I'm in Hollywood - Chapter 134 part1

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"Hi, Tom," Eric warmly welcomed when he appeared in the studio, compared to who was always acting polite attitude when interacting with the crew, Eric preferred the mild tempered Hanks.

"Hi, Eric, I\'m not late, am I?" Hanks asked as he gave Eric a hug.

"Of course not," Eric said as he gave a nod to Hanks\'s assistant, and turned back to hanks and said: "It will probably take us fifteen minutes to set up the scene. giving us enough time for you to do your makeup."

The two men talked as they walked up to the dressing room, but they stopped from time to time for hanks to greet the crew members.

Looking around, Hanks curiously whispered to Eric: "Where is Cruise?"

"Maybe he went to put on his make up," replied back in a hushed voice.

In their previous meetings, also didn\'t have a good impression of Cruise, he found him too arrogant, was polite, but at the same time, he was giving him the feeling that he was just doing it to be nice.

Hanks didn\'t take too long to finish his makeup, he was able to come out before the crew finished setting the new scene.

After the scene layout of the pub was arranged, the photographer Nicole went to Eric who was talking to and and told him: "Eric, you\'d better come and take a look."

Eric apologized to the two star and followed Nicole to the corner of the pub, where the camera was placed.

"Eric, you see here, I\'ll have to do a quick sweep with the camera, but I can only stand in this position to operate the camera," Nicole awkwardly demonstrated what he meant to Eric: "You see, it is difficult to operate the camera in this position."

Although Eric wasn\'t as professional as Nicole, he still have some shooting skills, so he stepped forward and tried operating the camera himself, finding that it was very awkward to control, Eric reached the conclusion that the best place to put the camera for the optimal operation was in the place occupied by the wall.

"Nicole, what do you mean?" Eric asked as he let go of the camera.

"I can only try a few times, this is the best shooting angle I could find if it doesn\'t work," Nicole pointed to the wall behind: "Then we will have to take down this wall."

"Let\'s try it a few times first," Eric said, he wouldn\'t mind demolishing the wall. After all, this is a studio, not a real location, and will certainly cooperate, but they will have to waste at least another hour.

"Okay," Nickel nodded. "let\'s get started."

This scene in the restaurant has three acts, the first act is where they eat breakfast separately like strangers, of course, according to the story, this is the time Andy has begun paying attention to Sean, who was completely unaware of him. The second act is where the two pass each other, where Andy will write the number 13 on a paper and leave it to Sean. The third act is the longest scene, where he takes more than a minute trying to persuade Sean, to let the police cooperate with him to arrest the villain, instead of him taking revenge for the death of his father.

", Act 12, Action!"

Sean stared at the newspaper while eating a cake, hearing someone open the restaurant door, Sean looked up naturally, and quickly turned his eyes back to the newspaper.

"Good!" Eric give a thumbs up, next is the part where eat something while staring at the TV with a slightly dazed look, this shot too wasn\'t difficult for Cruise, so Eric fairly gave him a thumbs up too.

In the original scene, the TV was showing a few shots from a cartoon show, which was a show he loved when he was a kid, but because he only had four weeks to live, every time he saw the familiar pictures, he will get sad and have a dreary feeling.

In this shot, Eric didn\'t intend to find a random cartoon show to show on the Tv, instead, he intends to use a few shots from 《》.

Although 《》 didn\'t exist yet, but Eric is planning to start shooting 《》 after 《》 and 《》 are on track, probably in April, so long as he can identify 《》 six leading characters, he has plenty of time to shoot some footage for the movie.

In the publicity of the new film, Fireflies will release the news to the media that shots from Eric Williams new TV show will appear in 《》, this will be a good publicity gimmick that will help promote the film and the TV show, which will create a win-win situation.

After the completion of the two shots, the most difficult shot began.

Laying his clapperboard to the side, Eric stared at the monitor, Nicole who was operating the camera first took a slow shot of Hanks\' face, then rapidly swung the camera to side, Eric who was concentrating on the monitor clearly felt the dull and uneven lens conversion.

Although Nicole was able to accurately make the camera concentrate on Cruise face, but Eric who wasn\'t satisfied quickly shout out cut.

After that, Nicole made another six consecutive attempts, but the results still ended up in failure. Eric know the reason the reason why he failed, so he patiently let Nicole try again and again.

But after the eleventh attempt failed, Cruise finally got impatient, he has eaten a lot of cream cakes continuously, he felt that the shot was simple, so he didn\'t understand why he failed so many times,

while the staff was transferring the camera back to its place, stood up, scornfully glanced at Nicole who was sweating profusely and said to Eric: "Eric, maybe I can introduce a better photographer to you."

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