallow the project funds, Eric didn\'t mind spending more than $20 million to build the mansion from his dreams.

After dinner, Eric was very tired, but he still patiently watched a boring soap opera with her.

"Eric, I heard that you intend to shoot a TV series?"

"Yes ah," Eric said as he put his hand on Virginia big chest: "it\'s a sitcom, A lot of big stars will be needed in cameos in the future, would you like to have a part?"

Virginia gently gasped, and said after she gave him a kiss: "if you want me to, then I will do it."

"Before you agree you should know that Jenny is one of the leading characters."

Virginia laughed, and said: "Oh, then I have to go, but you will have to tell your girlfriend not to bully me in public, anyway, you are the one responsible for coordinating this show, so I\'d like to see how you will handle your girlfriend when she starts bullying me in public."

"I wouldn\'t care," Eric laughed and said: "According to some ancient traditions in the East. If the house girl gets bullied by the first wife, the husband isn\'t allowed to intervene. Well, I will be happy to see how you will deal with her."

Although Virginia did not understand what a house girl meant, it didn\'t prevent her from understanding the meaning of the words. Acting hurt, Virginia bit him on the arm and said: "You\'re such a jerk."

Eric massaged his arm, and drew Virginia into his arms and sad: "All right, how about we go upstairs so I can show you how sorry I\'m."

"Mmmm ... ... ah, let me first turn off the TV."

Eric grabbed the remote control, turned off the TV, picked Virginia up, and walked upstairs.

The next day, Eric woke up at seven o\'clock, he hastily consumed his breakfast and let Virginia drive him to the studio.

Although they left before finishing the scene, Cruise and Hanks quickly got back into shape and completed the scene without any mistakes. And surprisingly , who was sad after hearing the bad news about missing the chance to star in 《Home Alone》 the day before, was very energetic this morning and ended giving a stellar performance. When he was performing his lines, some people in the crew couldn\'t help but laugh, because of Joe Pesci joyful voice. Even Tom Hanks showed concern that he may be suppressed by Joe Pesci performance.

For the next period of time, 《Running Out of Time》 shooting went according to plan, although the filming was advancing slowly, he still has a lot of time.

A few days later, the crew of 《The Others》 departed to the United Kingdom, in addition to the actors, the crew staff was selected by , Eric didn\'t intervene, after all, Jonathan has spent most of his adult life in Hollywood, not only does he have more experience than Eric, he even has more connections and contacts.

Eric didn\'t take the time to send them off, instead, Jeffrey who acted as one of the producers went with them, but after a few days with the cast in England, he came back.

By the middle of April, officially started shooting 《Scent of a Woman》, and at the same time, after more than 10 days of filming inside the studio, Eric finally completed all the indoor scenes, and began shooting the most difficult scenes, although he had all the scenes in his mind, when he started shooting them, he found that thing isn\'t as easy as he imagined.

...... ......

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