I'm in Hollywood - Chapter 131

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(TN Note: Sorry guys I was in the hospital, first I was sick a little bit, I took some pills, but they didn\'t do any thing, then I went to the doctor who prescribed new pills for me, but they too didn\'t do any thing, the day after that I got really sick I couldn\'t keep anything down, even, so I had to go to the hospital, they found that I had food poisoning, so after spending a few days there I finally came back. Again I\'m sorry I will try to write as fast as I can.)

Flipping to resume, Eric saw the photo of a doll-like seven years old exquisite girl, with golden hair, round face, wearing a white dress, with a lovely white sun hat, and a wisp of beautiful golden bangs on her forehead.

It\'s a pity that Eric knows her beauty will be getting worse and worse in the future, After reaching adulthood, she looked very different from how she looked in her teens.

(TN Note: I don\'t know what he is talking about, Kirsten Dunst still looks beautiful.)

Perhaps in the eyes of Westerners, she is not too shabby, but with his Oriental aesthetics, he can\'t see the beauty.

So he chose to pass on , he didn\'t make this choice based just on beauty, but because she didn\'t have much potential as an actress, if it wasn\'t for her role in 《》, probably no one will remember her.

In his past life, after the end of the 《》 trilogy, career completely plummeted, and she almost disappeared from the public eye.

The other girl he remembered is , Compared to the Sarah from his memories, this Sarah had a round face. Although she was almost twelve years old, she looked very petite, so her playing a ten-year-old girl isn\'t a problem, he estimated that this is the reason why Sarah was selected.

Compared to Kirsten\'s who only played in one film, Sarah\'s resume has a series of movie names, although they aren\'t famous films, they can still count as having experience.

"Jonathan, what\'s your impression of the girl?" Eric asked as he handed resume to .

Jonathan took a look, and quickly recalled the scene of Sarah\'s interview: "This child began acting in films when she was just four years old, I can guaranty that all the information on this resume is true. When we were doing the interview, I could see that she really know how to act around adults, she was graceful and didn\'t have stage fright. When I talked to her, she was brilliant and sensible, although the girl looks very thin, she is already twelve years old, and she also has the intelligent of a fourteen years old girl. Compared to kids who are ten years old, working with her will be easier."

Hearing Jonathan\'s opinion, Eric decided: "Then give her the role, and as usual, she must sign with the UTA ()."

Although Eric told Kapoor, he didn\'t want to expand the in the next few years, but he wouldn\'t let the actors who star in his film projects go that easily to the other brokerage firms.

Because of the article, he wrote a few weeks ago, many brokerage companies are beginning to reform their original systems, although it\'s impossible for them to completely imitate the .

After the detailed business model of the CAA was completely exposed, the CAA wouldn\'t be able to maintain their superiority, so in the future, there will be a lot of competition among the brokerage firms. As a result, can make steady progress with ease, there\'s no need to worry about dominance.

Watching as Eric continued to flip through the actor\'s resumes in a fast speed, Jonathan thought that Eric was just haphazardly deciding on who to give the roles to. Because it seemed to him that Eric was just glancing at them and not reading anything, unable to keep quiet, asked: "Eric, don\'t you need to arrange another audition?"

"Do you think I\'m too hasty?" Eric asked with a smile on his face.

Scratching his head, Jonathan said: "Shouldn\'t you at least look at their auditions tapes, right?"

Putting a circle on the name of an actor with a pen, Eric said: "No, Jonathan, I believe that you personally handpicked these people from thousands of candidates, so you won\'t added someone who isn\'t up to par. So I don\'t need to do anything unnecessary, plus we don\'t have much time, you have to start shooting as soon as possible, we need to finish the film before the and , but I also hope we can catch the in September.

"Well, I will inform these people as soon as possible," Jonathan said as he bowed his head.

