I'm in Hollywood - Chapter 127

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"So, you still refused?" in a car in the parking lot, Kapoor who was sitting in the driver\'s seat, helplessly looked at Eric who was sitting beside him.

Thinking about what just happened, Eric sighed and nodded his head.

Although didn\'t show any displeasure when he left, he still regretted saying he will contact him if he changed his mind. And from the looks Spielberg assistant was giving Eric know that he had offended the famous Jewish director, it was as if he was looking at someone who can\'t appreciate favors.

If had previously expressed his intention to buy the copyrights through other people, and Eric refused then no one will say anything. But him refusing this time is much worse, after all, Spielberg personally came forward, this can be considered a sincere gesture, It\'s like Spielberg has asked him for a favor. If they reach a deal, Eric will not only gain lots of money, but he will also get Spielberg\'s favor, this connection may be of great help to him in the future.

But he can not transfer an essential piece of his future career layout to Spielberg just for a favor.

After all, selling 《》 copyrights, mean losing a huge industry chain worth tens of billions of dollars. Although Eric has never thought of swallowing this big cake alone, at least he wants to get the most delicious part. Once he sells the copyrights, then he will completely lose the initiative to lead this project, and at maximum, he will only be able to get some residual leftovers after everyone takes their shares.

"Eric, would you like to hear my advice?"" Kapoor asked.

"I know what you\'re going to say. Contact right away and sell the movie rights to him, right? Kapoor, there is no room for discussion, I will not sell."

Kapoor scratched his bald head in agony and said: "Eric, have you ever thought about your situation? You are an independent player, those big film company executives act familiar towards you now, only for their interests. They act nice to you now because all of your previous films have achieved great success, bringing great benefits to them. But no one will succeed forever, and once you fail, they will turn against you."

"I think for a long period of time, I won\'t experience failure, I have confidence in my film. "

"There are many factors that can result in failure, and some of them are man-made." Kapoor went on: "Eric, think it over. Only two of your works have been released, and even if the now they only see you as a lucky little guy. But if your films succeed all the time, those giants will try to suppress you at all costs, they will even try to destroy you. Like lions on the prairie, they will allow hyenas to nibble at the food they eat, but they will never allow a small hyena to take the lion share."

Eric opened his mouth, but he couldn\'t think of any thing to refute him, He knew that what Kapoor said is the truth, In fact, he still hopes he can find some strong allies, so that in the future when those giants start suppressing him, he won\'t be completely isolated.

This was a good opportunity to befriend him, Once Eric sells the copyright, wouldn\'t be able to easily get rid of Eric because he is the film screenwriter, Spielberg also promised that Firefly Studios can participate in the investment. All these conditions can allow Firefly to establish a good relationship with Spielberg, but Eric still wouldn\'t willingly let go of the copyrights,

Seeing the struggle and hesitation on Eric\'s face, Kapoor continued: "Eric, do you know that Firefly closely resembles another movie studio in Hollywood?"

Eric looked up curiously, as Kapoor continued his preaching: "The studio Firefly resemble the most is , in the beginning, joined several other famous directors like , , and actress , and founded ².

The company was a pure production company specializing in providing excellent film to the other giant film studios because like Firefly they didn\'t have a distribution channel. As a result, the Film giants who had distribution channels at the time, all survived, except for RKO Pictures who was one of the big five studios at the time, that company was dismantled after a series of expensive film failures made by . Which lead to him selling RKO Pictures to another company called \'General Tire\' who was interested mainly in exploiting the value of RKO\'s film library for television programming. But now the company that was compared to the other giants had become a subsidiary of . The reason has fallen this low is that they put too much emphasis on producing films, and ignore the expansion of their own distribution channels."

As he was listening to Kapoor explanation, Eric\'s mind directly thought of , the history of and is surprisingly similar.

In his past life, he often saw the words "Distribution Channels First" in some economic magazines, In the memories of his past life, second line film companies, such as , , and Spielberg\'s , always start strong. But they all die or get sold to companies like , , , and the other giants.

