I'm in Hollywood - Chapter 136 part2

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"Just throw it into the garbage bin at the door," Virginia said as she pointed a bin by the villa gate.

When he came back, he found Virginia in the kitchen, making a cup of coffee with sugar and milk for him, so he said as he hugged her from behind: "Actually, I don\'t like coffee very much, I prefer drinking boiled water, boiled water is said to be a secret to longevity."

Virginia smiled and said as she added powdered coffee to a cup of hot water: "Why are you thinking of longevity at your young age, are you afraid of death?"

"Of course not, I\'m not scared of death, I\'m just afraid of regrets."

"Sorry, what regrets?"

Yes, what regret?

Eric put his chin on her shoulder and thought, about his regrets, he regretted not being able to see his kids grow up, and he also regretted not being able to shoot a movie on his own in his past life. Even though when he recriminated the film industry in China was dwindling, and he was past his forty\'s, he still didn\'t give up on making his own movie. He and several of his friends, spent a few years writing a script for a film but in the end, they didn\'t have enough money to make the film by them self, so they started searching for investors, but he found that they didn\'t have the connections to get the investment.

Unfortunately, the plan wasn\'t implemented, and he inexplicably incriminated in America in the year 1988. Now less than a year later, he was finally able to achieve his dream.

"Why did you suddenly stop talking?" turned and asked him.

"Nothing, I\'m just wondering if I suddenly die, what regrets would I have?"

Virginia put down the kettle of hot water, turned and looked at Eric\'s face with concern: "Eric, if you have the problem of always think about the issue of death, then I suggest you find a psychologist as soon as possible, maybe you are under too much pressure?"

"Of course not," Eric hastened to deny when he saw the worry in her eyes, he wanted to explain, but he didn\'t know where to start.

"Let\'s go to the living room to talk about it," Virginia said as she handed Eric his cup of coffee, and went to the living room with her own cup of coffee in her hand.

After sitting on the couch, Virginia asked: "How come you\'re here today? Aren\'t you living with Aniston?"

Eric gave her a bitter smile and said: "After what happened last time, Jane refused to come live with me, she went to the Burbank to rent her own house."

If he didn\'t happen to fall downstairs that day, Eric was sure getting Aniston back was gonna be close to impossible.

When he woke up from the come that morning, he took advantage of Aniston\'s exhausted mind, and her soft heart, to stop her from leaving him. And he even managed to get her agree to be a cast member of 《Friends》. But then he made another big mistake, he let her and Drew sleep on both sides of him on the hospital bed.

As a result, when he returned to his ward, after eating dinner with Jeffrey and Kapoor in the hospital restaurant. He found a scene of chaos, the pillow, and the quilt was thrown on the ground, and the girls fighting like two wild cats that have gone mad, they were twisted together on the hospital bed, screaming and tearing each other clothes, and trying to push each other off the bed, as if the bed was Eric himself and the last one on the bed is the one who will stay with them.

After a lot of coaxing Eric was able to break them apart, then Aniston wiped away her tears and accused Eric of always taking Drew side, and Drew also opened her smart mouth and advised Aniston to break up with him, so she doesn\'t suffer pain in the future when Eric leaves her. But Drew words had the opposite effect, instead of her breaking up with him, those words successfully aroused Aniston rebellious psychology, she publicly vowed that she will never leave Eric to her.

Hearing Aniston pledge not to leave him to Drew, Eric was secretly happy, but he quickly realized that she still didn\'t forgive him when Aniston chose to rent an apartment and not to live with him in the villa. Although she didn\'t say anything about breaking up she didn\'t let him have sex with her, instead, she started playing a cold war with him. And because he began working on 《》, he didn\'t have the time to coax her, so instead he started calling her several times a day, to try and gain her forgiveness.

...... ......

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