I'm in Hollywood - Chapter 133 part2

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Eric was surprised by her speculation, although was still far from the truth, but one thing was true, did find him sleeping with someone. Fortunately, was smart enough, to hide when the paramedics come to the villa, and only showing up after the whole event was over, and his state was completely stable.

Julia keenly grasped the brief change in Eric expression, revealing a surprised expression, she said: "No way, did I guess right?"

"Absolutely not, I swear ... ..." Eric laughed: "I just accidentally fell, my pathology report has been published in some newspapers, surely you saw it, I have bruises all over my body, do you think has the ability to cause me such a wide range of injuries?"

"That\'s not necessarily true," she looked Eric up and down as if trying to imagine where she will start if she wanted to cause Eric those kinds of injuries.

"Well, let\'s not talk about such an unpleasant topic, let\'s talk about 《》, I only spoke to Mr. a few times on the phone, so I don\'t know how thing are going there."

honestly shook her head, she wasn\'t sure why Eric wanted her to star in such a film, she thought that Eric was trying to suppress her paycheck, because, in Julia\'s view, 《》 is complete absence of any central story, the film was just depicting the ordinary day to day life story of a group of housewives.

"I still think that this story is too ordinary ... ... there is no bright spot?"

Eric was about to reply, but he stopped when saw the waiter coming to serve them their dishes, and patiently waited for the waiter to finish filling their glasses with red wine, only after the waiter left did he ask: "What kind of bright spot do you think a film like this should have?"

Taking a sip from her glass of red wine, Julia who didn\'t know how to explain said: "At least ... ... at least something exciting?"

"At least there should be an unforgettable love story, or big scenes, car chases, explosions, flames."

quickly nodded her head: "Yes, there should be at least these things?"

"I won\'t criticize you in public," If you want to know why I chose this film for you then come to my house this night, I\'ll give you a detailed analysis of the movie," Eric said while giving her a creepy smile.

"Ah ... ... no thanks." Julia flinched and subconsciously leaned back in her chair when she saw the look Eric was giving her, and quickly refused, she knew if she did go with him, she would quickly lose control of herself.

Eric was just teasing the little girl, quickly put away his cynical expression, and put back his poker face, and said: "Actually, the success or failure of this kind of film, depends on the director\'s ability to arouse the audience sympathy? I have carefully studied 《》 script, It is a good story that can bring the audience to tears."

who was still giving him an uncertain look, asked the thing she was most concerned about: "How much money do you think this movie can get at the box office?"

"What do you think?" Eric asked back.

Julia hesitated for a moment, then stretched out two fingers, soon she thought the number was too underrated, so she added Two more, hesitating, she took back one.

She thought it will be good if the film can get $30 million at the box office, with the size of the movie budget, fireflies can still make a small fortune.

In fact, Julia thought, If she starred in a love comedy film, then she can use the popularity she gained from 《》, to help the film to get a good box office result, But for a movie like 《》, Julia wasn\'t confident that she can add anything to the film.

"Do you have no faith in me?"

"I just ... ... I just have no confidence in this movie." told him the truth.

Wiping his mouth with a napkin Eric laughed and said: "How about this, let\'s bet on it. I bet the film can get more than $50 million at the box office."

"What\'s the bet?" Asked Julia curiously.

Showing another creepy smile, Eric said: "If you lose, you will have to work as a maid in my house for a week, and if I lose, I\'ll work as your driver for a week."

If Eric didn\'t reveal a creepy smile when he said the word maid, then Julia would have accepted. She felt that she have a 70% chance of winning, plus working as maid profession was still a serious profession in this era. But when she noticed Eric\'s expression, Julia keenly felt she was wrong, and decisively refused: "No, I don\'t want to gamble with you."

"How about, sixty million?"

Julia wasn\'t swayed. Instead, she refused more firmly: "No way."

Because Eric still had to go back to work, they kept the launch time short.

After lunch, sent Eric back to the studio.

"When will you return to Louisiana?" Eric asked, at the entrance of the studio.

"I will take a plane back at four o\'clock in the afternoon." Julia who didn\'t get off her car replied: "By the way, Eric, the production budget doesn\'t seem to be enough, maybe you will need to add at least another $2 million."

"did Mr. Ross tell you to mention this thing?"

nodded, didn\'t know that Eric had noticed his budget was tight and was even prepared to start making some cuts. But before he does that he was going to use Julia, to see how Eric was going to react.

After all, this was a small budget film, if you add another two million to the budget, then the cost will reach 10 million US dollars, so to recover the cost the film has to earn at least $30 million at the box office. Although Julia joined, himself wasn\'t sure the movie can make more than $30 million at the box office.

"There\'s no problem with that," Eric nodded and said: "Tell Mr. Ross to ask Jeffrey for money."

"Then I\'ll thank you on behalf of Mr. Ross," smiled and said goodbye to Eric, as her car started driving away.

---- ----

In the afternoon, Eric again returned to shooting the same scene of Andy and Yoyo in the small restaurant, he didn\'t know why, but after lunch, returned to making the same mistakes she did in the morning. Although she repeatedly apologized and showed him that delicate and touching expression, Eric still couldn\'t help but get angry, and vow to never work with her in another project.

Working with this beautiful vase was really frustrating, no wonder she got so many Razzies.

At the same time, Eric also gave up on the idea of starting a close friendship with , after all, Hollywood is a big place, there are too many beautiful girls he can select from.

After spending another half hour, the scene in the restaurant was finally over.

"Eric, I\'m so sorry. I was a pain," apologized to him after completing the scene, she was already dressed to leave, after all this the only scene she has indoors.

She was wearing tight deep blue jeans, and a shirt tucked into her pants, showing the crowd her beautiful curves and her long slender legs.

Most of the men in the crew have unconsciously cast their eyes on her body, at the same time, they thought about famous jean commercial, they wondered about if there is anything between her and the jeans she is wearing.

(TN Note: I did some research and found that in a commercial she did for Calvin Klein Jeans in 1981 when she was 16, she said this line "You wanna know what comes between me and my Clavin\'s? Nothing." you can watch it from HERE.)

Although Eric dismissed the thoughts of having a close relationship with her, but he didn\'t mind eating her up. Admiring Brooke elegant appearance, and perfect body, his expression eased slightly: "Never mind, Brooke, I hope you study your scenes when you go back, we will have to do those scenes outside the studio. If we waste too much time, we will end up affecting the shooting schedule, and unnecessarily consume the budget."

"I promise, I will work hard," nodded, and put a slightly provocative gesture, but she found that Eric didn\'t pay attention to her.

Seeing that he wasn\'t going to invite her to dinner, she lowered her head and said: "Well, goodbye, Eric."

"Goodbye, I will have someone inform you when to come shoot the next scene," then he turned and started talking to his assistant.

paused for a few seconds, then left, she just gave him an obvious hint, but Eric still remained unmoved, which made Brooke somewhat frustrated.

"How long will it take before arrive?" Eric didn\'t care about departure, although he also noticed her hint, but since he made the decision, he wouldn\'t easily change it. In Hollywood, if you can\'t resist temptation, then you will probably face an unfortunate ending.

"Ten minutes," Alan said.

"Well, hurry up and tell the crew to clean up the place, and move to the next scene."

solo scenes were finally completed, so the next one he was gonna start filming is the scene where meet Cruise in a pub, today will be the first battle between the two main characters. Recalling his past life, the two big superstars have always had a parallel acting career, so he was very much looking forward to seeing what kind of spark can be produced by mixing the two stars.

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