I'm in Hollywood - Chapter 132

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Between Eric and Cruise, was more inclined to the former, if after work today, Eric didn\'t say anything, then Brooke wouldn\'t mind eating dinner with , at least she will be deepening her connections.

Although she began acting in movies at the age of twelve, she hasn\'t fully entered the Hollywood circle, but what is more important is that she couldn\'t grow her circle of connections because most of the films she starred in failed.

In the year 1981 who was 15 years old at the time meet the king of pop, at the Academy Awards, from there, they became close friends, and she even started dreaming about marrying him. After reaching adulthood, she even admitted that to the media, so for a long time, Brooke who thought that there is a big chance of marrying , completely lost interest in her career as an actress.

But after so many years, she discovered that from the beginning Jackson always treated her just like a good friend and that at heart Jackson was still childish, and not enthusiastic about marriage, and even Jackson\'s family was against Jackson marrying her.

(TN Note: I just want to point that most of what the author of this novel mentioned above is false, Brooke Shields and Michael Jackson really did meet at the Oscar in 1981, and they did become close friends. But it wasn\'t her who wanted to marry Jackson, it was Michael Jackson who spoke about the two marrying and raising adoptive children together. His suggestions were met with disapproval from Shields, she even said this in an interview in 2009, "There were times when he would ask me to marry him, and I would say, \'You have me for the rest of your life, you don’t need to marry me. I’m going to go on...have my own marriage and my own kids, and you’ll always have me.\' I think it made him relax. He didn’t want to lose things that meant something to him." any way the author is clearly binding facts to make Brooke Shields look bad. Plus, this is a warning to the readers, the MC is a complete scumbag, he will even start acting like a pedophile in the future, he doesn\'t go over the line, but he will come close to it. Another thing I want to point out, this is a Chinese web-novel, so expect a lot of which fulfillment and plot armor.)

So after getting her dream completely shattered, had to start planning her own future, compared to Jackson\'s childish temperament, has matured a lot over the years, and she knows what her biggest asset is.

Hearing her reply, still gracefully said: "No problem, hope to hear the good news."

After exchanging a few more words, they were told to get ready.

---- ----

Sitting in front of the monitor, Eric watched as Brooke who was playing the character , smiled and said: "What is your name?"

Getting no answer Yoyo didn\'t get angry and took the initiative to introduce herself: "My name is Yoyo."

"Pause!" Eric frustrated voice sounded again, standing up, he pointed at Brooke and said: "Curious, curious, I\'ve said it several times, you are curious about Andy, so keep your beautiful eyes wide open, Try again!"

Everyone in the studio felt that Eric was on the verge of exploding, trembling the camera man restarted the camera while looking at with concern, hoping that the beautiful vase won\'t make a mistake again.

"What\'s your name? ... ... My name is ."

"Knowing who I am won\'t be good for you."

"I read the newspaper that day and know what you did."

"Thank you."

"You\'re welcome."

"Unfortunately, I do not have time," Andy said sadly, as he tried to take a sip from his cup, he started coughing violently.

"We can meet another time if you don\'t have time now," as she asked, his coughing got worse, and blood started coming out of his mouth directly dyeing the cup red, Brooke\'s eyes opened wide, and her lips parted as if she in shock. and fortunately, this time she managed not to frown.

"Pause, this was almost perfect, but unfortunately, your frightened expression isn\'t natural enough. There is still some time. So let\'s do it again." Eric said as his expression relaxed slightly.

After doing it once again, Eric still wasn\'t satisfied, because at the last moment Brooke reflexively frowned, it was clear to him that it was difficult for Brooke to overcome her natural reaction, giving up Eric told the crew to take a break, so they can try a few more times after lunch.

Just as he got up to leave for lunch, Alan came over and said: "Eric, Miss Julia has been waiting for you for a while outside, because she has no pass she couldn\'t get in."

"Julia?" puzzled Eric asked, "?"

"Yes," replied Alan.

"Isn\'t she in Louisiana?"

In a teasing tone, Alan replied: "Maybe she came back because you were injured."

Shrugging Eric ignored his assistant\'s teasing and walked out of the studio.

Out of the studio door, Eric saw a commercial car parked across the street.

And as Eric got closer, the car door opened, and Julia who was wearing a simple and stylish dress and sunglasses came out, followed by her assistant, and the two men who looked like bodyguards also followed down.

Almost at the same time, the seven paparazzi who were waiting for a long time outside the studio, began shooting at Julia, asking her questions.

"Hi, big star!" Eric yelled when he came near, causing the surrounding crowd to laugh.

"Hi, big director!" Julia shot back.

Then they gave each other a gentle hug, causing a sudden burst of camera clicks as the paparazzi took pictures, then they swarmed them while trusting their recorders in Eric and Julia\'s face, asking questions like why did she return to Los Angeles, and whats the progress of her new film and so on. Of course, they didn\'t forget to ask Eric about 《》.

Looking at her bodyguards and assistant for help, Julia who chose not to answer any of their questions, quickly got back in her car and left with Eric. The crowd of paparazzi also quickly got into their cars and motorcycles and followed them.

At the studio door, who just come out to eat lunch in a restaurant on the opposite street saw this scene. As she watched them leave, she felt a deep feeling of envy, Brooke has been famous for so long, yet she still hasn\'t enjoyed the scene of the paparazzi chasing her. But , the actress who only become known for a few months, has easily gained such attention.

Feeling lost Brooke looked around, originally there was always a few paparazzi waiting outside to interview the cast of 《》, but now with and Eric leaving, there was no one left.

The only one still standing around was the fat security guard who was staring at her long legs and giving her lecherous stars, making her feel irritable and disgusted. But after thinking about fame, she once again got eager.

"Maybe I should have more patience," Brooke muttered in a low voice and made up her mind to refuse Cruise dinner invitation. Although fame is big, but after all, he is just an actor. Compared to Eric the young director, he can\'t provide her with the same opportunities.

Plus if the rumors about her and Cruise start gaining fame is impossible, because Cruise is a married man, those rumors will only hurt her. If Eric is still indifferent to her by the time she finishes filming 《》, made up her mind to also give up on him.

---- ----

"These two are Hunter and Chris." sitting in the backseat of the car, Julia took the initiative to introduce Eric to her driver and bodyguard, with a proud tone, Alison Green who worked as Julia assistant couldn\'t help but chuckle at how childish Julia was acting.

Feeling embarrassed Julia give her assistant a knock on the forehead and said: "Alison, I swear I will deduct your salary."

Laughing Eric reached out and pressed the button to make the noise barrier between the driver and backseat rise, only then did he start talking: "Well, I already know you are a famous big star, but where are we going?"

"Not far, I booked a restaurant, there are five or six minutes till we get there, so you can rest assured that you won\'t miss your work in the afternoon."

Then she pointed at the gauze still warped around his forehead and asked: "When I heard the news, I was shocked. So what did happen?"

Looking seriously at the two, Eric said:"before I say anything, Alison, I want you to promise not to disclose what I\'m about to say in front of outsiders. If you do, the consequences will be severe."

Nodding seriously Alison said: "Of course I won\'t, you can trust me." She was clear about what happened between Eric and Julia, and in her heart, she also hoped that Eric and Julia end up together. So when she saw the news of Eric injury, she couldn\'t help but urge Julia to come see him, hoping the relationship between the two become closer.

...... ......

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