I'm in Hollywood - Chapter 135

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Eric returned to his seat, and give the order to start shooting again.

This scene was about three minutes long, so, of course, it\'s impossible to finish it in one breath, Eric divided the three minutes into seven shots with an average of less than thirty seconds. And for every shot, Eric tried to make things look perfect, so he took far more time in this scene than the other shots taken in the past few days.

and also gradually seemed to realize how stringent and demanding their own performance requirements for this role was, Eric also felt the shift in Cruise and Hanks attitude when they sometimes took the initiative in picking the flaws in their acting and asking to re-shoot the scene.

Eric was quite happy to see this situation happen, he didn\'t know when will the two superstars have the opportunity to cooperate again. Therefore, Eric also made up his mind to make sure that the scenes where the two superstars interact look perfect in every way.

"Cut ... ..."

Looking at his watch Eric found that more than an hour passed and they still hadn\'t finished filming this scene, they only shot five of the seven shots of the three minutes scene, the last two were the most important and the longest.

But unfortunately, the time to leave work has arrived, looking at the motivated two leading men, and at who spent more than an hour waiting nearby for his turn to play the role of chief inspector Commissioner, Eric said: "Well guys, it\'s time to get off work."

As an Asian guy, he has no aversion to working overtime, he even thought that spending another hour to complete the Scene was something that should be taken for granted.

But he found that he had severely underestimated how much the European and American people care about the eight-hour work system. As soon as they heard what he said, and quickly stood up smiled at each other and shook hands, then they separately packed up there things said goodbye to Eric and left, it clear to him that from the beginning to end they had no intention to work overtime.

Feeling frustrated, Eric helplessly shrug his shoulders and told the crew to pack their things and leave.

After that, Eric went to and apologized to him: "Sorry, Joe, I let you wait for an hour."

didn\'t mind, so he shook his head and said: "It\'s alright, Eric, I just watched a full hour of excellent performances, I am now worried that my performance will not be satisfactory."

"You don\'t have to worry about this, and I think it\'s who should be worried about you overshadowing him. Because your character lines and actions are designed to be hilarious."

"That\'s true, but I haven\'t acted in a comedy before, you know, I have been in the 《》, 《》 and《》, and recently 《》, and none of them have any comedy."

"Joe, I think you are more suitable for playing comedic roles, perhaps in this film, you will find your comedic talent To tell you the truth, when I wanted to film 《》, the first one I thought of when casting the role of Harry the thief was you."

Hearing what Eric said was slightly shocked, he felt that Eric didn\'t lie to him, nor does he need the deceive him. Thinking about the opportunity he missed, he felt somewhat sad, the box office of 《》 was close to breaking the $300 million mark, he couldn\'t even Imagine what a movie like that could do to his career.

"Then why ... ... ?"

Eric understood what the other side wanted to say, so he explained: "Because I couldn\'t afford you, The budget for 《》 was too small."

"Perhaps I would have accepted if you invited me."

"I don\'t think you would have accepted the offer, imagine if a little kid who has never made a movie come to you and offered you twenty thousand dollars to play in his movie, would you accept."

understood that what he said is the truth, although he wasn\'t a very famous actor, he was still an actor who won a best-supporting actor nomination. Unless he can see the future, he wouldn\'t have accepted a $20,000 paycheck, shaking his head Pesci said: "What a pity."

"Well, don\'t say that even though we weren\'t able to work together then, now we have another chance."

"That\'s true ... ah, I don\'t think I can sleep this night, I missed such a good opportunity."

"In life, we will all miss thousands of opportunities, so this is nothing," Eric said trying to comfort him.

"Forget it. I will go back first."

Seeing leave with a dejected look on his face, Eric began to regret telling him about 《》; he just wanted to use this topic to get closer to him so he can add him to his list of connections.

Hopefully, wouldn\'t dwell on it.

---- ----

After arranging everything else, Eric intended to leave, but he found the director of 《》 waiting for him at the door of the studio, with his assistant behind him holding a thick stack of papers.

Eric took a look at the stack of papers and immediately know what was in it, after greeting him, Eric asked: "Martin, didn\'t you say you will bring the list of the alternate cast the day after tomorrow, why so soon?"

"Sorry, Eric, originally I planned to bring them the day after tomorrow, but for a variety of reasons, I finished the screening two days ahead of time, also wanted to start as soon as possible, so I can only wait here for you."

"Why didn\'t Al come?" Eric asked curiously.

" has begun trying to figure out the role, these days he is trying to adapt to living as a blind man, I was explicitly told not to disturb him."

Eric nodded to show his understanding and pointed to the Passat parked not far away and asked: "Is that your car?"


"Well, let\'s talk about it in the car, just now I was going to go to Malibu. I hope you can take me there if it is convenient for you?"

"Sure, no problem."

After they got into the car, Eric said the address to Martin\'s assistant who was sitting was in the driver seat.

In the backseat, Eric first opened the list of candidates for one of the most important protagonists, Charlie Simms.

"Eric, These are the guys who passed through the second rounds of auditions, excellent young men, because the film has so many student characters, we picked thirty guys. After you select the actor who will play Charlie Simms, we can choose the rest of the student roles directly from the list."

"Ok," Eric said, as he opened the folder and casually asked: "by the way, what about Miss ?"

felt that perhaps the petite girl have a close relationship with Eric, so he explained in great detail: "After she passed the audition, she went back to England, but Miss Anwar came back a few days ago, she is staying at a hotel on Wilshire Boulevard. By the way, when you were in a coma, she also visited you. Eric, do you need her hotel address?"

"No," Eric casually answered.

Reading the candidate list, he found that the names of the actors were arranged in alphabetical order, as he looked at the names he found two Hollywood superstar names from his past life on the D prefix.