I'm in Hollywood - Chapter 129 part1

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(TN Note: Sorry for this short half chapter, translating this chapter was harder than usual. As you probably guessed, I don\'t really speak Chinese, I don\'t even know how to read it. I usually use Google, or Baidu to translate those chapters, so you should probably know how bad machine translations can be, anyway I don\'t know why but this chapter was hard to translate. The way the author of this novel structured his sentences in this chapter confused the hell out of me, especially when it comes to conversations between people.)

---- ----

Drew hurried back to the dining room grab her bowl of cereal, then walked close to stairs ready to watch what was going to happen while having breakfast like a boss.

But after thinking about for a moment, she chose to watch from the entrance of the dining room, that place was safer.

And like she expected less than a minute later, the sound of a couple quarrel came from upstairs.

"Eric Williams, I\'ll never forgive you, you bastard, you son of a bitch!"

said, and quickly run down stairs, giving a ferocious stare at the lively , she pulled her suitcase to leave.

"Jenny, wait, don\'t be impulsive."

Eric\'s voice rang from upstairs, and then Eric showed up wearing only a pair of trousers, seeing that Aniston was pulling her luggage to leave, the impatient Eric didn\'t pay attention to the stairs, and ended up losing his footing.

With the sound of a crash, Eric tumbled down the stairs.

"Wow!" said Drew\'s with her mouth full of cereal, she wasn\'t too worried, when she saw Eric roll down the stairs. Instead, she was gloating, because the stairs were less than two meters high.

When Aniston saw this scene, she too angrily scolded him, saying that he deserves it.

Unfortunately, something unexpected happened, Eric who rolled all the way down the stairs, directly collapsed on the ground. Then, blood began to gush from his forehead, as he Lay There Motionless.

The atmosphere stagnated a bit, then the bowl filled with cereal and milk smashed on the ground, as rushed forward with a frightened face.

"Eric, are you all right? Hey, talk to me, you...... don\'t scare me!" Drew rushed to Eric\'s side while shouting his name, but he has lost consciousness, she tried to wipe the blood on his forehead, but she soon found that the blood won\'t stop, checking carefully she found a wound about one centimeter long on his forehead.

The moment she saw the scene, who angrily wanted to leave, quickly put down her suitcase and run up to his side, maneuvering around Drew\'s body, Aniston also panicked when she saw the wound that was overflowing with blood.

"What ... the ... How did that happen?"

Drew who started trying to stop the blood by putting pressure on the wound, but in the process she got the blood all over the cuffs of her pajamas, looking up with red angry eyes at Aniston, Drew shouted: "Bitch, call an ambulance. If anything happens to him, I swear I\'ll kill you!"

Scared by Drew violent threats, Aniston rushed to the telephone and frantically dialed 911. And at this time, the hastily dressed also went downstairs and also hurriedly rushed to Eric\'s side.

"Drew, leave it to me, I can do it."

"Go away, you fucking slut, I blame you both, if it weren\'t for the two of you, Eric wouldn\'t get hurt ...... "

Although she was insulted by , Virginia didn\'t take it to heart, after all, she is a mature woman, and know not to care about what this brat say about her: "Drew, you won\'t be able to stop the blood with just your hands, so tell me where is the first-aid kit?"

"I only know about the one in the closet in Eric\'s bedroom," Drew said without hesitation, and watched as Virginia quickly ran upstairs.

"They said we need to put him flat on the floor ...... " said when she saw Drew kneeling on the floor with Eric in her arms.

Coldly glancing at Aniston, Drew did as she said and carefully lay Eric flat on the floor, while still keeping the pressure on the wound on his forehead.

Looking at Drew\'s appearance, Aniston felt a pang in her heart, she is Eric\'s genuine girlfriend, so why does the scene look like this now, It\'s like she is a third party.

Looking at Drew acting like a mother bear, Aniston instinctively became timid, she felt that if she got closer to Eric, Drew would lash out like a wild beast.

soon returned with the first aid kit and said: "Drew, let me do it. I know how to do first aid."

Drew quietly backed off a bit, and watched as Virginia skillfully stopped the bleeding and dressed the wound, calming a little, Drew glanced at Aniston who was standing at the side: "Didn\'t you say you were leaving, well, you can leave now, and don\'t come to see him."

"I ..." who finally came back to herself said angerly: "I am Eric\'s girlfriend, who do you think you are to command me? You\'re just a pet he\'s raising!"

Sneering at her, shot back: "At least I\'m not a stubborn fool like you, and why the hell are you always acting like a self-righteous bitch."

"You are the fool," said Aniston angrily, then she pointed to Virginia and said: "I\'m his girlfriend, shouldn\'t I be angry about him sleeping with her."

"He\'s such an excellent man, what\'s wrong with him playing with several women?"

"You! ...... " Aniston was rendered speechless by illogical reasoning.

who finally finished bandaging the wound on Eric\'s forehead, then she touched his chest trying to feel his heart beat, only then did she allow herself to calm down. Listening to the two girls quarrel, Virginia was about to stop them when the doorbell rang.

"The ambulance came," Aniston whispered, and Drew immediately forgot about the quarrel and rushed out to open the door.

When the ambulance drove up to the villa door, Virginia got up and hide upstairs, she doesn\'t want outsiders to know she was here, After all, her relationship with Eric isn\'t public. When Aniston saw move upstairs, she Subconsciously wanted to hide too, but when she caught sight of the figure of Drew waving her hands, eagerly explaining what happened to the paramedics, she know it was too late to hide.

The paramedics did a simple treatment for Eric, be he still didn\'t wake up, so they carried the still unconscious Eric and loaded him into the ambulance

who didn\'t know what to do next, saw get on the ambulance, so she quickly followed after her, then the ambulance drove out of Eric\'s mansion and speed all the way to the nearest hospital.

One of the paparazzi keeping guard outside Eric\'s villa, keenly felt that something big was going, so he quickly got back in his car and chased after the ambulance.

Less than an hour later, the news of Eric\'s being in a coma, spread like a fire throughout the news media in Los Angeles.

...... ......

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