I'm in Hollywood - Chapter 129 part3

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(TN Note: Finally this chapter is over, I will go take a nap, I think I deserve it after this chapter.)

---- ----

Only after the ward door closed, did relax and sit down on a chair beside Eric\'s bed.

Eric curiously touched the red mark on Aniston\'s neck: "This is ... ..."

glanced at Drew, who was lying next to Eric and said: "When you were in a coma ... ... Drew attacked me, she told me she was gonna kill me if you didn\'t wake up."

"Oh, she will not." Eric stretched his hand and touched Aniston\'s face.

"No, she will," said Aniston, pulling away from Eric\'s hand: "I think ...... We should break up, maybe ...... Maybe is better for you."

"I only think of drew as my little sister."

didn\'t care about their relationship. Instead, she said: "I ... ... I really can\'t stand seeing you helping them, Eric, while I was in New York, I read what they stated in the newspaper. To comfort myself, I could pretend that it was all fabricated gossips made by the tabloids, but what I saw yesterday morning, let me no longer be able to lie to myself, it was all true. I just can\'t stand it, so ... ... Will you please let me go?"

Eric held Aniston\'s hand tight and said: "Forget it, Jane, let\'s not talk about it now. I\'m planning to make a TV show, and I want you to play the heroine? I promise this TV show will let you become more famous than those movie stars."

She tried pulling her little hand away, but she couldn\'t: "I don\'t want to ... ... "

"I really can\'t think of someone who is more suitable than you, Jenny, You don\'t want me to have another audition? there will be a lot of girls around me, and you know that I have a weak will."

"You! ... ... "

"Well, that\'s settled then."

"I ... ... "

Aniston is stubborn, but under Eric\'s strong offensive and unreasonable demands, quickly caved in and agreed. She didn\'t know how but she suddenly found herself lying on the other side of Eric, like , she stayed up all night, so she too quickly fell asleep beside him.

---- ----

Although Eric already woke up from the coma. But because he woke up late at night, the newspapers were already printed out.

So in the morning, the breaking news that Eric is in a deep coma still appeared in the newspapers.

"Mr. Williams accidental injury, may lead to his new film 《》 getting shut down, which may lead to losing one of their heavyweight bargaining chip."

"According to internal sources, Williams who has been unconscious for a long time may enter a vegetative state, once this happens. The film contracts signed with and Columbia will be aborted, and the development of Firefly Studios will also face an uncertain future."

This kind of news was clearly aimed at the two companies, so Fox television quickly released the news that Eric isn\'t unconscious anymore, so those articles were quickly reduced to mere scrap papers. Although and Fox shares both briefly declined after the stock market opened in the morning, and as the news cleared up, things quickly stabilized.

At the same time, some newspapers focused on another thing, their approach has also attracted a large number of readers. For example, an article in the Los Angeles Times wrote this: "As everyone knows, Eric Williams currently doesn\'t have any relatives, although the child star has a close relationship with him. But the two don\'t have a blood relationship, so she legally doesn\'t have any rights to his assets, and it is said that Eric Williams didn\'t make a will. So once an accident happens to him, his huge assets worth hundreds of millions of dollars will not be inherited, and my face the possibility of being taken over by the federal government."

---- ----

In the hospital, although Eric felt that he had fully recovered, the doctor advised him to stay in the hospital for a few days.

Looking at the article in the Los Angeles Times, Eric smiled and said to Drew who was sitting next to him: "Maybe I should make a will, Drew, how much do you want?"

"Did you forget what we talked about when we were shooting 《》? Of course, I want everything," said as she idly looked at a magazine.

"Huh ... ... I thought you\'d say you don\'t want any money, as long as you could stay with me, but you actually want all my property? WoW, this really hurt."


---- ----

While Eric was suffering from boredom in the hospital, far away in Britain, the British paparazzi found another thing, Eric\'s father is dead, but his mother\'s identity is a mystery, this discovery made many paparazzi ecstatic, If they can find Eric Williams\'s mother\'s whereabouts,

then They will have an explosive story in their hand.

As the birthplace of the paparazzi, the British paparazzi were really good at digging secrets, so they soon found out, where he lived in London when he was young, and when they visited his old neighborhood, they were able to find some clues.

"That woman was very mysterious ... ... "

"Every time I saw her outside, she was wearing a thin veil, I\'ve never seen her face ... ... "

"I think she was a rich lady, but after the birth of the child she disappeared ... ... "

After spending a tremendous effort, the British tabloids were only able to find this much. In other words, no one remembers Eric Williams\'s mother at all, so they hypothesized that this may be a love story between a girl from a noble family and a commoner.

This fabricated news quickly spread to the United States, so when Eric saw those articles, he felt relieved.

It was for the best that she stays mysterious forever, because if the mother of the original owner of the body suddenly appeared in front of him, he wouldn\'t know how to deal with her.

After April Fool\'s day, Eric went through another careful examination, which he successfully passed, and was cleared to leave the hospital.

With this storm finally over, the preparations for 《》 once again got on track.

...... ......

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