I'm in Hollywood - Chapter 133 part1

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In an upscale restaurant, Eric quickly orders his meal and smiled as he watched cheerfully talking with the waiter, while skillfully playing with the tableware in front of her.

"Why are you smiling?" Julia who quickly felt Eric eyes on her, curiously asked.

Shaking his head, Eric answered: "It\'s nothing, I just suddenly remembered the first time I met you Jeff\'s restaurant, I think you changed a lot."

Julia obviously didn\'t want Eric to remind her of that period of time, so she blatantly stared him in the eyes, and said: "Are you trying to take credit for my success?"

"Of course not," Eric laughed: "I just think ... ... That this is very interesting, you are just like Cinderella, in the blink of an eye you have become a princess."

"Please don\'t mention the \'Hollywood Cinderella\' thing in front of me, I hate that title." rolled her eyes, although the title this title was given to her by the media to express their admiration, but most of the time it was mixed with a lot of ridicule.

"Well, why did you come back suddenly?"

"I picked up an endorsement and came back to shoot commercials, and ... ... and since I came back I decided to come and see how you were doing." she said with a little stutter.

In fact, she mainly came back to visit Eric, the commercial was just an excuse, if she wanted, shooting the commercial in Louisiana isn\'t a problem. Anyway, the equipment and personnel are easy to transport, especially if she demanded it.

Eric had been unconscious for more than ten hours before, and although, he was alright in the end, but this thing has caused a big uproar in Hollywood, if she didn\'t come see him then she will receive a lot of criticism. After all, it was thanks to Eric that she has transformed from an unknown little actor to a big Hollywood star, if she didn\'t come see him after he was discharged from the hospital, then the media will inevitably paint her as an ungrateful girl.

The reason why she was waiting for Eric outside the studio today, rather than visiting him in private, is because she wanted to gain exposure.

Although 《》 was released only two months ago, because in the last month she was filming 《》 in a remote town in Louisiana, she completely despaired from the media.

Because the director worried that the journalists will disturb the filming process, he chose to keep the location where the movie was being filmed a secret, and even if one or two paparazzi found the place, they wouldn\'t be able to get any valuable news.

At the same time, was afraid of visiting him in private, she often recalls the way Eric reprimanded her, which makes her hate him, but at the same time want to see him more.

"Thank you for your concern, Julia," Eric replied earnestly, and curiously asked: "by the way, What kind of commercials did you take?"

"Lancôme perfume endorsement," Julia proudly put up a few fingers and waved them in front of his face: "One year, for this much."

"Wow, that\'s ... ... a lot of money," Eric was too lazy to ridicule the Little proud girl, he didn\'t mind, but if she wanted to show off, then she should have found another person, not someone as reach as him.

"Well, I know you aren\'t impressed, so don\'t give me that expression," replied with disapproval, "I can\'t compare with you, I\'m a little hurt, everyone in America knows who you are, even at the you were able to grab the limelight."

"It should be said that the organizers have used me as a shield, If it were not for me, then this year Oscar session will have got more criticism." shrugging he added: "Actually, they should send me a thank you letter."

"I\'m not sure about that, but when I was in Louisiana, I saw in the news that Oscar\'s director, , announced that he would never accept the invitation to direct the Oscar again, But things shouldn\'t be as bad as you say?"

"It\'s worse than you think, but I can\'t tell you too much because I and many other guests and performers have signed a confidential contract, to ensure that within twenty years we can\'t mention that happened on the inside. What you don\'t know is that has threatened to sue the for the use and portrayal of snow white without permission. Anyhow, If it weren\'t for me getting injured, then this thing would have attracted the attention of the majority of the media, then the would at least had to make a public apology to quell the anger of the media and the public."

opened her eyes wide while listening to Eric\'s explanation, she has never attended the Oscar, so hearing Eric explaining what happened, was a very interesting topic to her.

And because she was filming 《》 that night, she wasn\'t able to watch this season of the Oscar, so after finding that Eric wouldn\'t too much about what happened, she shifted the topic to Eric\'s condition, and what happened that day.

"Well, I didn\'t want to talk about what happened in the car, but now that we are alone let\'s talk about it, I can\'t believe that it was as simple as falling down the stair, so there must be a hidden secret?"

"But that\'s what happened." Eric helplessly replied.

"Certainly not," Julia said with a sly smile: "I read in the newspaper a few days ago, that after you were injured, and your girlfriend sent you to the hospital."

"and then?"

leaned slightly forward lowered her voice and said: "I think your girlfriend suddenly come to your house that morning, found you and in a bed, and under impulse pick up a vase and smashed your head with it?"

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