I'm in Hollywood - Chapter 136 part1

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and .

After reading their names, a list of movie names immediately popped into his mind, but he quickly dismissed them. With those images and names put in the corner, he got back to reading the names. In addition to the two previous superstars, he no longer saw any familiar names, even who was in the original version of 《》 couldn\'t be seen due to him making the film 3 years before the original version was made.

Although was 18 years this year, the same age as him, he will only show up in a movie called 《》 two years from now.

Of course, even if his name were on the list, Eric wouldn\'t give the role to him, because he didn\'t show a strong performance in the original version. Although there is performance to mask his weak presence, his performance was too lackluster and dull, so why bother wasting such important role on him.

After quickly going over the information of the thirty candidates, Eric took a pen from and put a mark behind and names. But after hesitating for a moment, Eric decided to choose for the role of Charlie Simms, he decides to give him the role, because he was handsome, and he had just turned eighteen this year, you could even say he was perfect for the role. As for , he was 14 years old this year, plus he looked scrawny.

After drawing a circle on name, Eric told who was closely watching his movements: "Martin, give the role of Charlie Simms to , as for , give him the role of Charlie\'s classmate George Willis. Also, I don\'t care if they are part of a brokerage firm or have their own broker if they want the role, they have to join the UTA."

"Eric, if the two don\'t agree to join the UTA?"

Eric gave Martin a strange look and said: "What qualifications do they have to refuse?"

At first, was surprised by what Eric said, but when he recalled the information of and , he laughed and said: "Indeed, the two rookies have no grounds to refuse."

Seeing Eric choose the two actors, in such a short time felt that Eric just wanted to show his dominance over the movie, just like felt when he saw Eric choose the young actors for 《》.

Although Martin thought that Eric was hasty and childish, he didn\'t refute him. After all, he was already forty years old, in his eyes, Eric was really just a child, so he couldn\'t blame him for doing such a thing. All he and can do is to screen out the right actors, so no matter which one Eric chooses, they will end up with good actors.

Eric didn\'t have any justification to why he choose the actors without reading all their resumes, and the reason he did so was exactly as Martin and others thought.

They spent forty minutes going from Columbia studio to Malibu, on the way Eric choose the actors for the other roles from the list, he mostly followed Martin advice, on who to select.

At the intersection of the Malibu coastal highway, Martin\'s car stopped, and Eric, wearing sunglasses and baseball caps, got off and said: "Thank you for bringing me here, Martin, Goodbye."

"Goodbye," Martin waved toward Eric and told the assistant to drive away.

After the Passat drove away, Eric walked to the villa not far away, took out the key give him, opened the gate, and walked in.

It was late in the afternoon, so the villa lights were already lit. As he walked through the door, he found Virginia standing there, she was wearing casual clothes, and carrying two big garbage bags."

"Ah!" was startled, by Eric who suddenly appeared in front of her, which made the hand garbage bags slip from her hands and fall to the ground.

"Eric, you! ... How come you\'re here?" she asked as she walked up to him to give him a hug.

Eric smiled and embraced her fragrant body, and give her a kiss on the cheek: "Why are you so nervous, you wouldn\'t be hiding a man at home?"

"I just didn\'t expect you to come to my home these days." Virginia rolled her eyes and said: "Even if I hide a man, what can you do to me?"

Eric pinched her cheek and said with a poker-face: "Well, there\'s a lot of methods to punish you, In some Eastern countries, women who cheat, will be sentenced to stoning. And in ancient times, in the east of China, they got drowned, they stripped the women, put her in a cage, then they throw the cage into a pond until she drowns."

"How could there be such a barbaric thing?" shivered.

"ah, I actually appreciate the way they used to punish women for cheating in India. it was very humane."

"Oh," showed a curious look.

Eric grinned and said: "In some parts of India when a woman was found cheating, the village head would summon the finest men in the village, and have the woman serve them one by one to ensure that the woman wouldn\'t want a man for the rest of her life."

"Wow, disgusting, you are only eighteen years old. Where did you learn such messy things."

"I learned them when I was born," Eric told the truth.

"Well, Mr. knowledgeable, is there any way to punish a man who cheats on his girlfriend? please tell me the cruelest one."

Eric coughed twice and said: "ah ...... have sex with him."

rolled her eyes and said: "don\'t talk nonsense, you go ahead, and I\'ll throw out the trash."

"Come on let me do it, it looks very heavy," Eric said as he grabbed the plastic bag.

...... ......

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