It\'s a pity for the actors who have been selected for the final list, perhaps they are all excitedly preparing for the third round of auditions, but they were bound to be disappointed. This seems a little unfair, but in Hollywood, such thing happens all the time, you can even say that Hollywood is the most unfair place in the entire planet.

Helping Jonathan gather and sort out the resumes on the desk, Eric asked again: "Is the shooting site available yet?

Nodding explained: "I commissioned a friend of mine from England to help find a few mansions on a small island, but I think it\'s necessary for me to personally go on a field trip to investigate the place, we also need to personally communicate with the owners of those mansions. You know, most of the old historical houses belong to the British aristocracy, they are a dying breed, but they still kept their arrogance, so I have to personally visit each of them, maybe if they feel respected, they will be easier to handle."

Then he added: "Actually, Eric, if you can personally come forward, things will go even smoother. You are British, and many British media now treat you as their hero. If you come forward, I\'m sure those aristocrats will treat you as a guest, and perhaps, we can even get the right to use their Mansions without spending money."

Smiling Eric shook his head: "Forget it, It has been a long time since I left England, I even forget my British accent, plus I can\'t leave the crew now, and I will probably be busy shooting my film for the next few months."

---- ----

In the next few days, the shooting process was still very smooth, after all, they didn\'t have to leave the studio, so they weren\'t restricted by the location. also showed his first-class acting skills, if it weren\'t for him always trying challenge Eric\'s leadership, then Eric would be willing to further cooperate with him in the future.

However, it is unlikely that the two will work together again, With Cruise\'s character, perhaps only a director on Spielberg level can work with him without losing leadership of the film crew. In the past, in many of his films, even if he wasn\'t the director, he still firmly grasps control of the crew, and even when the film giants cooperated with him, they weren\'t allowed to intervene.

"Brooke, don\'t frown when you see Andy vomiting blood, you have to show signs of panic and dismay, not disgust." Eric said as he raised his arm and knocked on his wrist watch: "If you fail once again twice, then we will have to stop, we can\'t keep wasting time."

who stood in front of Eric, with downcast eyes, like a little girl who did something wrong. When ever she found her self in a situation like this, she will make this move, which always weakened the anger of the directors, but after doing it for about four or five times, Eric stopped caring and started scolding her.

"Sorry, Eric, I ... ... I think I can do it."

Sighing Eric said: "Then try again, everyone! Get ready, we will start in a minute."

Nodding sat back in her position, this was the scene where Andy and her character meet for the second time in a small restaurant. Eric still chose to film this scene in the studio, not to save money, after all, gave him a $40 million budget, so saving money isn\'t necessary. But because filming indoor scenes in real places are kinda hard, just setting the lights are a nightmare, and he just wanted to finish the indoor scenes as soon as possible. What\'s more, huge studios offer all the things he needs, if he wanted a to shoot in a restaurant, then the crew will build him one, and although it was noon outside, inside the studio, it was very easy to create a night scene.

"There is no need to hurry, Miss Shields, take your time. I don\'t think this is your problem, Eric is still too young."

As the crew was preparing, Cruise eagerly started talking .

If did so poorly in a film produced by Cruise, he would have been furious, But now, he was hoping she performs badly just so he can see Eric deflated appearance, while at the same time keeping the appearance of a modest gentleman.

"Thank you for those comforting words, Mr. Cruise," said with a smile.

"So, are you free this evening, Miss Shields, I will be honored to have dinner with you?"

who had her eyebrows slightly trimmed, subconsciously glanced at Eric who was standing not far from them, She was hoping to get this kind of invitation from Eric Williams, not from the married .

But the young director who was almost six years younger than her was elusive, her intuition as a woman, told her Eric was interested in her, she was sure this wasn\'t just her imagination playing tricks on her. But unfortunately, the young director still make any move.

"Mr. Cruise, can I give you the answer in the afternoon? I\'m not sure if there will be anything else at night." Brooke turned down the offer, but she didn\'t completely refuse.

...... ......

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