I'm in Hollywood - Chapter 134 part2

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didn\'t lower his voice, he said it out loud in front of everyone as if trying to directly embarrass Nicole.

Because of awkward posture, and the Continuous operation of the camera for more than 10 times, Nicole began to have some pain in his waist, he didn\'t expect that after all his effort he will get such evaluation. He wanted to glare at , but he was afraid by doing so he will make things hard for Eric, so he could only helplessly stand there.

A lot of people in the crew were dissatisfied with rude remark, They have cooperated with Nicole for many years, and they know how good he is at his work.

Although he just experienced a dozen consecutive failures, more or less they understood how hard it was to operate the camera in that posture, so they patiently waited as Nicole tried again and again.

In the face of everyone\'s gaze, Eric knew that he has to handle this situation with caution and care. Otherwise, this situation will cause a rift between the crew and the actors, it was necessary to appease and soothe feelings, while at the same time not let the staff members get dissatisfied with him.

After thinking about it for a moment, Eric got up and walked to the camera as he patiently explained to Cruise why this shot was so hard.

As listened to Eric\'s explanation, he also realized he has wronged Nicole, shrugging he showed the photographer a faint smile and said: "I\'m sorry, let\'s continue." Then he sat back in his seat.

Patting his shoulder, Eric whispered to Nicole: "Try for another two or three times, if you aren\'t able to do it by then, then let\'s tear down the wall."

Nicole knew that Eric could have explained the reasons to in privet, and not in front of everyone, after all, Cruise is a big superstar, so seeing Eric being protective of himself, he felt grateful to Eric, he didn\'t even mind Cruise insincere apology.

Nodding his head, Nicole replied: "I\'ll do my best."

Although this little incident was quickly resolved, it was destined to leave some traces in the hearts of many people. At first, the crew members were looking forward to working with , but after this incident, most of them were no longer enthusiastic about working with him.

Perhaps because of luck or some other reason, in the next second attempt, Nicole was finally able to succeed, when Eric shouted \'Good,\' a lot of people couldn\'t help but applaud.

Feeling relieved Nicole started massaging his sore left arm.

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(TN Note: I really didn\'t know how to translate the next part, so I downloaded film and the subtitles of the film and searched for this part, to make sense of what is happening.)

Next, the second scene was quickly passed, and finally, the first interaction between the two protagonists was going to start for the first time.

"You\'re early, inspector." a young waitress warmly greeted Sean when she saw him enter through the restaurant door.

"Yes, I\'ve got a date." answered Sean, as he came up to the bar.

Andy who was stuffing his mouth with pastry, proudly smiled when he heard what Sean words, because these days the former all-powerful police elite officer was running all over the city chasing his ghost.

Andy took a sip from a glass of water and said: "Sit down."

Sean slowly sat down in the chair opposite Andy and took a photo from the pocket of his suit put it on the table and said: "You\'re made some accurate predictions, Mr. Lo."

"Have you checked that out?" Andy asked.

"You\'ve stolen the diamond and, you\'ve avenged your dad. So, why do you want to see me?"

"l told you before, this game lasts for three days. Did you forget?"

Sean patted the badge in his pocket and said: "Not today, you\'re not in charge anymore, Remember, I\'m the police."

... ...

After a long dialog between the two protagonists, Eric shouted stop.

"Well, , your smile should be more sarcastic," Eric first went to Cruise, and gave him his opinions, and demonstrated to him what he wanted to see from Cruise?

Then he turned to : "Hanks, when you hear Andy\'s ridiculing you, you should show that you are embarrassed. But you also have your own pride, so you need to add some body language, Such as nodding, to cover up your embarrassment."

"Ok, Eric, I\'ll make sure to pay attention," nodded.

...... ......

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