I'm in Hollywood - Chapter 129 part2

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(TN Note: Again sorry for the short half chapter, this chapter is big, there is still a third part.)

"Breaking News, this morning, the young director Eric Williams accidentally fell down the stairs in his villa in Beverly Hills, and still remain unconscious. Let\'s see what our reporter in front of the Beverly Hills Surgical Hospital can add." The TV screen switched from the studio to a scene in front of a hospital, where forty or fifty journalists were almost blocking the entrance of the hospital, surrounding who had just got off his luxurious car.

A young blonde female reporter stood in front of the camera holding a microphone said: "Eric Williams has continued being in a coma for more than three hours, according to the current revealed news, Eric\'s back, elbows, and knees have varying degrees of injury. But the most serious injury is the one on his forehead that was caused by the violent impact when he hit the floor, causing a large amount of blood loss. It is not clear whether the injury will lead to more serious consequences, after all, the consequences of brain injuries are hard to predict ......"

---- ----

Inside the hospital, Jeffrey and Kapoor who come first, as well as , and the two directors of 《》 and 《》 were catching up as they waited for the news from the doctors.

After a series of tests, Eric was finally taken to his own room, and the people who were waiting for this moment, all gathered in an office to listen to the doctor analysis.

"The results of the MRI exam showed that Mr. Williams doesn\'t have a skull fracture, and he also doesn\'t have the symptoms of internal bleeding in his head, so there is no need to worry."

"Doctor Duncan, when will he wake up?" who stood in front of the crowd eagerly asked.

Dr. Duncan hesitated and said: "He should wake up in about eight hours."

Drew who saw him hesitate asked: "Doctor, aren\'t you sure?"

Hesitating again, Dr. Duncan nodded

"How could that be? You\'re a doctor. How can you not be sure? Aren\'t you the best doctor here?" Drew screamed back at him.

Trying to get things under control, Jeffrey said: "Drew, don\'t be rude."

Dr. Duncan calmly looked at the hysterical girl, who was still wearing her blood-stained pajamas and explained: "Miss , according to my past experience, people who have the same degree of injury as Mr. Williams, all woke by this time. But unfortunately, Mr. Williams didn\'t wake up according to common sense. So, I can\'t give you an accurate answer, all we can do now is patiently wait."

"No, I want to transfer him, I\'m going to the best hospital in Los Angeles, I ...... " the furious demanded.

Jeffrey who was trying to keep her calm; held her by the shoulders and said: "Drew, stop it, this is the best hospital in Los Angeles."

The doctor who also tried to defuse the situation said: "Perhaps, you can try speaking to the patient, he may wake up."

When Drew heard the suggestion, she immediately turned around and ran to Eric\'s room. When her figure disappeared, Jeffrey asked, "Doctor, does this method really work?"

Dr. Duncan smiled wryly and said: "I just wanted to calm Miss , her emotions are unstable, she might collapse if she doesn\'t calm down."

---- ----

When they left the doctor office, and came back to Eric\'s room they found that Drew was lying beside him whispering in his hear, no one know what she was saying, but they didn\'t have the courage to get closer, they could only watch from outside the room.

and who were eager to come forward, but when they saw this scene, they also quickly retreated.

Jeffrey who was the oldest finally said: "Everyone should go back, It\'s no use staying here, Me and Kapoor will call you if any thing happen."

Taking his advise, everyone left, except for Aniston who stubbornly refused to leave, she also wanted to get closer to Eric, but she was scared by the crazy looks was giving her.

---- ----

Eight hours later, Eric still didn\'t show any signs of waking up, Drew who was going crazy, transferred all her pent up anger and fury to Aniston body. and at eleven in the evening, drew got in a fight with Aniston and ended giving her two scratches one on the neck and one on the arm, but she was quickly restraind by Jeffrey and Kapoor.

---- ----

At night, CEO , and from who couldn\'t wait, showed up at the hospital, they were stopped by the excited crowd of reporters, but they were quickly rescued by the security.

They first went to the ward to see Eric, and then, they went with Jeffrey to ask the tired physician to once again ask about Eric\'s condition.

"Doctor, is there a possibility that he is in a come?" After listening to Duncan\'s explanation, Barry Diller finally asked the question most people wanted to ask but didn\'t dare to.

After hesitating for a few seconds, Dr. Duncan said: "There is a very small chance of that happening, but ...... it is not impossible."

Fortunately, was still bedside Eric, if she heard this sentence, he wondered what that girl will do to him.

Hearing what the doctor said, Jeffrey and others looked at each other, and didn\'t know what to say.

The ones who worried the most were and , they weren\'t worried about Eric, but they were concerned about the movies Eric was going to make for and . If Eric\'s next film project get aborted ... they will be in trouble.

Finding that it was useless to worry about it now, and quickly left.

---- ----

The next day, at four in the morning, Eric who was in a coma for nearly nineteen hours finally woke up. After the doctor finished examining him, Eric affectionally caressed the sleeping girl hair sleeping beside him.

Drew who didn\'t leave his side the entire day, fell asleep as soon as he woke up.

"Eric, you rest, I will take to the next room to sleep?" Jeffrey said after the doctor left the room, Jeffrey and Kapoor spent all night awake sitting beside his bed.

"No, leave her," said Eric, as he pulled the sleeping girl beside him, then he turned to Aniston who was standing beside the door and said: "Jenny, come here."

Aniston who obediently came to him said: "Eric, since ... since you woke up, I\'ll go first."

Eric afraid that she will run away quickly grasped her hand and said: "Jane, please don\'t go."

Kapoor who understood what happened quickly said to Jeffrey: "Let\'s go call the others, they must be worried by now."

...... ......

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