"Compared to the original , Firefly is in a much worse shape, after all, Firefly has no way to issue its films, other than through other studios. And most of the distribution channels in North America and the world have been monopolized by those giants, if those film giant want to deal with you, all they need to do is not publish your films. So what you need most right now is allies, then once a bad situation occurs, you can ask for their help. After all, hyenas can\'t make friends with lions, but they live in the same ecosystem. It was unwise of you, to refuse Spielberg who come to your door."

If he wasn\'t someone that came from the future, Eric was sure he would have caved and obediently handed 《》 to , but unfortunately, he wasn\'t a from this era.

"All right, Kapoor, I understand." Eric nodded.

Delighted Kapoor handed Eric his cell phone, "Then quickly call Spielberg, don\'t be afraid that the other person will think you\'re fickle. Eric, you\'re a young man. I\'m sure Spielberg wouldn\'t mind."

Eric took the Motorola DynaTAC (also known as the brick phone) in his hand and said: "Kapoor, I\'m just saying I understand the importance of distribution channels to the Firefly, I didn\'t say I would sell 《》 to Spielberg."


who was sitting in the back seat quietly listening to their conversation couldn\'t help but laugh, aware of her mistake, she quickly covered her mouth.

Choked, Kapoor starred Speechlessly at Eric for a few moment. Eventually, he came back to himself, and said as he took back his brick phone: "Jeffrey is right, you\'re a stubborn young man."

"Do not worry, Kapoor, I have my own plans. Think about it, I\'m British American, I still have my British nationality. So even if become friends with , it\'s impossible for me to enter the Jewish circle."

Eric wasn\'t worried about those things, this year Firefly will produce several movies, his next three films have already been taken care of, One will be taken by Columbia, and the other two will go to FOX according to their previous contract.

Although he hadn\'t yet identified the issuers for the other three films, but the other major studios already contacted him, as long as he is willing, they will sign the contracts anytime he wants.

If all these movies achieve similar success at the box office, then he will be able to accumulate a large amount of money. Even if one or two flop at the box office because of the butterfly effect, he will earn less money, but he wouldn\'t get hurt. After all, only 《Running Out of Time》 have a budget of $40 million, his other films all have budgets less than $10 million. So even if one film isn\'t able to achieve the same success as his past life, he will still be able to recover his investment and earn a little more.

And as Kapoor said, after this year, the big studios will certainly realize that he took too much, and will try every means to suppress him, they will even try to squeeze the profits he deserves, but at that time he will have accumulated enough money so that he won\'t end-up defenseless.

Not to mention the six won\'t all try suppressing him, even if they all agree to suppress him, then he can slowly recharge his batteries. Moreover, he didn\'t believe that all of them will be able to turn down someone who can bring them such great benefits, all he needs is for one of the six to cave in.

---- ----

"Kapoor, can you lend me your car tonight, you can take my car."

Kapoor glanced at the girl sitting in the back seat and shook his head: "No, Eric, you can\'t borrow my car, not to mention you are still a little bit drunk, let me take you home., "

"Kapoor, don\'t be so serious, and don\'t think you are a light bulb just because you shaved your head." quipped Eric while who was sitting in the back seat lowered her head in shame.

(TL Note: Don\'t be a light bulb means don\'t be a third wheel, if you wanna know more then go here .)

Kapoor laughed: "You misunderstood, I don\'t want to be a light bulb. I meant to say that I\'ll send you back, I only drank a few mouthfuls of champagne. More importantly, I am very experienced, in detecting and running away from the paparazzi, it is by virtue of this skill that I was able to get my first employer, I don\'t want to wake up tomorrow to lacy news about the two of you ...... Eric, Beverly Hills or Malibu?"

"My house, Malibu is too far away."

"Well, then you sit in the back seat, the front seat can be photographed."

As he drove away from the hotel, Kapoor looked at the mirror and said: "A total of three paparazzi cars were waiting outside. Fortunately, there were many targets at the party, otherwise, they will have started tailing us ."

...... ......

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