I'm in Hollywood - Chapter 128

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Curious, Eric turned and looked behind for a while: "I only see two cars, the silver Honda, and the black Chrysler."

"Oh, so. if I just let you drive my car and leave, you\'ll have ended up on the newspaper tomorrow, take a closer look."

"You mean? ......" Eric watched for a while, and finally found a hidden black car: "the black Mercedes Benz, how can a paparazzi afford such expensive car."

"That\'s the one," Kapoor replied with a smile, and asked curiously: "Is that Mercedes Benz expensive? I think that car cost only about thirty thousand dollars."

"Well, I will remember that." Eric felt embarrassed because when he saw the Mercedes Benz, he subconsciously thought of the more luxurious Mercedes car that cost more than a hundred thousand dollars, in his past life he couldn\'t even afford to buy the tiers of those cars.

Kapoor didn\'t talk again. Instead, he focused on driving in the busy streets of Los Angeles, even though it was late at night people were still out and about.

As they got close Kapoor asked: "All done, now lets hope there is no paparazzi camping in front of your door."

"Kapoor, my house has a back door."

Looking through the rearview mirror, Kapoor unabashedly gave Eric a disdainful look, which made chuckle, feeling defeated Eric raised his hand and said: "All right, I\'ll stop talking."

When the car stopped at Eric\'s house door, Eric and Virginia didn\'t get out. Instead, Kapoor himself got out to open the door, then he drove the car directly into the yard.

"There is a paparazzi parked 10 meters from the door, on the right side, be careful not to be photographed tomorrow when you leave."

"Rest assured, I won\'t let that happen." Eric grabbed Virginia\'s little hand and said as he started walking toward the villa: "Kapoor, Would you like to come in?"

Kapoor shrugged: "Although I don\'t want to be a light bulb, but I have to stay here for at least ten minutes before I leave, or I shouldn\'t have driven in."

"Well, come in and have a cup of coffee." as they walked into the villa, they found that the light in the living room is still on, seeing the confusion on their faces Eric explained: " will be staying here for the next two days."

Drew came back from school because she originally thought that Eric will take her to the Oscar, but unfortunately, he replaced her with , so for the last two days she was short-tempered and would lash out from time to time.

Opened the door of the living room, he saw the little girl curled on the sofa with the TV still on. Stepping forward Eric gently tried to wake her up: "Drew, wake up and go to sleep upstairs."

After shaking her a few times, finally had a reaction, mumbling she said: "Hmm! ...... Eric, I don\'t wanna do it now, so sleepy!"

Uh ......

Eric looked at the two petrified people standing behind him and said with a guilty conscience: "This, I swear, I have never done anything with her!"

This explanation sounded very pale and weak, Kapoor and Virginia obviously didn\'t believe him.

"Bastard ...... " Virginia muttered.

"Don\'t forget using protection ..... " Kapoor is indeed a professional agent who only think about his employers.

Seeing that the two wouldn\'t believe his excuses, Eric gave up and said: "Well, I won\'t explain, Vicky, the coffee is in the kitchen, you entertain Kapoor., while I take to her room."

After he said that, Eric carefully picked Drew and walked upstairs to her bedroom, then he carefully put her in bed and covered her with a quilt, then closed the door behind him as he left the room.

The moment he closed the door, Drew her sparkling eyes, and looked at the closed door, laughing she threw the cover off of her and said: "ha ha, serve you right for not taking me to the Oscar!"


The bedroom door suddenly was pushed open by Eric, who stood there glaring at her: "I know you did it deliberately from the start, aren\'t you afraid I will be sent to prison, do you want me to send you to sleep in the streets?"

The mischievous girl who was caught red handed immediately pulled the quilt over her face, and said in a muffled voice as if she was asleep: "I really was asleep."

", Virginia will stay here tonight, don\'t make trouble."

Pulling the thin quilts down, Drew revealed just her sparkling eyes, and said: "Can I watch?"

"Adolescents girls under the age of 18 are forbidden from watching those kinds of things."

"Can I at least secretly watch."

Eric raised his voice and said in a serious tone: "Drew, I\'m serious."

"All right ..... don\'t get angry, I promise I won\'t try to sneak around," said Drew, then she covered her head with the quilt, and turned her back to Eric, like a little wife whos angry with her husband.

Eric looked silently at the girl as if he was judging if she told the truth, then after a while, he closed the bedroom door again.

---- ----

Kapoor quickly drank his cup of coffee and left, leaving the two lovers alone. Eric who started kissing Virginia as soon as Kapoor left, picked her up and went to his bedroom. Putting on the bed, Eric carefully examined every corner of the bedroom, when he was sure that Drew isn\'t spying on them, Eric locked the bedroom door, turned off the light, and rushed back to the puzzled Virginia.

The flustered Virginia asked as he started taking off her clothes: "Shall I uh ...... first ...... take a bath?"

Eric who was breathing heavily, quickly stopped his movement and said: "It\'s too late now if you want, you can take a bath when we finish."

A few minutes after they started, gently opened her bedroom door, and walked bare foot through the dark corridor, making sure she didn\'t make any noise. When she reached Eric bedroom, Drew carefully stuck her ear to the door.

After eavesdropping for about five minutes, Drew who got bored, straightened up and pouted angrily, as she walked back to her room she muttered in dissatisfaction: "lucky bitch."

Going back to her room, the bored Drew couldn\'t sleep, she was originally a night owl, The deeper the night, the more energetic she got, not to mention the present situation was driving her crazy.

The sound she heard when she was eavesdropping again emerged in her mind, Imperceptibly, the thin pink Nightgown was thrown out, and after that her small white panties flow out of the bed, then a very irregular and clumsy up and down motions started under the quilt.

---- ----

She didn\'t know why she woke up so early today, Well, it wasn\'t that early, it was past nine o\'clock. However, relative to her regular sleep schedule, this time is indeed very early.

Dressed, she brushed her teeth and looked in the mirror.

The first thing she noticed is the dark circles under her eyes, mumbling angerly, she finished her morning routine and walked out of the bathroom, Only to find the villa quiet. Apparently, the other two still didn\'t wake up, perhaps they two stayed up late, she thought.

she thought about banging the bedroom door to wake them up, but she quickly decided not to do it, he rarely sleeps late, so why not let him rest this day.

Putting on some fluffy slippers, she went downstairs and made her self a bowl of milk and cereal, and sat on the table in the dining room.

As she stuffed the first spoonful of cereal and milk in her mouth, she heard a sound of the living room door getting opened.

Curious, put down her spoon and went to see who came this early in the morning.

Walking through the door, dragged her old dusty red suitcase and looked at who come to see her.

Seeing Drew emerge from the dining room, the interested expression on her face quickly faded.

"Where is Eric?" Aniston asked like she was talking to a maidservant, if it were another time Drew would\'ve answered back sarcastically, But now ......

Drew looked at Aniston with sparkling eyes, pointed upstairs, and said: "Upstairs, Second room on the left."

Feeling that something wasn\'t right, Aniston suspiciously glancing at , put down her luggage and walked upstairs.

Only when figure disappeared upstairs, did Drew allow a wicked smile to appear on her face?

"Eric, you can\'t blame me for this!"

...... ......

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